Chapter 115: Honest and Brave Young Master!

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“Sleep here?” Leng Wuyan looked at Li Ran warily. “Are you trying to do something strange to me?”

Li Ran’s heart ached. “Could it be that in Master’s eyes, this disciple is such an unreliable person?”

Leng Wuyan calmly replied, “What do you think?”


Li Ran cleared his throat awkwardly and said righteously, “I’m famous for my integrity. Who else in the Vast Land doesn’t know of this?”

“Courageous and honest, indifferent to riches, a gentle and reliable young master. A silver spear that swept across the entire Vast Lands, not fearing any sides! This disciple is talking about himself!”

He patted his chest loudly. “Master must believe in this disciple!”

“……” Leng Wuyan covered her face, speechless.

“I remember how cold Ran’er used to be. Why is he so shameless now? Mm… But I like him acting like a scoundrel!”

She glared at Li Ran. “All right then, give me a reason to sleep here. You must be able to convince me.”


Li Ran thought about it and scratched his head. “There’s no reason. I just want to sleep with Master.”

Leng Wuyan blushed. “How could you be so straightforward? How shameless…”

Li Ran looked into her eyes seriously. “Today is Frost Origin Festival. It’s the day when the old and the new change. I just want to enter the New Year with my loved one. If this is considered shameless, then the disciple is willing to continue being shameless.”

Leng Wuyan was stunned.

He had thought that Li Ran would make up a bunch of lame excuses, but he was so calm.

“Going into the New Year with the person you love?”

Her heartbeat became faster. Her eyes sparkled as she said in a low voice with a red face. “You little thief, you dare to say these nauseous words. I really can’t do anything to you…”

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Li Ran’s eyes lit up. “Then, Master agrees?”

Leng Wuyan nodded shyly and said, “Only for sleeping. Don’t plan anything.”

Li Ran nodded. “Master, don’t worry. This disciple is upright, not crooked at all.”

“Stupid~” Leng Wuyan rolled her eyes at him and the corners of her mouth curled up.

“But, how are we going to sleep….”

Before she could finish her sentence, Li Ran had already rushed into the quilt and patted the empty seat beside her. “Master, it’s time to go to bed.”


Leng Wuyan shook her head helplessly. “If you used this kind of determination in your cultivation, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be a Nascent Soul anymore.”

Although she complained, she still walked to the bed and lay next to him with a red face.

Li Ran said strangely, “Master, don’t you take off your clothes when you sleep?”

Leng Wuyan said nervously, “No need. I’m used to sleeping with my clothes.”

“Okay,” Li Ran replied and stopped moving.

The golden palanquin was filled with silence.

Leng Wuyan was a little confused. Being so honest didn’t seem like his style.

Suddenly, her body stiffened. She felt Li Ran pulling her hand and pulling her under the blanket.

“What, what are you doing?”

“It’s too cold at night. I’m afraid Master will catch a cold.”

Hmph, even in the land of extreme cold, I won’t catch a cold… You are not allowed to move around!”

“Please rest assured, Master.”

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Leng Wuyan blushed and covered herself with a blanket.

A moment later.

“Where are you touching?!”


“Be gentle, Master. This disciple’s hand is about to break!”

“Treacherous disciple!”

The dragon carriage galloped in the night sky, shining under the moonlight and starlight.

East Territory, Sword Peak.

The huge Myriad Sword Pavilion was brightly lit, and the disciples gathered in the main hall to celebrate the Frost Origin Festival.

However, a beautiful figure was far away from the crowd, standing alone on the reef.

Yue Jianli raised her head and looked at the stars in the sky, her eyes flashing.

“I wonder what that disciple is doing now?”

Ever since she returned from Wuyang City, Li Ran’s figure would always flash in her mind, especially the trivial things he had done to her…

Now that she thought about it, she felt a little numb.

Yue Jianli’s face turned red as she spat. “Your cultivation is so high, but you’re just a hooligan!”

Then, a trace of worry flashed through her eyes.

“That guy destroyed the Demon Slaying Conference and violently beat up the disciples of the Righteous Sects. Who knows how many people he offended…”

Even Chen Zhutian was severely injured.

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Although the pavilion master did not say anything about this matter, many of the elders and disciples of the sect were dissatisfied with Li Ran.

They said that he was the number one devil who had turned against the Righteous Path.

But only she knew that Li Ran wasn’t a devil.

Otherwise, why would he protect her, the “enemy”, when the secret realm had collapsed?

“If I want to change their minds, I need to be stronger.”

Yue Jianli’s eyes slowly turned firm.

“Li Ran broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm so quickly. I think he must cultivate a lot, so I can’t fall behind!”

“Furthermore, we must have the ability to talk to Leng Wuyan before we can lift the rules of the Youluo Temple…”

A trace of shyness flashed across her cold face…

Cang Lang!

Her sword unsheathed and the divine light shone.

In an instant, the dark sea became turbulent!

“I must break through to Nascent Soul soon!”

Li family’s secret ground.

Li Wuqiang looked at the young girl who was cultivating cross-legged in front of him and rubbed his brows helplessly.

“I say, little girl, are you not going to let this old man off for the new year?”

Before Li Ran left, he told Xiao Qingge to look for the Ancestor for something, so she ended up visiting him.

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In the end, she discovered that the Li family’s Secret Grounds was very rich in qi, so she often came over to meditate and cultivate.

Even during the Frost Origin Festival, she did not fail to show up.

Xiao Qingge opened her eyes and exhaled. She smiled and said, “I’m afraid that Ancestor is too bored to spend the new year alone, so I came to accompany you.”

“Accompany me?” Li Wuqiang snorted. “I think you’ve been with Li Ran for a long time. You’re just as shameless as him!”

“Hehe.” Xiao Qingge scratched her head in embarrassment.

Li Wuqiang glared at her in amusement but didn’t say anything more.

This girl from the Xiao family was very sharp. The two of them got along quite well, so Li Wuqiang allowed her to cultivate here.

Xiao Qingge looked up at the “blue sky and white clouds” and sighed softly.

Li Wuqiang teased, “What, you missed that grandson again?”

“……” Xiao Qingge shook her head. “I wonder what Li Ran is doing? He should be working hard to cultivate as well.”

“Him? Cultivate hard?” Li Wuqiang sneered.

He understood Li Ran too well. That guy didn’t care about cultivation at all.

He was probably tricking a good girl.

“I must work harder! Not to mention catching up to Li Ran, I must at least be stronger than Yue Jianli!”

Women understood women the most.

Yue Jianli’s gaze towards Li Ran was simply the same as hers!

She was the number one rival of Xiao Qingge.

She once again entered the meditative state, her body enshrouded in white light.

The ‘Rakshasa Sutra’ technique rapidly began to operate…

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