Otome Survival

Otome Survival is a popular light novel written by Haru no Hi . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Otome Survival and can be read for free.


——This is a tale that distorts the scenario of an otome game——

An orphan girl named Alicia is attacked by a woman trying to steal her body to become the “heroine”. From the fragmentary knowledge she acquires, Alicia learns that this world is the stage of an “otome game” in a “world of sword and magic”.
Having learned the truth from the knowledge she obtained, the immature Alicia dismisses the otome game as “nonsense” and runs away from the orphanage to escape the fate of the “heroine”.
A villainess aims to take her life. A fake heroine appears. Alicia trains herself using the fragmentary knowledge she has gained in order to survive, growing into the “Strongest Assassin” that is feared by both the Thieves’ Guild and the Assassins’ Guild.

Q: Are there cheats?
A: The protagonist doesn’t have any cheats. The gained knowledge can be considered a cheat to some extent, but the battles only use common combat abilities. It’s not responsible for the way of fighting.
Q: Are there romantic elements?
A: There are some. While she may get involved with the capture targets, it’s not necessarily restricted to them.
Q: Are there heart-warming elements in the survival?
A: It’s not about improving your life by developing unexplored land, it’s the pure meaning of survival. It gets fairly brutal.
Note: The protagonist’s ethics are considerably on the weak side.