Chapter 116: The disciple wants to cultivate with Master!

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Early in the morning.

Li Ran pushed the window of the palanquin and the warm sunlight came in.

He took a breath of fresh air and happily stretched his back.


He turned around and asked, “Master, did you sleep well last night?”

Leng Wuyan hid under the blanket, her hair disheveled and her face flushed red. “Not at all!”

Last night, she agreed to sleep with Li Ran.

In the end, this guy hadn’t been honest all night!

Leng Wuyan was afraid that her attack would hurt him too badly, but in the end, she was molested from top to bottom.

If she hadn’t guarded the last line of defense, she would have been…

Li Ran even forced her to call him “husband”. Only then did would he let the matter go.

“How embarrassing…”

She forced herself to sit up shyly and tidied up her messy clothes, her eyes flickering as she did not dare to look Li Ran in the eye.

“Master, are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat,” Li Ran asked.

Leng Wuyan shook her head. “It’s getting late now. I’ll head back to the sect in a bit. You can go back later.”

“Disciple understands.” Li Ran nodded.

Leng Wuyan stood up, and then, she suddenly thought of something and asked. “Right, that servant of yours, Aqin, is a one in a ten thousand Maiden Spirit Body. Aren’t you afraid that others will misunderstand you?”

Li Ran was stunned.

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Why did she suddenly mention Aqin?

However, he didn’t intend to keep this a secret.

“She’s been with this disciple for a long time. With no relatives, staying here would be safer for her.”

In the beginning, Li Ran did not expect that the Maiden Spirit Body would bring danger to Aqin.

Otherwise, he would never have given her this constitution.

Leng Wuyan nodded. “You have your thoughts. I won’t stop you, but…”

“But what?” he said curiously.

Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed. “But you can’t secretly cultivate with her.”

Aqin’s body was untainted, this meant that Li Ran was very determined.

However, she knew how charming that physique was. As her cultivation and age increased, no one could stop the charm emanating from her.

“……” Li Ran laughed. “So that’s what Master is worried about?”

Leng Wuyan glared at him and asked instead, “Could it be that I shouldn’t be worried? You’re so bold that even you dare to… What about Aqin?”

Li Ran smiled as he moved closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and said softly, “This disciple is only as bold as heaven for Master. Even if I want to dual cultivate, I should dual cultivate with Master.”

From Leng Wuyan’s waist, waves of heat could be felt, even through her clothes.

Her legs were a bit weak, and her face was as red as blood. “Y-you don’t need to talk nonsense. Who wants to cultivate with you?!”

After she finished speaking, she broke free from his embrace and flew out of the palanquin.

She was afraid that she would not be able to leave soon.

Li Ran stood by the window and waved goodbye. “Master, fly slowly. We’ll sleep together again when we have time.”


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Leng Wuyan staggered, and she almost fell from the clouds.

Li Ran sent his master off and rode the dragon carriage around for a long time.

It wasn’t until noon that he returned to the sect.

Just as they passed by the mountain rite, they saw a deacon running over in a panic. “Lord Sheng Zi, where have you been? Why are you only back now?”

Li Ran frowned. “What’s wrong?”

The deacon replied, “The Sect Master and the Grand Elders are all in the Sacred Hall. They have been waiting for you for a long time!”

“Wait for me?” Li Ran was taken aback. “What exactly happened?”

The deacon looked left and right and said in a low voice, “It’s said to be related to the demon tide of the Grand Myriad Mountains. I’m not sure about the rest.”

Li Ran’s heart skipped a beat.

Demon tide?

This was no small matter!

“I understand.”

He nodded and did not say anything else. He quickly walked towards Demon Peak.

Demon Peak, Youluo Temple.

Leng Wuyan sat at the highest position, the second being Grand Elder Sun Wei, while the other elders sat in turn.

The atmosphere was solemn and murderous.

Li Ran strode into the sacred hall and cupped his hands in greeting, “Greetings, Master. Greetings, Elders.”

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“Sheng Zi.“

The elders all nodded in return.

Li Ran walked to his seat and sat down.

When Leng Wuyan saw him, she felt a bit shy.

She forcefully endured the embarrassment and said, “Ran’er, did you hear about the matter of the Grand Myriad Mountains?”

Li Ran replied, “This disciple heard that it has something to do with the demon tide, but this disciple doesn’t know about the specifics.”

Leng Wuyan nodded. “This morning, the sect received a report that the demonic beasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains were in a stampede. The demonic beasts in the depths of the dense forest ran out and destroyed several nearby villages, including our sect’s headquarters.”

“Our sect’s headquarters was also destroyed?” Li Ran frowned.

The situation was more serious than he thought.

At this moment, Elder Sun said, “The demon beasts’ stampede, if not for the appearance of a Beast King then it would signify the appearance of a peerless treasure. Moreover, our sect’s headquarters has been destroyed, so we can’t sit idly.”

The white-haired Third Elder said, “It’s said that the Righteous Path’s four sects and the other three Devil Sects have already sent people over. Our Youluo Temple should also organize people as soon as possible.”

In front of demonic beasts, there was no relation between right and wrong.

If the demon tide were to wreak havoc, it would be a calamity in the entire Vast Land. Everyone would be on the same front.

Leng Wuyan nodded. “That makes sense.”

Elder Sun said, “From what I’ve seen, the Sheng Zi has just broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm, so it’s most appropriate for him to lead the team. It’s also a good opportunity to broaden the horizons of the other sects!“

Leng Wuyan looked at Li Ran. “Ran’er, what do you think?”

Li Ran cupped his hands and said, “This disciple is willing to share the burden for Master.”

When Leng Wuyan heard this, she thought of something and blushed.

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“All right then, I’ll leave this matter to you. If there’s anything unusual that you cannot handle, you have to report it to the sect immediately.”


“Let’s leave the arrangements for manpower to Third Elder.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

When everyone dispersed, Leng Wuyan leaned against the chair and sighed silently in her heart.

“I was thinking of cooking for Ran’er today, but this has to happen.”

However, there was nothing she could do about it.

The elders and sect leaders were the foundations of a sect. They couldn’t attack at will.

As the face of the sect, the sect’s Sheng Zi was the most suitable person to do something like this.

At this moment, she noticed Sun Wei standing by the side. “Elder Sun, is there anything else you need?”

Sun Wei replied, “There’s nothing else. It’s just that I came to see you last night and found that you didn’t come back all night…”

Leng Wuyan’s heart skipped a beat as she said indifferently, “I observed the stars last night and didn’t sleep the whole night. Naturally, I’m not in my bedroom.”

“So that’s the case.” Elder Sun did not pry much. “Although cultivation is important, Sect Master must pay more attention to her body.”

After saying that, she stood up and left.

Leng Wuyan recalled what happened last night and her face turned slightly red.

“The Stargaze is fake, but it’s true that I haven’t slept all night…

Defiant disciple, you even said that you wanted to cultivate with me… I’m afraid that your cultivation will burst out!

Mm, what else can be done…”

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