Chapter 179 : Ghost Cave Dungeon Exploration Together With Rika and Karua

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"Celia looks amazing in her equipment."

"Thank you very much. This is one of the finest works of my elf village."

I know. As members arrived one after another, Celia also prepared her equipment.

In the game <Dungeon Activity>, an <Elf> officially joins the player party from the intermediate mid-grade dungeon.

It's possible for the players to scout them right in the mid-grade dungeon if their luck is good. Else they are usually available for scouting in the intermediate high-grade or beyond dungeon possessed by <Youkai - One More Piece Missing>.

They are the strong characters bestowed only to those who can decisively reject the Youkai of worldly desires. With such a background setting, an <Elf>'s beginner equipment is quite strong.

In fact, they are on par with princesses' jobs.

Celia's equipment looks like a traditional costume dyed in base green color, the same colour as the nature impression Elf gives. The kimono-like thin design doesn't offer much against physical attacks but the magic resistance it provides is quite high. Furthermore, the dress perfectly accents the beauty of Celia's slender body.

As a Spiritualist, her weapon is a two handed staff which, although not as exaggerated as Hannah's <Wand of the Mana Light>, seems to be around 1.5m in height and the light blue shine it emits gives it a more mysterious vibe.

<Elves> are also good at archery but not many actually use bows, given their overwhelming superiority in magic. You can bring a human <Archer> or <Ranger> to use if you want to play with them in the game.

Because they are much stronger this way, due to the obvious job specializations.

So if they are <Elves>, by all means I want to train them in magic specialization, though my heart also sometimes yearns for an archer <Elf>.

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"Lulu, Celia. Have you finished arranging your statuses?"


"Everything is in place."

Both were motivated enough, so I taught them the perfect way to grow their status. Of course, the same goes for Celestine too.

"Now about today's schedule, Sierra."

"I know. I just have to accompany new members, right?"

"Yes, take care of them."

As expected of my vice guild master. I don't need to explain everything.

Today's schedule has changed a bit with the absence of Shizu and Pamela. Since we're only 9 members in total today, I will be dividing the party in 2.

"For the allocation, first up is a 4 member party with 3 new members, plus Sierra. Next is a 5 member party with 2 members from back-up team 1 with me, Hannah and Lana."

"Why this arrangement? Wouldn't it be much better to put more of us in the new member groups?"

Hannah asked in confusion. That maybe so if you just look at it from the surface, but—

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"No, in fact they don't need us with their amazingly strong equipment. I asked Sierra to tag along just in case something happened. The real ones to look after are Rika and Karua."

I explained to Hannah that Rika and Karua are the main characters today to look after compared to the rest.

Actually, I would have liked to add myself or Lana as a healer to the new member’s group, but my hand is already filled, unfortunately.

"We are going to challenge one of the strongest hurdles in the beginner dungeon <Fat Ball Ghost>, so I need a magic user. There shouldn't be any problem with me, Hannah and Lana there."

Thanks to the virtue of its intangible <Ghost> characteristic, physical attacks are obviously ineffective. Hence the need for a sorcerer or similar class.

Besides, it's also partially due to my consideration towards Sierra who still seems to be scared of ghosts.

"I assume everyone's doubts are cleared? Since there's nothing left, pick up your equipment everyone, it's hunting time!"


"Man, feels like I haven’t been here in a long time even though we cleared it not long ago. <Light's blade>!"


We separated at the first dungeon and directly came to the <Ghost’s Cave Dungeon>.

It didn't take even a second before the monster on our route disappeared by the mid-rank magic fired by Lana.

"Lana, at least leave some for Rika and Karua to handle."

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"I know, I know, but my body is trembling from excitement whenever I defeat a ghost!"

Trembling from excitement...

Sounds like the adrenaline rush many have experienced when they play shooting games for the first time.

She looks like she's having a great deal of fun as she continuously spams magic one after another. I guess it wouldn't hurt much to let her play for a while.

After all, our goal is just about clearing this dungeon. Like the value of a pinch of salt in our lives, fun is equally important in the journey.



Even Hannah has begun her onslaught.

"Zephyr-kun! This is really addicting!"

She has even gone as far as to drink <Magical Switch R> to burn them down. I wonder if it's really that much fun.

"Seems like our debut has to wait."

"Hmm. Easy."

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Rika, on the other hand, shows a bitter smile as she walks next to me. Karua seems to be at ease as ever.

However, this is a problem in many ways, so let's change places after a short while.

I sometimes switch their place and let Rika and Karua fumble around for an efficient way to fight against ghost type enemies as they hone their battle skills.

Speed is the essence in battle against the fat ball ghost boss. There's no doubt bringing down an intangible entity through physical means will take a lot of time, so I want them to find a way that can help them shorten the battle.

"Hmmmm. Really difficult."

"Physics attacks are really ineffective."

Karua and Rika mutters out their impressions as they face a ghost monster.

That's right, I don't even remember how many times I have tried attacking them with a normal sword but each time it feels like running your hands on the silk curtains. Only when you attack with a weapon embedded with attributes will you feel like you're slashing at something.

It's really strange how slashing at them with <Heaven's Sword> leaves a tingling sensation on my hand.

Karua and Rika both look like they're having a hard time fighting the ghosts. They have to use around 4 skills to defeat a ghost.

It doesn't seem efficient.

Our party arrived at the last safety area of the dungeon at 3:00 p.m. as our new members familiarized themselves with the environment and monsters.


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