“No way..?”

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I opened my eyes. Nina and Spela collapsing, Princess Leia being grabbed by the Demon King by the neck. In the ten seconds or so that I left to save the hero arc, the situation is drastically changed.

“Niña! Spera! Princess!”

I ran towards the Demon King with all my might. Then, pointing the spear at him, I discharge with my fastest skill. 『Thunder Rage』, but….

“Hmph! Your technique lacks sharpness!”


It was easily repelled by Gadumagan, who stood there as if protecting the Demon King.

“No matter how fast it is, it’s easy to predict the trajectory if your mind is so disturbed!”

“Don’t get in my way!”

Quickly, I must quickly save the princess and my friends. I didn’t have time to waste on the three evil heavens. I unleashed my skills one after the other: 『Thousand Spear Birth』, 『Thunder Rage』, 『Quatrdent Forcer』. I unleashed my skills one after another.

“Guhhh… It hurts! But I won’t let you touch the Demon Lord!”

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“Shit! Get out of the way, damn it!”

Again and again the attack was repeated, but. Gadumagan is on the defensive end and just buys time.

“Gadumagan, I leave this to you, okay?”

“Heh! I will persist until this life is over!”

The Demon King says this and flies high into the air. With Princess Leia in tow, he leaps across the courtyard and flies towards the top of the castle, where the throne room is located.


“Whoa! You’re not going anywhere!”

I try to follow the demon king, but Gadumagan stands in front of me and won’t budge.

I can’t allow this to continue! The Demon King Kaiser said that it was ‘the final stage of the plan’. If that is the same as the scenario in the game, it means that the Demon King has already obtained the [Ancient Demon Book] and is trying to use the power hidden in Princess Leia to activate the [Ancient Magic].

“I can’t let you go, Kisama. I’m going to buy enough time for the Demon King’s plan to be accomplished!”


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If I want to go after the Demon Lord, I have to deal with this bastard. But that will take time, little, or big.

In the game, the hero rescued Princess Leia in the Nick of time just before the Demon King activated the [Ancient Magic], so he didn’t actually activate it. However, as far as I recall the Demon King’s actions at that time, it probably did not take that long to activate that magic. What should we do? What should I do?


“─ ─ ─『Critical Buffer』, 『Physical Ability Improvement+』.”


Suddenly, a thud! Sounded like a cannon, and Gadumagan’s body was blown to the side. Then, as it was, it crashed into the wall of the royal castle with great force, and was buried under the rubble.

“Ni, Niña!”

In front of me, that body of Niña, which had apparently been turned invisible, was gradually appearing. It’s as if she had kicked something out of her body. The blow to Gadumagan must have been done by Nina.

“Thank God… you’re safe!”

“Well, yeah, I managed…”

She probably came close to us while lurking with the skill 『Attention Blocking +』. If you look, you can see debris that seems to be a substitute lying where Nina should have collapsed just a few moments ago.

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I support Nina as she is about to fall to her knees. At that moment, I saw through the gap in her neck collar that her back was swollen blue. And if you look closely, you can see that she can’t even move her right arm, which is her dominant arm.

“You’re badly injured…!”

“That Demon King or whatever he was, he was something else. I and Spera were no match for him…!”

Staggering, Nina put her hand on my shoulder and pointed to the top of the castle.

“Go, while you still can.”

“Huh? No, but then…!”

I can see Gadumagan standing up, rattling and crumbling the debris of the castle walls. He is level 45. It’s hard to believe that Nina, who is currently level 41 and even more so, is no match for him, even though she’s a handful.

“Idiot! Don’t hesitate! You’re SS, aren’t you? If you, the captain, don’t go, who will protect Leia?”

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“Go. I’ll defeat Gadumagan.


“Don’t worry, I won’t die. Trust me.”

“I’m sorry, please!”

After I said that, I started running towards the direction the Demon King flew towards.


Gadumagan’s voice comes from behind. But he doesn’t chase after me. Instead, I hear a clank! The only sound that can be heard is the sound of scraping steel. Nina must be risking her life to hold me back.

I didn’t turn around and ran through the courtyard where the melee was unfolding.


(TL: Damn it what the hell is demon king is upto.)

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