The results of the self-admission examination came out. Yun Xi relied on the cheat that the space gave her to obtain the first place in the self-admission examination in the entire city.

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“That’s amazing. I heard that she’s not only the number one in our entire school, but also the number one in the entire city!”

“Isn’t that right? With this report card, won’t all the schools in the country be open for her to choose from?!”

“That’s right, that’s right. I wonder which school she will go to. Will she go to Huaqing University, which we have always dreamed of?!”

The students and Yun Xi had obtained the results of the self-admission examination at almost the same time. These students were even more excited than Yun Xi herself, chattering about her results and the school that she would apply to in the future!

The school that Yun Xi wanted to apply to had already been thought of. It was a double-first-class university in the city that could study chemical pharmacy. Besides being ranked in the country in the field of chemical pharmacy, the main reason was that it was very close to the military compound in Zhou Lin!

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However, after she finished filling out the school’s application list, the teacher-in-charge called her to the office for a talk.

“Student Yun Xi, you can actually be a little more daring. You don’t have to be stuck in these few good schools in our city. You can take a longer view, for example, some of the schools in our capital.”

The teacher-in-charge thought that Yun Xi was not confident, so she had only applied to one school in the city that was not even ranked first.

“I don’t want to go to those schools in the capital. I just feel that the school I applied to is pretty good. I’m very satisfied with this school!”

Yun Xi rejected the teacher-in-charge’s suggestion.

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“Are you worried that your grades aren’t good enough? That you won’t be accepted by the capital or other schools in other prosperous cities? Actually, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Before I came to talk to you, the teacher had already carefully inquired about the results of the self-admission examinations in other provinces. Other than your results being the first in our entire city, you can also be ranked first and second among the top students in other schools.”

The teacher-in-charge further persuaded her. After all, if a student from Huaqing University could appear in a school, the teacher would be proud as well, and the school would even give the teacher-in-charge a bonus!

“I am still very confident in my results, but I have also considered carefully before choosing this school. It can not be denied that Huaqing University is indeed one of the best comprehensive universities in the country. However, I still feel that it is not as good as this school in our city that I have chosen!”

‘It’s because this school is so close to the person I love!’

Yun Xi did not say this out loud, but those words from before confirmed that she definitely would not change her mind to apply for another university.

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Life is a constant choice. Only when there is a choice can there be a gain. For Yun Xi, a good university might not be able to be by the side of the person she loves, but it was even more important.

If she wanted to go to Huaqing University, she might have another chance in the future. However, if she missed out on the best years of her youth, by the side of the person she loved the most, she would not have another chance in the future!

The class teacher was still unwilling to give up. She tried to persuade her a lot more, hoping that she could consider it carefully.

In the end, there was no result!

“Since you want to go to this university, I respect your opinion. I think the admission notice for your university will be issued soon. I want to give you a break for a while. Go home and rest for a period of time. When the admission notice comes, you can come to the school to make a simple summary. Then, you can study in this school!”

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The class teacher was still very professional. Although he had not been able to successfully persuade this student and he had not been able to get the bonus, he had still finished explaining everything that needed to be explained.

“Okay, I got it. Thank you, teacher.”

Just like that, Yun Xi returned to the class and started to pack up her small schoolbag. Under the envious gazes of all the students, she started her holiday life in advance!

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