This street wasn’t that big after all. Moreover, there were many stalls in this area that only people walked before they left. Therefore, it wasn’t easy to fit nearly 300 people on this street at the same time.

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Therefore, even if they launched an all-out attack on Shen Xiaoxiao, there weren’t many people who could actually walk in front of her. There was one more street. They didn’t dare to kill her. They wanted her alive, not dead.

Moreover, two of the snipers had already been killed by Shen Xiaoxiao. Of course, the position of the snipers had always been very concealed. Moreover, almost every time they fired a shot, they would change their position. Therefore, after Shen Xiaoxiao had killed two of them… The other three quickly changed their positions.

Lou Yin and Huang Yueyan stood at the side. They were holding a corpse in their hands as a shield. After all, they were not as godly as Shen Xiaoxiao. They were able to find the position of the snipers in the first place despite being besieged by so many people.

“This can’t go on. Xiaoxiao, Yueyan and I will be the cover. You kill the snipers first. It will be much easier to deal with them without the snipers. It’s best to capture the leader first and look for an opportunity to be the commander, De Cruz.”

Lou Yin was well-versed in military tactics, so she naturally knew how to seek a chance of survival under such a siege. Her idea was indeed not bad. They would only be able to kill their way out if they killed the snipers with the guns next.

Shen Xiaoxiao nodded. She immediately rushed up and snatched two packs of knives from the hands of the two men in black. She did not even take a second look and immediately threw out her throwing knives. The two knives directly stabbed into the necks of the two snipers. They cut off the main artery and watched as fresh blood continuously flowed out.

The two men fell from the upper floor just like that. This action stunned everyone. This was too accurate. There was at least a distance of more than 50 meters between them. Don’t underestimate this distance of more than 50 meters… There was no need to say how many people were in the middle. This snack street was an old city district. There were many antennas on the second floor and many things blocking it. It was definitely not an easy task to accurately hit a person’s neck.

“D*mn, beautiful! Xiaoxiao, continue.”

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Lou Yin could not help but praise Shen Xiaoxiao. This accuracy was something that even she could not achieve.

She had already thought about it. There were so many obstructions here. If it really did not work, she would use her ancient martial arts to take them down even if she had to take a bullet. However, she did not expect it to end up like this.

Xiaoxiao was really getting more and more powerful.

“There’s still one more. He’s hiding quite well. There are walls all around him. Hopefully, he can hide for his entire life. As long as he dares to show his face, I’ll make sure his head falls to the ground. I’m not some kind person. Kid, you better listen to me clearly.”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were extremely loud. It was meant for snipers to hear.

This sniper was not a secret guard of the Dark Empire, where they had grown up in the base. These snipers were still mercenaries on Fire Island. Moreover, the speed of development on Fire Island was too fast, this person’s loyalty was not to the extent that he would really work for them.

After hearing Shen Xiaoxiao’s warning, the last sniper, who had been scared silly by Shen Xiaoxiao’s action, could only hunch his head and crouch on the spot.

This woman was too terrifying. Even if De Cruz personally made a move, or even if the most powerful assassin of their Fire Island personally made a move, he might not be able to reach out like this. The woman of the Black Emperor was indeed not something a mortal could do. Matched with a pervert like the Black Emperor, they were indeed a perfect match.

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De Cruz held the binoculars and looked at the sniper who was actually so frightened by Shen Xiaoxiao that he did not dare to show his head. He was both surprised and happy. He was surprised that this woman was too powerful. He was happy that she was such a challenging woman. It was the most suitable for his appetite. How could he not be interested in this woman?

If he only wanted to make things difficult for the Black Emperor before, then now he was really determined to get the Little Oriental Loli.

“Have the secret guards arrived?”

“It should be soon. That De Cruz is smart enough to hide in the car. It’s all made of anti-theft glass. This is forcing me to use my ultimate move.”

As Shen Xiaoxiao spoke, she did not forget to stop. She slashed at the black-clothed man, one in each hand. As if she was used to it, she slashed to her heart’s content.

The bodies of the three women were covered in blood. They looked like asuras fighting in the marketplace, and they looked extremely terrifying.

This was the viciousness of the three women, and it frightened the men in black so much that they lost their fighting spirit. Look at the wounded on the ground. There were countless deaths and injuries, at least close to a hundred people. This was the first time since the establishment of Fire Island that there was such a large number of injuries. Moreover, such injuries did not seem to be ending. There were close to three hundred of them. Were they really going to die here?

“Island Lord, if this goes on, we will all be finished?”

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De Cruz really did not expect these three women to be so powerful. He clenched his fists and looked at the 20 bodyguards around the car. They all had guns in their hands. Although A City was a special economic zone… However, this was also within the borders of China. In recent years, China had been increasingly fierce in combating terrorist attacks. Their control over guns was also among the top in the world. Therefore… They could not possibly let nearly 300 people carry guns.

“Leave them alive and avoid their vitals.”


After receiving the order, the 20 people all took out their guns and started shooting at Shen Xiaoxiao and the others.

“Only using guns at this time? Idiot.”

“Our brothers should have arrived by now. If they shoot, they are seeking death. Find a place to hide.”


They were unarmed after all, so when they saw that they had finally taken out their guns, it was only natural for them to hide.

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Moreover, they had been fighting for so long that the helpers should have arrived a long time ago. As the twenty men in black were still shooting, the sounds of gunshots became more intense one after another.

“Good heavens, how many people are here? The gunshots are even louder than the fireworks during the New Year.”

Huang Yueyan was joking, but Shen Xiaoxiao could tell that there were at least 50 helpers here. To be more precise, there were more than 50 people with guns, and the rest without guns were another story.

“We’re making such a big fuss here, but the police haven’t even come out. How did Wu Guohao become the leader?”

Huang Yueyan asked because there was almost no danger at the moment, so she had time to think about other things.

The three women stood behind a corridor, forming a special hiding area. They could have a good chat now.

“Maybe he’s happy to see it happen. There’s still Hong Kong, which has one country, two systems. Many times, it also follows some of Y Country’s policies. This underworld has always been abundant, so Wu Guohao has probably seen a lot of these things. Usually, when both sides have a winner, they will be willing to send out police officers.”

“D*mn, no wonder. If the secret guards arrived late today, wouldn’t the few of us be taken away by that pervert today?”

Huang Yueyan was obviously unhappy, but what she said was the truth. Therefore, she looked at the entire city with a gloomy expression.

“Even if I don’t make De Cruz shed his skin, I will make Wu Guohao suffer!”

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