Gargoyles attack from above. The guards gathered in the courtyard gasp at the sheer number of them, but…

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“─ ─ Everyone! All men to battle positions! Do not let them enter the castle!”

“Yes, sir!”

The guards responded to Morgan-san’s sudden command, showing their normal training movements. The ambush came out of nowhere, and they were not fully prepared for battle. but the average level of the Royal Castle Guards was now 20, and they were no longer going to be beaten so easily by a gargoyle.

“Morgan-san! I’ll leave you to deal with the gargoyles. We’ll protect the princess and attack the leaders!”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you!”

Spera fired a wide range of magic attacks at Gadumagan, who was looking down on the battle situation in the air, as if he was blocking the sky. Then, as he aimed, Gadumagan avoided it and landed on the ground.

“Oh, you have a good magician amongst you, don’t you?”

“Right? The SS members are all elite!”

Leaving Nina as Princess Leia’s escort, I close the distance to Gadumagan. Soon I’m within striking distance of my spear. …Alright, I’ll finish him off with my skill 『Thunder Rage』at once and for all!

“…Oi oi oi, I told you, didn’t I? I told you it was an all-out war. Are you sure you don’t want to be distracted by only me?”


In response to Gadumagan’s enigmatic words, and in the gap where he hesitated to activate his skill, it happened.

───Whoosh, and. A large mass of darkness shot up from the sky and covered the ground, causing a large explosion immediately afterwards.

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It blew everything up, regardless of the guards and gargoyles that were around. I jumped just in time, but was thrown into the air by the aftermath of the attack. But I managed to land passively.

…The powerful attack now wasn’t from Gadumagan. And it’s 『Gloriant Demirma』, the dark attribute magic of the 『Gloriant class』, an even higher level of the Giga class. And only one person in this world can use this Gloriant-class magic.

“I’m tired of waiting. I have personally come to you, you humans.”

As soon as that thunderous low voice echoes in the sky, an exceptionally large monster emerges from the thick clouds. It was a wyvern so large that it must have been six or seven meters long. However, it was not the wyvern that was speaking. It was the man riding on top of the wyvern with his arms folded.

The man is more human-like in appearance than the previous Three Heavenly Demons. but the darkness that emanates from his figure is so strong that it makes the Three Heavanly Demons seem like babies.

─ ─ The demon king Kaiser. Dressed in a black robe like the god of death, he is in fact a demon king. He is the root of all evil who plans to rule this world, and is the last boss of [Let’s Go Crush the Demon King].

That Demon King Kaiser leaps off the wyvern’s back and lands next to Gadumagan with a scuffle.

“Well, I’m here to pick you up, Princess Leia.”


Princess Leia’s shoulders jumped at Kaisers’ words.

“Princess Leia, you are needed for my plan. You must come with me.”

Kaisers tried to step forward, but I stood in front of him.

“You think I’m going to let you do that?”

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“…We, right, Gustav?”


Nina’s voice protects the princess behind me, and then Spera stands next to me. …How reassuring.

“Yes, that’s right, It’s us. Hey, demon kings, how dare you show yourselves in front of us SS? As long as we’re here, you guys can’t even lay a finger on the princess.”

“…Hmph, what an eyesore.”

Kaisers clicks his tongue. The situation seems to have reached a stalemate… but.

“─ ─ hahahahaha! The universe is on my side after all! If I defeat the Demon King here, all the achievements will be mine only!”

It was the hero Ark who appeared, charging through the chaotic courtyard. Swinging his sword, he had somehow reached the Demon King’s back.

“You! Weren’t you tied up with a rope?”

“Humph, you idiot! I told you I’m skilled in thievery! I know how to get out of a rope! Now, die with this blow, Demon Lord! 『Giga Slash』aah!

Arc’s sword horizontally strikes the Demon King’s neck, but…

But… The Demon King’s fingertips stopped the sword.

“What? My maximum attack…?”

“You’re the so-called Hero who’s destined to kill me……!”

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The Demon King’s mere kick, which was neither magic nor skill of any kind, destroyed Ark’s armor and plunged deep into its belly. The blow made Ark’s ribs creak and blew its body wide open as if it were a football ball.

“I have no intention of being killed by a worm like you… but just in case. I’ll kill you here… 『Gloriant Demil Zomnia』.”

It is the strongest single attack skill possessed by the demon king Kaisers. An enormous amount of dark attribute attacks were compressed and became a single spear-sharp attack that flew towards Ark. …There is a big gap between the current level of Ark and that of the Demon King. If he receives this direct hit, Ark will definitely be wiped out without leaving any ashes behind in this world.

“Damn it!”

I kicked the ground and dashed out. I have no sense of righteousness or compassion to want to save Ark now. But I must keep him alive. After all, the only one who can put the finishing blow on the Demon King is Ark, the hero.

“I won’t let you kill him so easily!”

I triple activated my skill 『Thousand Spear Birth』 and brought out a bunch of spears as a shield in front of that Demon King’s dark magic. However, it only serves as a momentary pause. The Demon King’s magic broke through my skill as if it were a broken twig.

“Can you not think that you can cope with my full scale attack with that level of defence!”

“I knew it, the Demon King, that your attack is extremely powerful!”

The level of the Demon King in the game was 50, and when I challenged the Demon King in the game, the level of Arc the Brave was above that. but I vividly remembered that my HP had been wiped out by 80% with just one hit from 『Gloriant Demil Zomnia』.

…If the current arc even touched it, it would surely be the end and the game is over. But I managed to get there on time. With the little time I had earned on the 『Thousand Spears Birth』 I made it to the Ark…

“Damn it! Get away from me, Ark!”

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I also kick Ark’s body and blow it far away.

…This way, Ark won’t be affected by dark magic and won’t die…


Nina and Spela’s cries are heard. Yes, this time I was unable to escape from that dark magic, as I had been knocked out of my stance by kicking the hero.

“Damn it, the 『Thunder Rage』!”

I strike the fastest blow among the skills I possess to that demon king’s magic that is closing in on me. Its power weakened a little. But even so, it cannot be completely canceled out.

“Urgh, ooooooh?”

The spear of darkness pierces my belly and blasts my body wide open. With the same momentum, with a thud! The walls of the castle behind me are also destroyed, and I am rolled to the corridor inside the castle.

I’ve been knocked down to the corridor of the castle…. But fortunately, the damage is not that bad. It seems that the power was somewhat weakened by the 『Thousand Spear Birth』 and the 『Thunder Rage』. If you look at the abdomen, there were some cracks in the armor, but no fatal injuries. With this, I can still fight!

“Demon king !!!”

As I got up through the debris and went out into the courtyard again, though.

“Well, Princess Leia. Shall you and I proceed with the final stage of our plan?”


The Demon King, who stood in the center of it where Nina and Spela had fallen, was holding Princess Leia’s neck as if to strangle her.

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