"Hey everyone! Your beloved princess is back!"

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"Oh~ welcome Lana"

"Ah, welcome back Lana-sama"

It was Sunday, the morning of the day after we ate curry with everyone.

Lana, who has returned to her home for a short while is now back and as usual, she ushered inside without knocking on the guild door and cheerfully greeted everyone.

However, her cheerful expression gradually turns sullen.

"Hey, what's with your dispassionate greeting as if someone have forced you to say that. It's the return of Princess! Even though other side so enthusiastically welcomed me"

"Well, of course they will do"

The other side is the royal palace after all. So it's a matter of course, given it's their esteemed Princess who's visiting her home.

But this is our guild in the academy, even if it's the return of Princess, I...... Huh, maybe I have go arrange a welcoming reception for her? I don't know what to do. Well I guess it should be fine to not do anything special, she has already received a lavish reception from the other side. Just some simple words should be enough.

"Anyway, thank you for your hard work. We were just having break time. What would you like Lana? If you ask me, Celestine's black coffee is amazing"

"I will take it!"

Saying that, Lana turned to the home shrine, seized the Sachineko-sama in her devilish hands and took the seat she usually sat on.


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Celestine passed beside me as if she didn't notice my shock and put down the tea cup filled with black tea in front of Lana.

"Here's your black tea, Your Highness Lana. Do notice it's hot so please be careful"

"Don't worry"

"No-No, wait a minute Lana. Quickly return the Sachineko-sama in your hands to its original place!"

"Hmm, that would be tough"

Who even said it's easy?

Lana tightly hugged the Sachineko-sama placed from her lap in her arms as if to say she absolutely will not let go.

"That's foul play Lana. I don't even have enough fill with Sachineko-sama. I will allow if it's only for a short while"

Seems like Lana is lacking Sachineko-sama-tamin due to sudden return. Wait, doesn't our guild have too many people who have the deficiency of stuffed toy-tamin? Even Hannah sitting next to me has a stuffed toy placed on her lap.

I carefully scrutinise Sachineko-sama face. The face seems as amiable as ever. I wonder if it's the signal from Sachineko-sama that he would allow a tad bit of selfishness. Guhh, so magnanimous.

Realising it's just a pipe dream to separate them, I just gave her a warning and continued my break time.

Speaking of which, Celestine possesses <Tea maker> skill. Thanks to this, the black tea made by her is awfully delicious.

As a matter of fact, this black tea comes under food items.

Ever since awakening in the world of <Dungeon Activity>, it may be a bit unexpected to say that the first food item I had was <black tea> but as far as it goes for the taste, it was heavenly.

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It has such a rich taste and aroma that makes me wonder what the hell I was drinking until then. The terrific part is it's just the effect from the <Tea maker Lv2>. I wonder what it would taste like if the skill level were to be raised to 10...... I want to try it.

"If you like, should I raise the tea maker skill level to 10?"

"Rejected. I will search for a person with Lv10 skill so Celestine should just focus on her butler route"


I immediately rejected the absurd proposal Celestine suggested so casually.

Or rather, how did she always come up with such pin point topics? Don't tell me she read my mind… butlers shouldn't be capable of doing that, right?

Regardless, I enjoyed my laid back morning after a long time.

I'm going to start training all low level members from today.

That's why I asked them to raise their level to 10 and wound up my schedule for it. It's a hitch free ride to raise the level through grind as long as they can enter a beginner dungeon.

Now that everyone is going to gather together, it's a good time to hand over each member their role.

"Ahh, I forget to say but Ester, Pamela and Shizu will not be coming today. Seemingly, they are busy in dealing with the aftermath"


And there goes all my arrangements in the drain. By the way, Shizu and Pamela are the two escorts of Lana and also the upcoming new members of <Eden>.

I have met them a few times only including interviews so I was quite looking forward to meeting with them but I guess my excitement is just short lived.

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"Did you do something at home?"

"Hey, I had nothing to do with this. Rather it's because of those pesky rumours saying that the relationship between me and <Brave> is quite deep for some reason that lots of marriage proposals are flooding in."

Marriage huh...... Indeed, that's the common scene for the true royalty.

My brain refused to accept this topic for a moment which is completely alien to me.

Ahem, returning to the topic. Lana doesn't seem very enthusiastic about the marriage proposal for now. Well of course. Game also offers an ending where Brave and the Princess connect in a marriage.

Game ending is going to be ruined if Lana decides to marry! I mean, it's not like I want to marry Lan..... Or not, it doesn't sound bad to aim for this actually.

It may actually be a good chance to ponder which ending to aim for. This is the reality, no one knows what future holds for them except the future itself. Who knows if today's preparation actually comes handy in future.

"? What happens, being so quiet?"

"It's nothing. Anyway, today's schedule have a bit of change"

I paused for a while to consider Lana's querry and shook my head.

That's right. What I need to focus first on is the present. Just as I was having a mood change, the knocking sounds echoed and the door was opened.

"My, welcome back Your Highness Lana."

"I'm back Sierra"

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"Ah, Your Highness Lana! You looks as pretty as ever"

The newcomers were Sierra and Lulu.

Lulu Immediately ran towards Lana to greet her with her signature style trotting run when she saw Lana gracefully drinking black tea with Sachineko-sama in her embrace from the shadow of Sierra.

I lost my word as soon as Lulu entered my vision. What's this cute creature!?

I immediately turned to look at Sierra but she averted her eyes. Seems like she's unable to offer any explanation.

Then I once again looked at Lulu. Her dress was a complete opposite of what she was wearing yesterday in her dungeon expedition.

She just looks so cute in her current get-up. She was wearing a white and gold themed armor.

When I said armour, it wasn't like a platemail design but a slim, not rugged, or rather fluffy looking type made of many parts similar to Sierra. And she has white mitten-like gloves on her hands which makes her adorableness stand out even more.

The weapon is a one handed sword matching her body size. This is a complete beginner set named <Sweet Lolita> belonging to <viscount>, <Princess> series.

It was already cute enough on the screen but it's cuteness is out of the chart in reality!

It's said that they are agile and unparalleled in this get up. That's why <Dungeon activity>'s Lolita is amazing.

"Good morning, Zephyr onii-sama!"

"Good morning! Let's do our best today too!"

I greeted Lulu's salute with a similar salute pose.


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