Chapter 70: Bad Guy! Where do you live?

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“Zhou Xuan!!” Xu Mengqing’s uncle Xu Fanhai gnashed his teeth in anger.

His eyes were fixed on Zhou Xuan.

However, Zhou Xuan’s eyes had become cold.

At previous shareholders’ meetings, there had never been such a thing.

The movement of the security rushing over could be heard downstairs. Faced with such situation, some were helpless.

On one side was the new second shareholder. On the other side were relatives of the chairman.

The head of the security guard looked at Zhou Xuan and Xu Shengyuan.

On the one hand was the long-standing chairman, and on the other hand was the second shareholder who had suddenly arrived. They could not afford to offend anyone and it was such a dilemma.

There were no orders from the security chief.

Other security guards could only stop Xu Fanhai and others from breaking into the conference room, but they did not dare to force Xu Fanhai and others away.

“Even the stability of the conference room can not be maintained.

“It’s not just the executives, it’s like even the security staff has to be replaced.”

Zhou Xuan narrowed his eyes and said indifferently.

Whe he heard that, the captain of the security guard was shocked.

He did not react as quickly as the other shareholders.

But now it’s a sudden wake-up call.

From now on, Tajian Electronics was no longer under the word of the Xu family. The young man in front of them was no less than Xu Shengyuan.

“Do it!

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“Get them all out!” The head of security shouted.

The other security guards were finally ordered to drag the Xu family out of the conference room in a direct and violent manner.

Xu Fanhai struggled, but was caught by two security guards and dragged away.

These were people from Xu family.

In the past, even the sitting shareholders could never thought that would happen at the Tajian Electronics.

Xu Shengyuan eyes’ gloomily looked at the door as this scene unfold. He did not speak, and nobody knew what was running in his mind.

The noise faded away.

The shareholders looked at the strong new second shareholder and the silent chairman of the board, and they had another idea inside their heart.

“Director Zhou, do you have any good candidates for the job opening after Mr. Xu is kicked out of the company?” A shareholder suddenly spoke.

Both hands handed Zhou Xuan a form data, his attitude was very respectful.

Because from that moment on, they had seen that the new second shareholder was indeed a rival to the chairman.

“Well…” Zhou Xuan took the form information, looked it up and pondered.

He did have no other ideas about Tajian Electronics.

However, there was no reason not to do so.

With his people working in Tajian Electronics, he’s also easier to control Tajian Electronics.

The problem was that he didn’t have many people at hand.

This was the problem of human resources.

It took a long time to accumulate, and it’s not something one could have right away if one suddenly got rich.

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It was also what Zhou Xuan lacked.

Fortunately, the current Zhou Xuan, could transfer from the Bright Moon Investment Company management. Occupying one or two positions was not difficult.

“Personnel Manager, Finance Manager position, leave them blank. I happen to have two suitable candidates.” Zhou Xuan put down the information and said.

He didn’t really have any suitable candidates.

But now that it’s ready to compete for positions in these two important sectors, that’s what he had to say.

At Zhou Xuan’s words, others could not help but glance at Xu Shengyuan.

Personnel Department.

Finance Department.

These were two extremely important departments, just one for people and one for money.

Once he hold them, he would hold half the company.

Sure enough, when he heard this, Xu Shengyuan finally opened his mouth.

“The former deputy managers in the HR and Finance departments were very good. The position of the manager was vacant, we can just let them fill it up.”

For this, the conference room was filled with statements and deliberations.

Finally, Zhou Xuan fought for the positions of Manager of Finance Department and Deputy Manager of Personnel Department.

At the same time, he also became one of the directors of Tajian Electronics through the vote of the shareholders’ meeting.

The shareholders’ meeting ended at seven in the evening.

All the members of the Xu family except Xu Shengyuan were kicked out of Tajian Electronics.

The day Zhou Xuan joined the company, he directly gave Tajian Electronics a high-level cleaning.

At the end of the meeting, the whole Tajian Electronics vibrated.

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The new second shareholder was being discussed everywhere.

After the meeting, many shareholders took the initiative to talk to Zhou Xuan.

The meaning was clear.

They wanted to be under him. They wanted to join Zhou Xuan’s faction.

Although they were shareholders, but they were only small shareholders. They must be with the big shareholders to survive.

After a brief exchange with these people, Zhou Xuan left the tower and went home.

Back home, Zhou Xuan turned on the warm yellow light in the living room and gave himself a glass of whisky.

Four or five more ice cubes.

“I’m so fucking tired.” Sitting on the soft sofa, Zhou Xuan took a sip of whisky and exhaled.

Today, Zhou Xuan talked about buying shares from noon.

After that, he came to Tajian Electronics and Xu Shengyuan for a showdown.

And then a half-day shareholders’ meeting.

It was all in a day’s work.

Tomorrow he had to go to Bright Moon Investment Company to invest, and he had to talk to the bank about the extension of the loan.

He also had to find two people for the finance manager and personnel deputy manager position.

This was the life of a boss.

To be honest, it’s not as good as being a salted fish.

Fortunately, after a few days, Zhou Xuan could be a shopkeeper again.

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Just look at the company’s stock once in a while, then pay attention to Tajian Electronics, not letting Tajian Electronics to go astray.

“Mingyue also seems to be busy with the Bai Group…”

Zhou Xuan drank whisky, helplessly shook his head.

The past few days, he and Mingyue lived a greasy crooked life.

He was not used to being the only one left in the apartment.

“It would be nice if a girl could come to me.

“The best look a little higher, also don’t need to be too high. Just somewhere at Mingyue or Qin Xueqing…” Zhou Xuan’s mind ran. He opened the computer, and turned on the air conditioning.

He ordered a take-out, got ready to play, and relaxed.

But in a few minutes, Zhou Xuan’s phone suddenly rang.

“Is takeout so efficient now?”

Zhou Xuan thought it was his food, so he was surprised when he looked at the phone.

Then, he saw the caller.

It was actually Xu Mengqing.

“Could it be that she called to scold me?” Seeing this call, Zhou Xuan muttered inwardly.

Although Xu Shengyuan was not outwardly furious, he was indeed furious.

Zhou Xuan suspected that this little girl was calling to blame him.

For a moment, he didn’t want to answer this call.

“Forget it, forget it…” After a few seconds, Zhou Xuan picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Bad guy! Where do you live…” On the phone, Xu Mengqing’s voice was filled with tears as she felt extremely wronged.

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