Pet Simulator

Chapter 239: 239

Furthermore, the sword rabbit was very smart.

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It first displayed the Sword-drawing Technique, completely to lure the mechanical sword guard to use its sword technique. Then, through Sixth Sense and Heart’s Eye, it used the Sword-breaking Form to see through the mechanical sword guard’s actions.

Truly, the sword rabbit was crushing the mechanical sword guard in terms of sword technique levels.

As for whether this was considered a victory or not, it would be up to each person to decide.

This project was called sword techniques assessment, which meant it was a competition of sword techniques and sword skills.

In terms of serious winning or losing, the sword rabbit would not be able to beat the mechanical sword guard. After all, the difference in terms of hardware was too big. The difference in the six dimensions was a whole grade, and the difference in combat power was also a huge level.

If they were to really compete, the sword rabbit’s exquisite sword would indeed not be able to break the mechanical sword guard’s steel defense.

After all, that was only a wooden sword, an ordinary one.


It could not even be considered a real sword.

This was not a life-and-death battle either.

For example, if the contender had been the Seven-star sword spirit they had just obtained, the gap would’ve been obvious.

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“What an eye-opener!” Jian Canghai laughed loudly and said, “Using a sword technique to break another sword technique, and to think it’s done by a sword rabbit. It’s very smart, knowing that only by using a sword technique that the mechanical sword guard does not know can the latter be defeated. To be able to defeat the mechanical sword guard in such a way, it’s a good win!”

Although his mechanical sword guard was defeated, Jian Canghai seemed to be happier than the others.

Jian Canghai looked at everyone and casually explained, “In terms of strength, the sword rabbit is naturally inferior to the mechanical sword guard. However, we’re not assessing the overall strength. We’re only assessing the level of sword techniques and sword skills. Since it can defeat the mechanical sword guard here, against those sword sentries, it only needs to use a more powerful sword. Even if it only has level 2 compact power, it can use its exquisite sword techniques to defeat those powerful sword sentries.”

“Everyone, the mechanical sword pets are powerful. But I hope that none of you forget that the people who can represent the highest level in the way of the sword are humans and pets. Perhaps, one day in the future, the mechanical sword pets can replace them, but not now. If we can absorb the advantages of the mechanical sword pets, maybe the limits of humans and pets will be further improved to a higher level.”

Jian Canghai’s words were meaningful, and everyone’s eyes were burning with enthusiasm from the speech.

After seeing how powerful the mechanical sword guard was, they thought that it could not be defeated.

Yet, a level 2 sword rabbit had defeated it. Although they knew that this sword rabbit was definitely extraordinary, it also showed that the mechanical sword pet could still be defeated though powerful!

“If this way of the sword exchange meet was to spread…” He Xingu’s heart moved slightly. It might cause a huge dispute in the pet world.

As the dark fog eroded the world, it was difficult to raise pets. Under the influence of the foreign mechanical culture, in Dongli Country, not only the mechanical sword pets, but other types of pets had a clear division with the mechanical pets as well.

Naturally, there had long been a debate about whether mechanical pets or attributed pets were stronger.

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In Xinghai Province, it was still fine. If it was in Jiangnan Province, it was nothing new for many families to sell everything they had just to get a mechanical pet.

It was just that…

“Do you still want to try the Starry-sky Sword Realm?” Jian Canghai asked Wang Ye.

Wang Ye glanced at the sword rabbit. Well, it was in good condition, so they would naturally go and try.

Whether they fought or not was not the point. The point was if the sword rabbit could comprehend anything.

Wang Ye brought the sword rabbit to the other platform.

“Squeak!” The mindless spirit monkey that was sitting cross-legged in the air opened its eyes and looked at the newcomer.

It had been meditating all this time, and it seemed to have no interest in anything that happened in the outside world.

“This little monkey is pretty good-looking,” Wang Ye held his chin.

Unfortunately, such a pet was extremely rare.

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“Squeak!” The mindless spirit monkey seemed to have sensed what Wang Ye was thinking and immediately cried out, then pointed at the prism-shaped crystal before it.

It meant that as long as they touched this, they could enter the Starry-sky Sword Realm.

“I have to go in too?” Wang Ye was stunned, “It’s okay, my pet can go in alone.”

“Squeak!” The mindless spirit monkey closed its eyes and wagged its tail, indicating that the beastmaster had to enter along with his pet.

“The Starry-sky Sword Realm’s spiritual imprint senses the pet and beastmaster through the strength of the contract,” The old man at the side explained slowly, “Therefore, beastmasters need to go in together with their pets. Only then will the strength of the contract be apparent.”

“Then, will I encounter the predecessors too after I enter?” Wang Ye hesitated for a moment.

If he were to encounter the tests of the predecessors, Wang Ye was a little doubtful whether his level was enough for him to even manage.

“Hmm? With your level, do you still need to worry about this?” The old man said calmly.


“?” Wang Ye.

Why would he not be worried?

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Wang Ye felt that there was something wrong with the old man’s gaze. Even the gaze of Jian Canghai seemed strange.

After thinking about it, he roughly understood.

F*ck, they can’t be thinking that the sword rabbit was so powerful because he had taught it himself, right?

It was a misunderstanding!

Wang Ye thought for a moment, coughed, and said, “Alright then.”

After saying that, he held the sword rabbit and touched the prism-shaped crystal with his fingertips.

The moment he touched it, the space suddenly distorted. The prism-shaped crystal turned into a spiral-like black vortex, sucking Wang Ye and the sword rabbit in.

At the same time, the mindless spirit monkey let out a squeak. Two rays of light shot out from its eyes and stopped in the void, turning into a light screen.

Advanced soul-type skill, Mental Image!

Wang Ye and the sword rabbit had already entered the Starry-sky Sword Realm that it had constructed, so the image naturally appeared!

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