Chapter 69: Where did the wild dogs came from? Get out!!

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Xu Shengyuan saw the scene before him and narrowed his eyes.

He knew.

The matter of Zhou Xuan becoming the second shareholder had already been irreparable.

He did not have the funds to take back Zhou Xuan’s shares, and these shareholders were clearly not going to put their money back into the now-troubled Tajian Electronics.

Under the operation of Zhou Xuan.

This was a foregone conclusion.


“Hold a shareholders’ meeting.”

Xu Shengyuan held the armrest of the sofa and slowly stood up.

Xu Mengqing saw through the tears, hurriedly forward to support XuShengYuan, but was Xu Shengyuan shook her off. He asked the secretary to support him toward the meeting room.

Xu Mengqing was in a daze, increasingly getting sadder.

Other shareholders looked at Xu Shengyuan’s lonely back, but their face didn’t change. Determined.

Xu family lost its momentum.

Although they still held the status of first shareholder, but it couldn’t be compared to the time when they were dominating the company alone.

The rise of this young man, Zhou Xuan, was unstoppable.

“Everyone, let’s go.

“By the way, where is the meeting room?”

Zhou Xuan smiled, also walked out of the meeting room, asked along the way.

A shareholder heard Zhou Xuan’s words and immediately went forward to lead the way. “Director Zhou, this way.”

Zhou Xuan was only a shareholder at this time and had not been elected as a director.

But this man obviously think it’s inevitable.

Other shareholders looked at Zhou Xuan’s back.

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Someone frowned and pondered, rummaging through the memories in his mind.

“Zhou Xuan, this name…

“Bright Moon Investment Company! It was a few days ago, the person that helped Bright Moon Investment Company to turn the tide was Zhou Xuan Zhou!

“No wonder!

“It was incredible to hear that, but now it seems true!

“That’s a good move!!”

Soon, the shareholders were reminded of the power of the name Zhou Xuan.

A look of surprise and shock appeared on their faces.

Some people’s eyes wavered, and they were ready to stand in line again.

In the meeting room…

At the door, security personnel lined up with hands folded.

Inside, there an oval-shaped long table, nearly seven or eight meters long. There were also chairs carefully placed.

Xu Shengyuan was already sitting on the throne.

After Zhou Xuan came in, he sat beside Xu Shengyuan’s position.

This was originally the position of other shareholders of Xu family.

But now there were no shareholders other than Xu Shengyuan and Xu Mengqing.

Zhou Xuan, as the second biggest shareholder sat there, very natural.

The other shareholders walked in, filling up a dozen chairs.

Commencement of Shareholders’ Meeting.

“This is Zhou Xuan, the boss of Bright Moon Investment Company.

“We just acquired 33.5% of the stake in Tajian Electronics to become the second shareholder. Any objection?”

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Xu Shengyuan asked expressionlessly.

Just now, everyone expressed their views.

But agreeing to Mr Zhou’s share purchase still required a formal vote.

They had to formally establish Zhou Xuan as the second shareholder.



Some who had already made up their minds to stand in line with Zhou Xuan were the first to speak out, trying to impress the second shareholder.

Other shareholders who had long since followed Mr. Xu, the members of Mr. Xu’s faction, did not immediately take a stand.

The first time no one said anything, the atmosphere in the conference room was somewhat silent.

The matter of Zhou Xuan becoming the second shareholder was naturally unstoppable.

It’s just a matter of time.

However, if the first meeting of shareholders had not been passed by all shareholders, it would also damage Zhou Xuan’s prestige in the future.

Some people looked subtle, quietly looking at Zhou Xuan’s expression at this time.

By this time, Zhou Xuan stood up.

There were no awkward expression on his face. He simply smiled.

“Hello everyone.

“I’ll introduce myself again.

“My name is Zhou Xuan, the boss of Bright Moon Investment Company.

“I am also responsible for the site visit and determining whether to invest in Tajian Electronics.

“I will be responsible for bringing in more than $6 billion in investment funds after I establish my shareholder status and reorganize the top management of TE…”

Zhou Xuan had not finished speaking.

He already caused a stir in the conference room.

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Many of the shareholders sitting close to each other started to talk to each other in low voices, while continuing to listen to Zhou Xuan.

“In addition, I have a certain friendship with Jianghai, Quan Miao and Sishui Bank, and will help Tajian Electronic negotiate with the bank to make the bank extend the time for Tajian Electronic to repay the loan!

“The situation at Spire Electronics is now imminent, and we hope that you can work together and fully support the company.”

Zhou Xuan’s voice fell.

Except Xu Shengyuan, all shareholders were moved.

The two biggest problems now facing Tajian Electronics. One was underfunding. One was the bank urging repayment.

In the end, Zhou Xuan could help with both problems.

The strength of the new second shareholder was beyond doubt.

Soon, the rest of the shareholders began to speak.

Even the shareholders who chose to stand on Xu Shengyuan’s side made a statement.

There was no objection to Zhou Xuan’s purchase of 33.5%.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

Seeing that the identity of the second shareholder had been established, Zhou Xuan sat down again, leaned against the back of the chair and said slowly, “Then the next step is to clean up the management and kick out the top management of Xu family.

“It’s essential to re-energize Tajian Electronics and to inject money from Bright Moon.

“I’ll have to trouble you to do the same,” Zhou Xuan said.

The meeting room was shaken again.

The new second shareholder was really quick to do things. It was the first interim shareholders meeting, and he let the Xu family go.

Someone secretly looked at the still expressionless Xu Shengyuan.

But in the face of Zhou Xuan’s proposal, even Xu Shengyuan’s shareholders were inclined to agree.

Careful deliberation soon began.

One of the shareholders asked the company to send in a list of positions the rest of the Xu family now held.

And then…

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Some shareholders began to ask if Zhou Xuan had any suggestions for the positions to be vacated.

This was the person who planned to stand in line with Zhou Xuan, so he wanted Zhou Xuan to put his confidante in.

While the meeting is in progress, there was a bang.

The conference room door seemed to have been kicked hard.

Security personnel did not stop for a while.

Then, a group of people pushed the door open.

These people were the Xu family that traded with Zhou Xuan.

Among them, Zhou Xuan saw Xu Mengqing’s uncle, Xu Mengqing’s aunt and more relatives of Xu Shengyuan.

As soon as they saw Zhou Xuan, they pointed at him and cursed him.

Apparently from some source, they got word that the shareholders’ meeting was to kick them all out of the company.

They came to make a scene.

“You dog! What do you want!?”

“You bought shares from me and you want to kick me out of the company?!”

“Fuck you…”

The conference room suddenly became noisy, maing Xu Shengyuan frown.

All the shareholders were focused on Zhou Xuan.

Zhou Xuan’s gaze indifferently looked at the door of the conference room.

His indifferent eyes suddenly sharp.

The sound was like thunder.

“Where did the wild dogs came from? Get out!!”

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