Chapter 71: Bad Man, Your Clothes Are Too Big

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“Uh…. You’re still crying.”

Zhou Xuan didn’t know why, but he couldn’t help but want to laugh when he heard Xu Mengqing’s voice, and he sincerely praised her. “You really have a lot of water in your body!”

At the same time, he thought.

Could it be that this little girl has been crying since the afternoon.

“You’re still laughing!”

Xu Mengqing sobbed. “It’s all your fault. My grandfather doesn’ t want me anymore!Besides, I’m not crying all the time. I’ve just started crying!!”

When faced with the question of crying, Xu Mengqing actually explained it seriously.

“……” Zhou Xuan didn’t know what to say.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” Xu Mengqing couldn’ t hear Zhou Xuan’s voice on the phone and asked in a daze.

“Nothing.” Zhou Xuan was speechless. “Why are you asking me where I live?”

“My grandfather doesn’t want me anymore. He doesn’t want me to go home. He said that since I like you, he’ll let me come find you…” Xu Mengqing once again cried when she heard Zhou Xuan’s voice. “But I don’t like you at all! You’re too bad! You lied to me!”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuan finally became serious.

“You’re not at home? Where are you now?” Zhou Xuan sat up straight and asked.

As he spoke, Zhou Xuan looked out the window.

It was around 8 p.m. and it was already dark outside. It was raining heavily.

To be honest, Zhou Xuan didn’t believe that Xu Shengyuan would leave Xu Mengqing outside in such weather.

However, Xu Mengqing’s words caused Zhou Xuan to dispel this thought.

“I’m at… I’m at the end of the street. I don’t know exactly where it is. Grandfather doesn’t allow me to enter the house…” Xu Mengqing felt aggrieved and choked in a low voice, as if she was afraid.

Through the phone, Zhou Xuan also vaguely heard the sound of rain and cars.

This time, Zhou Xuan slightly frowned.

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Xu Mengqing had indeed “betrayed” the Xu family in the matter of purchasing shares and cleaning up the higher-ups of Tajian Electronics.

However, that was only because Zhou Xuan used her.

In Zhou Xuan’s opinion, Xu Shengyuan was only angry at most. No matter what, he couldn’t vent his anger on Xu Mengqing, let alone prevent her from entering the family.

However, Zhou Xuan didn’t think Xu Mengqing was lying to him.

Zhou Xuan didn’t have time to think about these questions.

This was because Xu Mengqing was still pitifully hiding under the eaves of a shop in the pedestrian street.

Leaving her alone outside was too dangerous.

He could only take he back first.

“Alright, don’t cry. Stay where you are and don’t move. I’ll go and pick you up now,” Zhou Xuan said.

“Alright…” Xu Mengqing agreed and said in a low voice. “Then… Then can you hurry up? I’m a bit cold.”

Zhou Xuan hung up.

After taking an umbrella, he put on his coat and left the house.

He took a taxi to the pedestrian street.

Zhou Xuan looked around.

Soon, he saw Xu Mengqing hiding under the eaves of a clothing store.

The little girl was still wearing that pink jacket.

However, it was now completely drenched. Her clothes were stuck to her petite body, standing like a stray cat.

It attracted the attention of those passing by.

Who dared to believe that this was the little princess of Tajian Electronics?

Zhou Xuan did not dare to believe it either.

But he still recognized Xu Mengqing and walked over swiftly.

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“Why are you standing here? Can’t you find a milk tea shop to sit in?” Zhou Xuan asked.

“I have no money… I feel embarassed to go in.” Xu Mengqing sniffed, her eyes red.

“Where’s your money?” Zhou Xuan asked again.

“My money and bank account were taken away by Grandpa… It’s all your fault…” Xu Mengqing couldn’t help but want to cry as she spoke.


Her own grandfather!

Zhou Xuan was shocked.

This was too damn ruthless!

After receiving the money and the bank account, he even chased her out. Could it be that he wanted Xu Mengqing to starve to death?

And he really couldn’t fathom what he was thinking.

Xu Shengyuan’s other relatives had never been treated in such a way even though they were much worse off than Xu Mengqing.

This scene was simply too pitiful. Zhou Xuan could not bear to see it.

He took off his outer garment and draped it over Xu Mengqing.

“Then let’s go to my house first,” Zhou Xuan said while taking a taxi.

“Mn.” Xu Mengqing nodded gloomily.

The rain grew heavier and heavier.

The two of them sat down and quickly returned to Zhou Xuan’s house.

Zhou Xuan was worried that Xu Mengqing would catch a cold and have a fever, so he let her take a bath first.

Xu Mengqing’s clothes and pants were already soaked through, so she couldn’t wear them anymore.

Zhou Xuan prepared his own T-shirt and his own underpants.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Zhou Xuan listened to the rustling sound of water coming from the bathroom and frowned as he pondered.

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But no matter how he thought about it, he did not think that Xu Shengyuan would expel Xu Mengqing just because of that matter.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuan vaguely thought of something.

“What did your grandfather say when he chased you out?” Zhou Xuan shouted at Xu Mengqing in the bathroom.

“Grandfather said that since I like you, I should go find you and that I can’t enter our Xu family…” After a while, Xu Mengqing’s voice came from the bathroom.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuan immediately understood Xu Shengyuan’s intentions.

Damn it!

This was truly an old fox! He could still play with a single hand!

Xu Shengyuan wanted her to marry him!!

Once Zhou Xuan and Xu Mengqing got married, they would become part of the Xu family!

This was equivalent to that 33.5% of the shares that Xu family had lost being returned to Xu family. All he did by then was exchange the person holding these shares.

This way, Tajian Electronics would once again return to the situation where the Xu family held the sole authority.

To chase Xu Mengqing out of the family and make Xu Mengqing come looking for him was also a trick that would cause him and Xu Mengqing to strengthen their relationship.

It was convenient to form a marriage alliance.

This damn…

Even if Zhou Xuan was the one who had been schemed against.

He couldn’t help but say something in his heart.

It had to be said.

In a situation like this, where Xu Shengyuan had lost all hope, he was still able to play such a trick.

As expected of someone who had established and controlled Tajian Electronics for such a long time.

The words “Don’t enter our Xu family” meant that Xu Mengqing would enter the Zhou family and marry Zhou Xuan.

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What a f*cking slip!

Zhou Xuan pondered up to this point. The doubts in his heart were resolved.

It was just that.

When he heard the sound of water in the bathroom again, his heart could not help but itch.

Originally, Zhou Xuan only had a sympathetic heart, and he intended to take in Xu Mengqing for the entire night.

He planned to ask Xu Shengyuan about it tomorrow.

He had no other intentions.

But after understanding Xu Shengyuan’s hidden meaning, Zhou Xuan suddenly comprehended everything.

This was something Xu Shengyuan had given him with his hands cupped, a beautiful little cabbage…

Moreover, she was exceptionally simple.

Other than that, this meant that even if he made a move against the little girl tonight, he still had the tacit approval of Xu Shengyuan.


When he thought this, Zhou Xuan couldn’t help but become slightly restless.

The main reason was that this cabbage was a little too watery.

The key was it was delivered to him.

The more he thought about it, the more unable Zhou Xuan was to control himself.

At this moment, the bathroom door opened and the steam dispersed.

Xu Mengqing, who had changed into Zhou Xuan’s T-shirt, walked out.

Zhou Xuan’s T-shirt was a little too big for her. It hung loosely on her body, making her even more adorable.

“Your clothes are too big. I can’t even wear them…” Xu Mengqing muttered softly as she tidied up her clothes.

Seeing this scene.

Zhou Xuan’s eyes couldn’t help but focus…

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