De Cruz did not expect the Dark Empire to gather so many people in such a short period of time. This was not the main point. The main point was that even they were unable to transport so many guns to China. However, everyone from the Dark Empire actually had a gun in their hands. This made De Cruz feel a little uncomfortable.

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From many aspects, it could be seen that the Black Emperor’s power was much stronger than theirs. To be able to mobilize so many people in a place like China in an instant, it was not because he had deliberately arranged for a long time to achieve this, to kill him in an instant. How could he not feel aggrieved?

However, since De Cruz had already made preparations, he would not let go so easily. Don’t think that just because they had more people, they would be able to settle it. In any case, even if they could not take away three women today, he had to capture one of them.

“Focus on the Little Oriental Loli. Take her away.”


If it was just one person, these subordinates could still give it a try. This was because after they saw one of them running towards the secret guards, they realized that the bodyguard actually had a bomb trapped on him.

This was great. No one expected that in order to capture them, these people would actually self-detonate. Were they all death warriors?

F*ck, was it necessary? Would they use men of sacrifice to capture her in the future?

“All of you, stop!”

Shen Xiaoxiao would never allow her brothers to be in danger. Hence, when she saw that someone from the secret guards was injured, she immediately walked out.

“You are not allowed to come out. Hide well. You still have to take care of the children when you go back.”

Huang Yueyan and Lou Yin naturally would not be so disloyal. However, there was nothing they could do. They did not know what was going on. Suddenly, the two of them could not move at all.

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“Don’t move. I’ve hit your acupuncture points. When I’m done with them, I’ll let you out when you’re fine.”

The two of them couldn’t say anything. They just watched Shen Xiaoxiao walk out alone with a knife.

“Everyone stop.”

The secret guards stopped, and so did De Cruz’s men. Not only that, De Cruz looked at Shen Xiaoxiao, who was walking alone. There was a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

She was brave, she had guts!

Despite that, De Cruz had no intention of getting out of the car. Besides, the driver who had been killed in the driver’s seat had already been thrown out. He was already sitting in the driver’s seat, cautious. As long as there was a problem, he would definitely be able to leave immediately.

Being so afraid of death made Shen Xiaoxiao feel embarrassed for him.

It was unknown how such a boss managed to hold on to his position.

“De Cruz, if you have the guts, stay here and watch the show. Don’t you have the guts? Didn’t you want to capture me? Come down yourself!”

De Cruz looked at Shen Xiaoxiao who was slowly walking over and smiled indifferently:

“The Little Oriental Loli is indeed worthy of her reputation. However, if I want to capture you, my subordinates will do. I don’t need to do anything.”

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“Please invite the Little Oriental Loli, no, Madam Yan, to come over!”

The death warrior immediately walked over. Not only that, there were at least ten people who walked over and surrounded Shen Xiaoxiao.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the ten people, as well as the few other people who were guarding De Cruz’s side. She smiled unreservedly and said,”De Cruz, you’re the first person who dares to make a move against me. However, you’re indeed not as smart as your son. You’re being used like this. De Cruz, do you think you can leave China?”

“It’s none of your business whether I can get out or not. Also, you’re still so arrogant even now, Little Oriental Loli. Where did you get your confidence from?”

“Confidence is not something that is given to you. With this ability, I naturally have this confidence!”

“Hahaha, this is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. The bombs here can even raze this street to the ground. What kind of copper skin and iron bones do you think can protect you from these bombs?”

“Even if you can, where are your 50 brothers? I’ve heard that the Dark Empire has always treated their subordinates as brothers. Are you willing to do that?”

“Boss, leave quickly. We brothers will not let anything happen to you even if we have to risk our lives.”

It was Dark 2 who spoke. He did not expect that De Cruz would be so crazy. He had brought his men of sacrifice to China. Was he really not afraid of death?

“Boss? It has always been rumored that the Little Oriental Loli, Madam Yan, is your word in the Dark Empire. Your status is not inferior to that of the Black Emperor. I did not expect it to be true. You can even be called Boss. This really makes me look at you in a new light. I just don’t know how the Dark Empire will be able to gain a foothold in this world after I capture the boss of the Dark Empire.”

“Take me away?”

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“What? Do you think that I’m playing with you? I’ve lost so many brothers, and if I don’t invite you back, I’ll be letting down my dead brothers.”

“Then let’s see if you have the ability.”

De Cruz raised his eyebrows. ‘Yo, you’re already like this, and you’re still so arrogant? Hot, hot!’

“Please, Madam Yan!”

The ten death warriors immediately gathered together and surrounded Shen Xiaoxiao. Because of this action, no one outside could see Shen Xiaoxiao’s movements. The surrounding death warriors were even taller than her. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at these ten people. She held the knife in her hand and gently flipped it over. Then, under the circumstances that no one had expected, she quickly attacked. Her action was too fast. No one had expected this woman to have such abnormal speed and action.

She held the knife in her hand backward and quickly raised her hand, turning it in a circle in front of these people’s eyes. These people all looked at the woman in front of them in disbelief. They absolutely could not believe it. A moment later… In less than two seconds, there was a long and thin cut on everyone’s throat. Their hearts were still beating. They watched as their throats slowly opened up into a huge cut, and a large amount of blood flowed out from their throats.

Bang, bang, bang.

The ten people fell to the ground one by one, unable to move.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s white windbreaker was already covered in bright red blood, and it was a shocking sight to behold. In addition to the corpses on the ground and the blood that had yet to stop in their throats, everyone felt that… There was a bloodthirsty demon standing here, and with the corpses on the ground previously, it looked exceptionally strange and terrifying.

Even De Cruz’s eyes were wide open at this moment. He could not believe that these ten death warriors had been dealt with so cleanly just like that.

“Go, go, all of you, go!”

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Some people hesitated, but they were all death warriors. Even though they knew that they despised him, they did not dare not go forward.

And when the Dark Empire’s secret guards saw their Boss’ actions, they felt that it was too f*cking satisfying. One word, awesome!

“Go? Why don’t you just detonate the bomb yourselves!”

After being reminded by Shen Xiaoxiao, those death warriors were indeed prepared to do so. However, they were too close to De Cruz. De Cruz was so angry that he was furious. He had brought so many people here, yet it was actually this ending.

He looked at his brothers who had almost died, as well as the people from the Dark Empire. He gritted his teeth and could only quickly start the car and leave immediately.

However, he left behind one last order!

“Everyone, self-destruct. I want all of these people to die!”


All the secret guards were dumbfounded and inexplicably shocked. As expected, those men of sacrifice pulled open their clothes and pressed the button on their abdomen!

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