In the next room, they were also in a heated argument.

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“How dare you bring someone else’s child and mix the bloodline of our Zhou family? You must make it clear to me today, whose child is this?!”

Qian Yun’s voice was trembling. This matter had angered her quite a bit.

The midwife and Aunt Jia also entered the room. The midwife was holding the child and controlling the child’s cries. Aunt Jia stood behind Qian Yun and looked like she was watching a show.

“Mom, Listen to me. This child is definitely the child of our Zhou family. Although I had a relationship with that fool, the time I had this child doesn’t match at all!”

Yun Lian tried her best to explain.

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“In the past, it was my disappointing father who owed a gambling debt. He could only sell me to this fool, the Yuan family, to pay off the debt. That time, in order to get 20,000 yuan from the Yuan family, I could only give myself to this fool. However, it was already two months ago when Zhou Mo and I were pregnant. It was impossible for it to be this fool’s child!”

It was already inevitable that she would be spurned. Therefore, she mentioned the matter of losing her virginity happened two months earlier than it actually happened. At the very least, she could still preserve the identity of this child. As long as the child was still a child of the Zhou family, there was still a chance for her to turn the tables again!

“Impossible. The last time you left, I saw fresh blood on the bedsheets.” Zhou Mo was the first to raise doubts.

“How do you explain this? Who knows if you deliberately lied about the time to confuse our Zhou family? It’s hard to say if you didn’t have a relationship with that fool the second time.”

Aunt Jia began to add fuel to the fire.

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“No, no. I slept with that fool before, but I wasn’t willing to marry that fool. I still liked Zhou Mo in my heart. So, I got Zhou Mo drunk. When we were done, you had already passed out. I used other blood to replace virgin blood,” Yun Lian explained.

“I got pregnant after sleeping with Brother Mo. I told my parents about this. They naturally thought that since I was attached to a bigger tree, so they didn’t want me to be more involved with that family. So, I went to them again just to break off the engagement with their family!”

Yun Lian’s brain was working rapidly. She finally thought of a way to get the best of both worlds. She said it herself and dealt with this matter.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll leave this matter to you.” The ‘you’ in Qian Yun’s words was referring to Zhou Mo.

“Since this child is still our Zhou family’s child, I’ll definitely get to the bottom of it. As for what your wife has done previously, I won’t bother about it anymore. Aunt Jia, let’s go. We won’t stay in this troublesome place for long!”

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After Qian Yun said this, she pulled Aunt Jia out of the room.

The child probably understood what had happened as well. He kept crying in the arms of the midwife. His voice was especially noisy. Zhou Mo furrowed his brows tightly.

“Madam, I will bring the child back to the room first to prevent him from continuing to cry here.”

The midwife was a sensible person. She knew that if the child continued to cry here, Zhou Mo would very likely kick all of them out.

Now that only the husband and wife were left in the room, there was still a chance for them to talk about this matter.

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After the midwife left, Yun Lian still maintained her kneeling position. She crawled step by step to Zhou Mo’s side and begged for his forgiveness with tears in her eyes.

“I just love you too much. I didn’t mean to lie to you. The matter between me and that fool was also forced. On account of the fact that I gave birth to a child for the Zhou family, I hope this matter will be written off!”

Yun Lian sobbed. She exposed her tiniest neck, begging for the man’s sympathy.

Zhou Mo looked at her like this and felt inexplicably angry.

After drinking two mouthfuls of wine, he felt the alcohol constantly rolling in his mind. He took the opportunity to pull the woman on the ground up and pressed her onto the bed.

He wanted to cover up all the other men’s scent on this woman. He tore Yun Lian’s clothes crazily, without any tenderness.

Without any foreplay, he rampaged inside Yun Lian’s body! It did not seem like he was doing it for love, but to vent the anger in his heart…

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