“Everyone here heard it clearly. Don’t throw dirty water on me for no reason in the future. I never appeared from the beginning to the end. How could I have a relationship with such a person?!” Yun Xi continued to explain.

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“I can also testify that she did not have any relationship with this person because she was with me during that time!”

A very pleasant-sounding man’s voice sounded from outside the door. It was Zhou Lin!

The moment Zhou Lin entered the hall, he immediately shielded Yun Xi in his embrace. He was too late. He had made her endure such a long period of verbal violence by herself!

When the surrounding audience saw this man who was like a god, they were even more certain that Yun Xi had nothing to do with this fool!

With such a person as a fiancé, who would take a fancy to such a fool?! How could someone who had been loved by a wolf take a fancy to a dog?!

“So this matter might really be as everyone said. When the two of them were doing dirty things, it was too intense, causing a deep red and swollen mark to be left on Yun Lian’s back, causing the son of this family to misunderstand that this was a birthmark.”

Yun Xi immediately shifted the opinion of the crowd toward her side.

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“That’s right, that’s right. It’s very likely that it’s something like this!”

“Look at how outstanding this young lady’s fiancé is. How could she possibly take a fancy to this fool?! Why would she even use someone else’s name to have an affair with this fool? Think about it with your brain. This is impossible.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Furthermore, the young lady’s analysis is extremely logical. Even the mother of this family has testified. She’s only been there twice. How could it be fake?!”

“I think this person got together with this fool in order to pay off her father’s debt. Now that she’s married to a rich man, she’s afraid that the scandal will be exposed and she’ll push all the dirty water onto her sister! What a scheming little person!”

The audience began to insult Yun Lian again as if the group of people who had spoken up for Yun Lian earlier was not them!

“Enough, stop talking!”

Qian Yun had never been so humiliated in her life. She roared loudly, and the audience stopped talking about her family matters!

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“Bring her back to the room. I’ll settle this matter myself!”

Qian Yun gave Zhou Mo an order, asking him to bring the woman who had collapsed on the ground back to the room. The family scandal could not be exposed. No matter how this matter would be resolved, Qian Yun could not allow the audience in the county town to laugh at her anymore!

Yun Xi saw that the person had already been taken away and she did not want to stay any longer. She thought that she should go home and rest!

However, a pair of powerful hands tightly bound her.

“Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to know how your younger sister will be punished? Why don’t the two of us listen to what’s going on in the corner!”

Zhou Lin made a suggestion.

Yun Xi was so shocked that her jaw dropped!

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This sentence was actually said by Zhou Lin?!

This man was usually the calmest and did not gossip at all. Now, he actually said such a thing to her.

Damn it, this man’s words seemed to have some kind of magic! She originally did not want to see Yun Lian make a fool of herself. In any case, she would know what kind of punishment she had received in the future. However, after being bewitched by this man, she really wanted to listen to the corner of the wall in the next room!

“Since you want to see it, we’ll get a room next to the room they’re staying in! When the time comes, I’ll let you listen to it to your heart’s content!”

As Zhou Lin spoke, he walked to the front desk, took out his identity card, and opened a new room.

Zhou Lin held Yun Xi’s hand and walked step by step to the newly opened room.

When they passed by the room next to the corridor, they could hear the sounds of crying coming from inside, but they could not really hear what was said.

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Yun Xi jogged into the room, wanting to lean against the wall and listen carefully to what was said on the other side!

However, a large hotel was indeed a large hotel. The soundproofing measures were much better than other small hotels! Even though her ears were almost embedded into the wall, she still could not hear anything from the next room!

“This place is even worse than the corridor. We can’t hear anything in this room!” Yun Xi complained.

“Since we can’t listen through the walls anymore, let’s do something else. After all, the price of this large suite is not cheap. We can’t waste this precious moment of love!”

As Zhou Lin spoke, the corners of his lips curled up with malicious intent. Then, he grabbed the person by the wall and threw her directly on the bed!

A night of love!

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