Living Together (2)

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Qin Yuan coldly looked at him and waited for a full 30 seconds. He finally couldn’t bear it anymore, lifted the mosquito net on this side, and made his way to the opposite side.

He reached out and untied the tangled mosquito net on Ruan Qingmu’s arm. He then exerted this strength to push his head and release him from the lumps of the tangled net.

The mosquito net was tightly and messily tangled.

Ruan Qingmu struggled for a while but didn’t move anymore. His eyebrows lowered and obediently let him move his body.

Both of them were extremely close to each other. Their warm breaths fell on each other’s faces, and their arms and bodies were brushed against each other.

The expression on Qin Yuan’s face was always constant. However, it was unknown if he was a little impatient as the muscles on his forearm seemed a little tense.

The mosquito net was finally straightened with great difficulty. Qin Yuan rapidly figured out and tied the other two corners of the net. He vigorously turned over and jumped down from the bed in two steps.

Ruan Qingmu extended his head down from the top of the bed. “Hey, thank you, great class monitor.”

Qin Yuan gave him a cold look, turned around to pick up the few books on top of his desk, and walked out without hesitation.

Ruan Qingmu laid down on the newly-spread summer sleeping mat. He stared at the white ceiling and silently laughed.

He took out his cellphone and sent a text message to Mu Wanli: “I’ve finished settling down. My roommate is good and very friendly.”

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Mu Wanli quickly sent a text message and replied: “That’s good. Rest earlier. I put some hawthorn pies inside your suitcase, which can be used to fill the stomach. Right, remember to share some with your classmates, ah.”

Ruan Qingmu crawled down the bed and rummaged through the suitcase. There were indeed two bags of pastries, each containing small packs of separately packed pies.

Once it was opened, there was a bright red cloud pattern stamped on the front of the small snow-white pastries. There was a dark red hawthorn filling inside it when it was pulled apart.
Once bitten, it tasted sweet and sour.

He slowly ate two. After thinking for a while, he picked several packs and placed them on the other desk.

A few floors apart on the fourth floor of the boy dormitory, the dorm’s door was closed and the light was also turned off.

Looking from the small seam on the door, the inside of the room was dark. But there was a faint light coming from the corner of the room.

Several phones hung on the mosquito nets on the side with cloth hanger clips. The flashlights were turned on and directly shone on a desk in the middle of the room.

A group of boys was currently playing a card game “Fight the Landlord” under the faint light from the phones.

There were a bunch of paper notes stuck on Huang Ya’s face. He was already stripped naked of the clothes on his body. While throwing his cards, he turned his head and said to Bai Jing behind him, “Substitute me for a moment. I want to go pee.”

The cellphone flashlight on the opposite illuminated his bumpy face. Bai Jing held his cellphone and was typing on it. As soon as he lifted his head, he directly met the full view of a face. “Ghost ah!”

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Huang Ya turned his head and held him down. He cheekily pressed him back. “The ghost is pressed on the bed!”

Several boys on the side continuously urged him, “Bai Xiaosheng, quickly come and help him draw cards. Tell Huang Ya to go pee faster!”

Bai Jing struggled to get out from under Huang Ya’s body. “The yellow duck3 weights 180 pounds4 now. I was pressed down until I almost vomited.”

A boy beside him nodded. “In the future, don’t take off the clothes after losing anymore. Fuck, he felt pleasantly cool but we have to face a pile of fat. It’s too hot for the eyes5. The winner still has to suffer loss!”

“That’s right. If someone like Qin Yuan comes to play cards and undresses after losing, we can still secretly take a picture and sell it for a high price to the girls. But nobody wants Huang Ya’s picture!”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Boss Qin is meticulously dressed every day. If there is a bare chested picture of him, it will definitely sell like crazy.”

Until now, the first place in the school forum’s photography voting competition was still the picture of that big top student from Class 1.

Under the golden light of the setting sun, a young man jumped up high in the sky. He had just released the round basketball from his slender arm and it flew toward the basketball hoop with the golden light shining on his back.

His black hair was blown and his silhouette was cold.

Suddenly, someone giggled and laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, wasn’t Boss Qin forced to take off his clothes?”

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“Don’t speak nonsense. Where did he take off his clothes? Only his chest was exposed.”

The boys roared with laughter. Huang Ya came out of the bathroom and squeezed Bai Jing away from the chair with his buttocks. “Alright, you should step down.”

Bai Jing’s eyes suddenly brightened. He rapidly picked up his phone and typed on it.

Downstairs, Ruan Qingmu was hopping on his foot. He had just finished taking a bath in the bathroom. As he came out, the screen of the phone placed on the desk lit up and a notification beep sounded from his QQ6.

He picked it up and took a look. It was from “Langya Pavillion’s Bai Xiaosheng.”

“Classmate Ruan, It’s me. Reply me if you see this!” The message’s content was sneaky, and it was followed by a “hand cupping7” sticker.

Ruan Qingmu wiped his hair and replied with: “?”

“Is Boss Qin beside you?”

Ruan Qingmu looked at the resources neatly placed on the neighboring desk. “He took his books and went to study by himself. Why?”

Bai Jing sent a “fly rubbing8” sticker and an odd, wretched message: “Classmate Ruan, come come. Let’s do business. Take a few pictures of the interior of your dorm and send them to me. A panoramic view will do.”

“What are you up to?”

Bai Jing sent several “bashful” stickers: “Cough, cough…You understood it. When Boss Qin lived alone, his dorm was always a mysterious and restricted place. Aim the camera a little toward his desk and bed. One picture can be sold at 5 yuan!”

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Ruan Qingmu looked at his phone in shock: “You want to sell his private pictures???”

Bai Jing hurriedly expressed his strong denial: “Don’t speak nonsense. It’s not me! You can take a picture of your dorm while showing a little of Boss’ bed. It’s not illegal! Please, how about 10 yuan for a picture?”

After waiting for a while, the other side quickly replied with a sentence: “I’ve screenshot it. I’ll pass it to the implicated person later.”

Bai Jing: “o((⊙﹏⊙))o.……”


3 黄鸭子(huáng yā zi ) means yellow duck, a pun from Huang Ya’s name.

4 pound equals to 0,45 kg.

5 Hot for eyes: a very common Internet term; refers to a certain behavior or a certain picture, which is disgusting and makes people dare not look directly

6 QQ is an instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent

Look like this:

Fly rubbing: a catchphrase on the Internet, this word has the meaning of describing a state in which people suddenly become excited and look forward to encounter a certain situation. It looks like this:

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