Pet Simulator

Chapter 238: 238

Sixth Sense!

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Heart’s Eye!

It was waiting for its opponent to make its move!

In the next instant, the sword rabbit instantly pulled out the wooden sword at its waist and lightly thrust it out!

With transcendental charm, no one could see it as any other sword technique. While it was ordinary, it seemed to contain profound principles at the same time!

Sword-breaking Form!

As long as the other party attacked, their attacks would be broken!

In an instant, the sword rabbit seemed to have returned to the days when it fought in the graveyard.

At this moment, in its eyes, the mechanical sword guard before it seemed to have frozen. The mechanical body and cross-shaped longsword were reflected in its eyes, but what appeared in its soul and consciousness was the mechanical sword guard’s energy circuit!

Under the seemingly perfect steel exterior was an extremely complex energy circuit, as well as the beating central engine and the core chip that transmitted information to its entire body.

It seemed to have no flaws, but…

When the Sword-breaking Form struck the mechanical sword guard’s cross-shaped sword, the energy circuit hidden under its steel body was instantly cut off!


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Along with a muffled sound!

In the next moment, the longsword abruptly flew out from the mechanical sword guard’s hand. The light instantly disappeared from the longsword!


The longsword that flew out rotated in mid-air before stabbing diagonally into the high platform.

At this moment, the petite figure of the sword rabbit had already landed on the mechanical sword guard’s shoulder. At the same time, its wooden sword landed right next to the mechanical sword guard’s steelhead.

In an instant, the mechanical sword guard froze.

The air also fell into a strange silence.

Frozen expressions and stiff bodies were the portrayals of every audience member at this moment.


Their minds and their faces were full of question marks.

The sword rabbit jumped off the mechanical sword guard’s shoulder, put away the wooden sword, and turned around to leave.

If it was a real battle, it would not be considered to have won, but since this was just a sword technique assessment, it had already won.

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“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

“What just happened?”

“F*ck, I don’t understand! Can any expert in the way of the sword explain?”


“The mechanical sword guard’s sword was sent flying, and victory was immediately determined! This sword rabbit’s sword technique level is even higher than the mechanical sword guard! Ahem, this is only my opinion, though!”

“I can f*cking tell that. The key is how was it sent flying?”

“So strong!” Below, He Xingu gasped, looking at the sword rabbit in disbelief, “How could a pet that’s only one or two years old have such a level in the way of the sword? And it’s only a sword rabbit! This is impossible…”

His eyes were a little dazed.

“Bro, I don’t understand. Can you explain?” The beastmaster next to him was also dumbfounded.

On the stage, Jian Canghai’s face was filled with shock as well.

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On the other platform, the old man’s eyes were shining brightly. He was looking at the sword rabbit as if he was looking at a piece of peerless jade.

“The mechanical sword pets… Although they’re very powerful, they’re not invincible,” He Xingu said in a low voice, “In a real battle, it’s indeed impossible for a pet or a beastmaster under the same conditions to win in the battle. However, the mechanical sword pets rely on the core and engine hidden in their bodies.”

“It’s naturally impossible to come into contact with them in a head-on battle, but if one can think of a way to see through the mechanical sword pet’s chip and engine, one might be able to defeat it in terms of sword techniques.”

“However, the core and engine hidden in the mechanical sword pet have a complicated structure that can disrupt spiritual perception. Even a soul-type pet wouldn’t be able to see through where they are, so it’s naturally impossible.”

He Xingu narrowed his eyes and looked at the sword rabbit, “Yet just now, this sword rabbit used the power of one sword to see through the mechanical sword guard’s chip and engine in a millisecond. It cut off the opponent’s energy circuit, broke through the mechanical sword guard’s Flash Shadow Sword, and sent its sword flying.”

“I’ve never seen such a sword skill before. It seems to be a mysterious sword skill that can break other people’s sword techniques! Only a master whose sword techniques have reached the peak can master such a sword skill. It should be impossible to have such comprehension without decades of effort.”

Yet, this sword rabbit was only one or two years old at most.

Could it be…

He Xingu suddenly looked at Wang Ye, who had retreated to the side.

“This fellow…” He Xingu said in a low voice.

There was no way he was a weakling like these beastmasters had said.

Since he retreated behind his pet and didn’t participate in any battles, his strength might probably have reached an extremely terrifying level.

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Otherwise, He Xingu couldn’t understand how this sword rabbit had such high cultivations.

No matter how talented the sword rabbit was, it was simply impossible for it to reach such a level at just one or two years of age.

Unless… The sword rabbit’s beastmaster himself was at this level. Then, the possibility was there.

When the other contestants heard this, they immediately came to a realization. Then, they looked on in shock as well.

Never mind that Wang Ye’s first two pets were already so f*cking abnormal, but now good lord, the third pet was also so abnormal…

There was a reason why Wang Ye’s first two pets were abnormal. After all, they had evolved.

In contrast, the sword rabbit was so abnormal even though it hadn’t evolved. It was just ridiculous.

Since He Xingu could think of this, Jian Canghai who was on the stage naturally looked at Wang Ye instantly and thought of the same thing as well.

“What’s this kid’s background?” Jian Canghai thought to himself.

He looked at the old man on the other platform and noticed that the old man was also looking at Wang Ye at this moment. His face was pensive.

“Good, good, good!” Wang Ye had a gratified look on his face.

He had the characteristic Sword Art Genius, so he roughly knew what had happened just now.

The Sword-breaking Form was like a cheat. It completely depended on the level of the person who performed it. Moreover, the sword rabbit had comprehended this skill itself.

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