President, This Is Really a Misunderstanding!

President, This Is Really a Misunderstanding! is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Harem, Mystery, Shounen genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of President, This Is Really a Misunderstanding! and can be read for free.


The goddess president came for an inspection. Zhou Xuan hurried to the company for a meeting. But because he got up late, he had to eat breakfast in a hurry to make it to the company meeting.

As a result, there was a grain of rice on the corner of his mouth. At the meeting, the goddess president pointed to the corner of her mouth after seeing it, suggesting that Zhou Xuan had rice in there.

Zhou Xuan was stunned, thinking that the goddess president would like him to kiss her. He was a little hesitant and shy.

But the female president still pointed to the corner her mouth, hinting at Zhou Xuan again.

“Okay! President, since you are so aggressive, then I…”

Zhou Xuan got up and kissed the goddess president in front of everyone who eventually were shocked at such scene.

Suddenly, the entire conference room was silent!

After the meeting, Zhou Xuan learned that he was going to be terminated, and was immediately puzzled.

President! This is a misunderstanding!

Zhou Xuan expressed his disagreement to be fired just because of such incident.

If only I could have a system like in the novels.

I will not be so powerless. I am so displeased.

“Ding! The host has been detected. The Unlimited Acquisition System has been activated!”

“Ding! You glanced at the contract and gained basic legal knowledge.”

“Ding! You took a step and gained 0.01 agility!”

“Ding! You talked with people and got 0.1 eloquence!”