Lu Jingye did not manage to remain seated for long when he received several phone calls.

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When it was almost 10 in the morning, Zi Yi’s phone started ringing.

It was the Dean of the School of Technology of M.Uni.

The Dean asked her, “Little Zi, do you have free time today? If you do, make a trip over to M.Uni.”

Zi Yi was planning to visit her Grandfather in the afternoon and so, she asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

“Actually, I’m not the one looking for you,” the Dean said, “Two assistants of Dr. Ellis came to the university today and they wish to meet you.”

When Zi Yi heard that, she directly refused. “I’m not free today.”

The Dean did not continue persuading her and only said, “Alright then, I’ll inform them of it.”

After hanging up the phone, the Dean looked at the two assistants standing opposite his office table and expressed his apologies. “Little Zi isn’t available today. Please go back.”

Standing in front of him were a man and a woman and they looked to be in their late twenties.

The woman furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. “Is Miss Zi deliberately hiding from us? How can she refuse to meet us time after time again?”

The Dean replied, “Miss Anri should have misunderstood something. Student Zi is indeed very busy.”

Anri raised her voice a little. “At most, she’s just following a professor around to do projects. Does she think that just randomly doing a project can let her gain fame?

“It’s different if she follows Dr. Ellis. As long as Dr. Ellis brings her around for any random project, it would let her become instantly famous. Plenty of outstanding students don’t even have a chance to become his student. Why isn’t Miss Zi grabbing onto this opportunity?”

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The Dean laughed at her words and said, “Miss Anri, this is Miss Zi’s choice. We can’t possibly force her.”

“In my opinion, I think you’re the ones who are unwilling to let her come. Whoever knows that it’s Dr. Ellis, who is interested in taking them on as a student, there’s no one that does not wish to join.”

The Dean felt like sending off the guests now and so he did his best to maintain a smile on his face. “I am unable to make any decisions in this matter. Why don’t you wait for the next time Little Zi returns to school and talk to her in person?”

“Do you think we have so much time on our hands to wait for her slowly?”

Anri crossed her arms in displeasure. “There’s only one chance and what’s more, Dr. Ellis only said that he wanted to meet her first. As to whether she has the skills to enter, it’ll still depend on what decision Dr. Ellis makes after having a chat with her.”

What she meant from her words was that she felt Zi Yi should realize what’s actually good for her.

After Dr. Ellis’ assistants left the office of the Dean, Anri said discontentedly, “This Zi Yi really thinks she’s all that capable? How dare she repeatedly refuse to meet us time after time again.”

The man walking next to her said, “This person is highly praised in the country and has the Dou Family as her backing. It’s normal for her to be arrogant.”

“I don’t think it’s arrogance at all. She’s deliberately trying to leave Dr. Ellis hanging! Who doesn’t know that Dr. Ellis is the best researcher in the field of nuclear fusion engineering? Plenty of people wish to become his students and this Zi Yi is so ungrateful… If not for the fact that Dr. Ellis informed us that we must obtain a meeting with her, I really feel like flying back.”

“Since she’s someone Dr. Ellis has specifically chosen, she must possess something extraordinary. Our task is to get a meeting with her and get her to promise to meet Dr. Ellis.”

“How are we supposed to meet her? She refuses to meet us.”

“We can start from the Dou Family members.”

“You’re right. I heard that Professor Dou Xiaoyong came to the school today. Let’s go and look for him.”

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Zi Yi and Lu Jingye stayed at home all morning.

Lu Jingye worked while Zi Yi grabbed a book and casually read it.

The weather was nice today and when the sunlight shone in through the window, it gave off a warm feeling.

Mrs. Lu only returned when it was noon.

Zi Yi saw that she was not in a good mood and asked, “Mom, did something happen?”

“The design drafts of our studio were stolen.”

“Who was it? Did you manage to find the culprit?”

“The culprit was found. It’s a university student I recruited a few days ago.” When she mentioned this, Mrs. Lu’s expression revealed traces of anger and complicated emotions. “That student has high comprehension and is skilled. She accidentally took some drafts back home and they were stolen by her older sister and then sold to other jewelry companies.”

At the sight of Mrs. Lu’s expression, Zi Yi asked, “Mom, aren’t there any rules in the studio that designers aren’t allowed to take home the drafts?”

“There are, but there are also exceptions. Some designers get inspired at home and need to create their work immediately at that moment.”

Just then, Lu Jingye came out of the kitchen.

Evidently, he had heard Mrs. Lu’s conversation with Zi Yi and he said, “Mother, no matter where they work on their creation, they ought to know how to keep a secret. If you relent and forgive her once, can you guarantee that there will not be a second time?”

When Mrs. Lu heard this, her expression instantly became serious. “I know how to handle the situation now.”

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Having said that, she looked at the kitchen and said, “I’ll go make some cakes for Yiyi.”

Mrs. Lu headed into the kitchen.

Lu Jingye walked beside Zi Yi.

She looked at him and whispered, “Was it someone sent by the other families?”

“The older sister of that designer was bribed by the other families.”

Zi Yi was a little surprised. “Why didn’t you tell Mom the truth?”

Lu Jingye sat next to her and said, “Mother will know as soon as she checks.”

He then squeezed her hand and said, “As long as it’s something Mother can handle herself, we usually will not interfere.”

As a daughter-in-law of the Lu Family, they could not possibly have their man protect them from everything. This was not loving her but instead, harming her if they did this.

Zi Yi understood the meaning behind his words and nodded her head.

After lunch, Zi Yi went to the Dou Family residence.

At this time, only Elder Dou and the First Madam were around.

Zi Yi took Elder Dou to the neighborhood park for a stroll.

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Unexpectedly, there were quite a number of elderly people coming out for a stroll at this time. When everyone saw Zi Yi and Elder Dou taking a stroll, they would first greet Elder Dou before expressing their envy. “It’s really enviable that Headmaster Dou has such a clever and capable granddaughter like Little Zi.”

“Little Zi deserves to be a top student. To think that she is capable of creating such good robots.”

Elder Dou’s eyes curved into crescent moons, as he heard their praise for Zi Yi.

Zi Yi waited for everyone to finish praising her before she responded with a smile. “I have the Dou Family’s scholar genes. Since Grandfather and my Uncles are so capable, I would be embarrassed to claim that I’m my Grandfather’s granddaughter if I don’t have some abilities.”

“Haha… Hey little girl, you really know how to kiss up to your elders.”

After everyone had their laugh, someone suggested playing chess.

A group of intellectuals who got together would either talk about ancient times or play chess.

Elder Dou walked to the chess table and sat down with another elder. Someone came over and asked Zi Yi, “Little Zi, do you know how to play chess?”

Zi Yi replied honestly, “I’ve never played it before.”

These types of antiques had been lost in the interstellar era for a long time. Even if there were all sorts of chess and card holographic games, those had undergone an nth number of changes. It was no longer the same as this type of chessboard with 19 by 19 intersections, 181 black, and 180 white chess squares.

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