Chapter 1358: 1358

[The first death has been delivered to Archangel Raguel.]

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Like great demons, archangels didn’t die easily. Even if they died, they would be resurrected again. The difference was that great demons drifted in their soul state after death, acquiring a new body, and reincarnating. Meanwhile, archangels were immediately resurrected in Heaven.

It was a glimpse into the personality differences of the gods who made them. Yatan, who created the great demons, was the god of destruction, death, and rest. The reason it took time for the dead great demons to resurrect was due to the teachings of God Yatan to take a rest while looking back on the weight of death.

On the other hand, Rebecca was the goddess of benevolence. The dead archangels were immediately resurrected so as to not suffer from the pain and solitude of death. It was easy and familiar for her to recreate the body of a dead archangel.

[This is a player’s ‘first’ achievement!]

It wasn’t humanity’s first achievement. This was the only way that made sense. Some of the archangels had already tasted death in the battle against the seven good people a long time ago. Archangels who had never died before, like Raguel, might be surprisingly rare.

[The Angel’s Halo has been acquired.]

[The Angel’s Feather has been acquired.]

[Raguel’s Spear has been acquired.]

[The title ‘Angel Slayer’ has been acquired.]

[Your name has been inscribed on the beginning of a new myth. The reward for this great achievement has raised the level of your divinity.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has ri....]

[Your level...]


[Angel’s Halo]

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[Rating: Myth

A halo that glows above the angel’s head. Now it has lost its life and its purpose is unknown, but it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

[Angel’s Feather]

[Rating: Myth

A feather that has fallen from the wings of an angel. It is white and clean as if it can’t be stained in any way. The usage isn’t known, but it seems to be of great value.

Weight: 0]

[Raguel’s Spear]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: 1/1 Attack Power: 1,277

A spear that the archangel Raguel used.

After Raguel died, it lost its function and barely retained its form. it will probably shatter if swung incorrectly.

Weight: 1,220]

[Angel Slayer]

[★ There is a certain chance of reducing defense when attacking divine beings.

You have let the perfect being, the archangel, experience death and learn of pain and fear.

Archangels will be wary toward you and angels will be afraid of you.]

A halo, a feather, a spear, and a title—apart from the title, it was hard to predict the value of these rewards at the present time. However, Grid noticed that Raguel’s Spear and Hexetia’s Short Sword were made of the same material and was able to make a guess.

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‘I think both the halo and the feather will surely have an important use.’

Divine stone—it was a mineral created by Hexetia that combined the advantages of all minerals in Heaven. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was the best mineral in the current worldview and it was better than Greed, which was based on pavranium. The content might not be high, but the material of Raguel’s Spear was none other than divine stone. This meant that a small amount of divine stone could be extracted from Raguel’s Spear.

‘If I use Open Potential to upgrade my blacksmithing skill, I could extract it.’

In any case, there was a high possibility that the ring and feather was likely to have a similar value to divine stone. Additionally, Grid’s name was engraved at the beginning of a new myth and his divinity had risen. It was divinity, not deity. Given that divinity would rise by one every time he gained 10 points in the deity stat, it could be interpreted that the rewards Grid gained this time was equivalent to writing 10 or more epics.

‘No, my transcendent status hasn’t risen so it isn’t to that extent.’

Calm down. He had gained a huge seven levels, but now wasn’t the time to rejoice.

Grid took a deep breath and stared at Sariel who was still crying. Archangel Sariel—he honestly didn’t believe it when he first heard the name. Wasn’t Sariel the name of the archangel who led the Templar of the Rebecca Church? Sariel already existed so Grid thought it was a fake when he saw Drasion claim to be Sariel. He accepted that the great demon was playing tricks to the very end.

Then he saw the angels rushing nervously and remembered Sariel, who was at a loss against Sitri’s hand. Had Sariel ever demonstrated the majesty of an archangel? Sariel, the first archangel Grid met, had never left a particularly big impression on him apart from his unique characteristic of ‘blocking magic.’

Grid naturally had doubts. Why didn’t Sariel and the Templars participate in the great demon raid where so many followers of the Rebecca Church were present? Additionally, why did Damian fail to return to the battlefield when he would’ve resurrected immediately after his death?

There were more than one or two suspicious areas. The most suspicious thing was the reaction of the angels the moment Drasion was revealed to be Sariel. Was it due to the so-called purity of the angels that they couldn’t deny Drasion’s claims?

Due to the angels’ reactions, Grid had no choice but to believe in Drasion’s words. Regardless of whether he believed it or not, it was natural to be hostile to the angels. Grid couldn’t forgive those who harmed Damian and tried to annihilate all the humans on the battlefield. As a result...

[The heavenly gods are angry with you.]

[There is a complicated emotion in the gaze of Goddess Rebecca, who is looking at you for harming the archangels.]

Grid received the anger of the gods. It wasn’t the time to see the rewards and rejoice.

‘Dammit... Crazy…’

Grid had been given two chances to become a half-god. He was able to reach the shortcut twice to become a half-god. The reason he refused the great opportunities was because he didn’t want to get involved with the gods. What idiot in the world wanted to be hated by a god?

Grid was responsible for the fate of millions of people. There was too much to lose if he became hostile to the absolute beings.

‘No, I was just trying to raid the great demon...’

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How did he become hostile to the gods of Asgard? The frustrated Grid covered his face with his hands and glanced at Drasion, no, Sariel. This beauty was still crying sadly. She resented the fact that rather than revealing the sins of the gods and helping the seven good people, she degenerated into a great demon and slaughtered humans.

People were surrounding her. The Rebecca Church’s elders knelt before her and spoke. It was as if they were praying. “Don’t blame yourself. Don’t ask about your own sins. Humanity has experienced new salvation after the pain and sacrifice you experienced showed the true identity of the gods.”

“You are the true light, the only angel who deserves to serve Grid who saved us.”


Grid’s eyes became huge in a shocked manner as he heard the words. An angel who was qualified to serve him? What were these old men saying now?

People’s attention was drawn to Grid, who was doubting his ears. The cameramen from various countries, who couldn’t avoid the punishment of the archangels and died, were returning to the scene. The hundreds of cameras, which slowly swept through the brutal landscape of the battlefield like they were trying to convey the tragedy to the audience, finally moved toward Grid.

Hundreds of Rebecca Church members were bowing down to Grid. Among them was a beautiful angel called ‘Sariel.’

“Today we have lost faith.”

As the elders opened their mouths, the atmosphere of the scene shook. All the players who participated in this battle, including the Overgeared Guild members, and all the people of the empire, stared at Grid and the elders while holding their breaths.

“Now we have a new faith.”

“I pray and hope that Grid, who saved us, will be our new god.”



Murmurs flowed here and there. The conversion of the largest religion on the West Continent. The world was shocked that the target was a player. It was the moment when an ordinary player became a hero, a king, a legend, and finally the protagonist of a new myth. It was so amazing and surprising that people couldn’t accept the situation. Most people couldn’t understand even after watching everything.

Meanwhile, Grid’s insides were burning.

‘This is bad.’

The entire Rebecca Church probably wouldn’t convert to Grid. Only a small percentage of the Rebecca Church members who actually saw what happened today would take Grid as their new god. They might even be disappointed and leave Grid as time passed.

Meanwhile, to a lesser extent and for a certain period of time, Grid had taken away Rebecca’s followers. He inadvertently declared war on Rebecca. The impact came right away.

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[There is news that a plague has started in the northern part of the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[There is news that a swarm of locusts has appeared in the western part of the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[There is news that a typhoon is sweeping through the central part of the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[There is news that a flood has occurred in the southern part of the Overgeared Kingdom.]


Please don't do this—Grid cast anxious gazes at the Rebecca Church members and Sariel, but no one knew what he was thinking.

“I’m very sorry for being late. I wasn’t able to help you.” Just then, Damian returned to the battlefield. He came to the scene with Rebecca’s Daughters and was covered in wounds. Rebecca’s Daughters were also seriously injured despite not participating in the war. It was obvious that they had been fighting elsewhere. It was likely that the other Sariel, who infiltrated the Rebecca Church, had blocked their way.

“Damian, Isabel...”

Please stop these people—Grid was about to request this when he froze like a stone statue as he remembered something: The first person to deify him was Isabel.

“I greet the new god.” Isabel and the other Rebecca’s Daughters knelt down together and bowed to Grid.

“I want to live a comfortable life as a regular believer of the Grid Church.” Damian threw off the cloak and crown that symbolized the pope of the Rebecca Church.

The flustered Grid closed his mouth. Of course, the system had suggested many times that players could become gods. Yet for it to actually happen...

A message popped up in front of the dazed Grid, no, in front of all the players currently connected to the game.

[Overgeared King Grid is writing the 10th epic.]

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