Rebirth of the Villainess Wife

Rebirth of the Villainess Wife is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Adventure, Fantasy, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Rebirth of the Villainess Wife and can be read for free.


The Duchess of Farrens is a prominent noble family that supports the backbone of the Kingdom of Istoward.

Elaine Farrens, the duchess of Farrens, after her misdeeds and attempted usurpation of the country, finally died, her life taken by her own daughter.

In her dying moments, her high pride was finally broken, and she truly regretted what she had done, but it was all in vain.

The duke family itself was destroyed, and its notoriety was to be forgotten in time.

However, Elaine regained consciousness the next thing she knew. And what’s more, she was giving birth.

She immediately realised that it was useless to try to understand her situation in such a situation, and decided to face the life in front of her, thinking about it after the birth for now.