Chapter 2: Confessing to the Heroine of Your Dreams

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“I like you”


For the first time in this dream, I was able to speak on my own accord.

“I love the way you think of your friends, the kindness in your heart.”

“Hah? What are you talking about Hisamura?”

It seems I’m talking to Sei-chan as Tsukasa Hisamura.

Moreover, Sei-chan is responding to my words.

To be able to tell your favorite character in a manga that you love them and being able to see their reaction is just too good to be true.


“I love Sei-chan’s dignified look, it’s so cool. Your silver hair is also awesome, it’s very beautiful.”

“Se-Sei-chan?! Why’d you suddenly call me that? And stop complimenting me it’s embarrassing!”

Hearing my words, Sei-chan’s face turned red like a cherry.

She’s so cute and precious!

“I love that you’re kind and worried about Fujise, that you look into Yuuichi to make sure he’s a good man. I also love that you’re so cute and chocolatey that you fall in love with Yuuichi after looking and interacting with him.” [ED:how the hell do you use chocolatey in a sentence like that]

“Do you want to piss me off or something!?”

Sei-chan whose face was red with eyes filled with tears is SO CUTE!

“I love the Sei-chan who cares for her friends. But I hate the Sei-chan who kills her feelings for the sake of others.”

“What are you saying suddenly…”

The story I’m reading, “Ojojama,” isn’t over yet.

Earlier, Sei-chan told Fujise that she should confess her feelings to him, and Fujise tries her best to do so, but his childhood friend Tojoin Kaori interferes with her and thus she’s unable to confess her feelings today.

When Fujise told her that she couldn’t confess because of Tojoin’s interruption, Sei-chan felt a little relieved.

Yuichi Shigemoto wasn’t in a relationship yet, so she felt that she might still have a chance.

Sei loathed herself for thinking that way, but as a human being, she can’t help but feel that way.

But… as the story continues, Sei-chan will never be able to go out with Yuichi Shigemoto.

Because of the two main heroines, Sei-chan is definitely a losing heroine.

In other words, Sei-chan won’t be happy in the future due to the main storyline.


“You’ll probably never be happy, Sei-chan.”

“Why do you have to say that?!

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Yes, Tsukasa Hisamura isn’t involved in the romantic aspect of the story at all.

But I can’t just…

“That’s why, Sei-chan, I’ll make you happy.”


“Sei-chan, I like you. I’ll definitely make you happy, so I want you to go out with me.


I don’t know anything about Tsukasa Hisamura’s position.

But I know that I don’t want to see her sad smiles again. I don’t want to see her unhappy again.

I just want to make her happy.

“”Wa-wait! A-Are you serious about this!?”

“I’m serious. I love you so much, Saint, I could devout my whole life to you.”
[ED: “Devout” here is meant to be said in a religious way as can be gathered by him calling her Saint all of a sudden. So he’s basically saying he’ll be committed to her very religiously]


I was still in high school and only had a part-time job, but almost all the money I earned from my part-time job went towards anything related to Sei-chan, such as merchandise and other various things.

I would continue to do so everytime new Sei-chan merchandise was released.

That’s how much I like Sei-chan

“Oh, So you’re the type of guy who would say stuff like that…?”

“Sei-chan made me do it.”

“Ku… don’t give me that dirty line…!”


While saying that, Sei-chan looks away and her cheeks flushed red, as if she were feeling embarrassed.

I walk over to her, wanting to get a closer look at her pretty face.

I guess this is a dream, but I still want to take a closer look at her before I wake up.

“I love your cool and dignified face, your shy and embarrassed face, and your cute and smiling face.”

“Well, you’re only talking about my face right now…”

“Of course I like your personality too. As I said before, I think it’s great that Sei-chan thinks about Fujise and stiffens her feelings for her sake. I like that sort of kind Sei-chan, but I want you to be happier.”


And since the original story showed how Sei-chan looked like in a swimsuit, we know that she has a very voluptuous body, even though you can’t tell that if you just look at her normally.

Well, I don’t have the guts to tell Sei-chan that, even if it was in a dream.

Sei-chan was backing away a bit every time I tried to move closer to her.

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I was moving back towards the classroom’s podium, so I didn’t notice the step to move up to the podium.

Sei-chan who stumbled over it began falling over the podium.


“Watch out!”

I hurriedly reached for her and grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall down on the floor.

I supported her as if I were holding her in my arms, so our bodies were close to each other. That meant our faces were extremely close too.



I heard a gasp, which could have been mine, or Sei-chan, or maybe the both of us.

“Im–Im sorry, thank you.”

“N-no worries.”

Sei-chan’s face turned bright red, but she quickly stood up on her own and pulled a little distance from me.

My face was hot, as expected from this situation.

She had really long eyelashes, and her eyes were so big I felt like I was going to be sucked in. Seriously, she’s so cute.

I want to see it again, closer.

“So, Sei-chan, what’s your answer?”

“Huh? Answer? For what?” [TLN:sadge] [ED:bruh did she forget already]

“Of course, it’s the response to my confession.”

“Uuu ……!”

As she stood on the podium and turned away from me with her back to the blackboard, I moved even closer to her and placed my right hand on the blackboard, enclosing Sei-chan with my arms and the wall.

This form of “Kabedon” may not look good for a guy like me, but it’s great from both an objective and subjective point of view, especially when it’s Sei-chan who’s being subjected to it.

“Hi-Hisamura, um, you’re- a bit too close…”

“It’s because Sei-chan didn’t answer. Besides, your embarrassed face is too cute, so I wanted to get close to you.”

“I love Sei-chan. I’ll definitely make you happy, so please go out with me.”


When I say that again, Sei-chan looks up at me with moist eyes.

Kuu! Sei-chan is just too cute, my head’s about to boil from this cuteness!

“He-Hey, Can’t you wait for a reply? It’s t-too sudden for me to decide now.”

“Nope, I want it now.”

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This is a dream after all. if I don’t get a response now, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

Even if I’m going to be rejected, I want to see how this confession turns out in my dreams until the end.

“I’m not leaving unless you answer me.”

“Uuu… you’re such a pushy guy…”

“What do you think, Sei-chan? Can I be Sei-chan’s boyfriend”

Moving closer to her face, when I ask her that question she responds by averting her gaze to the side.


“We-Well, I mean, I know that Hisamura is a very nice guy… But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be my boyfriend…”

“So we’re going out?”

“There’s a difference between this and that!”

“I need you to answer now.”

Otherwise, I’m probably going to wake up from my dream soon.

Which one, Sei-chan?

“U-uuu, UWAAA!”


When I tried to bring my face even closer to her, Sei-chan’s face turned red and she pushed my chest with her hands.

As expected, that made me wobble and pull away, and Sei-chan took advantage of the opportunity to slip out from between my arm and the wall.

‘No, I can’t right now! I’ll definitely get back to you soon!”

“Wait up! Sei-chan!”

If it’s not now, it’s meaningless! Or rather, if it’s not now, I’ll wake up from my dream and never hear her response!

“N-No, I can’t, I can’t do this! I’m leaving!”

Sei-chan grabbed her stuff and headed for the classroom door.

Damn it. No, I don’t think I can hold her back any longer to hear her confession, even in my dreams.

So let’s just finish this up with one more line.

“I’m serious, Sei-chan! I really like you, and I definitely want to make you happy!”

“Wha-?! I understand. I’ll think about it using that as a reference. Bye!”

After showing her pretty red face one last time, Sei-chan left the classroom.

I can hear Sei-chan footsteps from the hallway, She seems to be running as fast as she can.

Sei-chan is also very athletic, so I probably won’t be able to catch up with her even if I tried.

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I hope she’s okay, I hope she doesn’t fall down the stairs since she’s moving in such a hurry

You’re a bit of a klutz, aren’t you, Sei-chan?

Well, that part of her is cute, too.

“Hah… But you didn’t give me a reply”

I don’t know when I’ll wake up from this dream, but I’ll probably wake up before I get a response.

I mean, since this is a dream, can’t I just skip time and get to the moment where I get a response?


Alright! let’s go! Fly to the day where I get a reply!

Yeah, no. Why was I expecting that to work

This is like an inflexible dream.

Though, I’m grateful to have been able to see a dream about my favorite scene, and more importantly, I don’t think they’ve ever depicted such a cute Sei-chan in the original series.

And I got to have such an experience in my dream, which is awesome.

I’m sorry for saying that you’re inflexible, thank you Dream-san.

“I’m not waking up yet huh…”

I can’t wake up from the dream, I mutter involuntarily.


In fact, my consciousness is so clear that I can’t believe that I’m dreaming. All my five senses are working properly.

I doubt that I’m really dreaming at this point.

But, well, if it wasn’t such a dream like experience, it would be a disaster.

“…Well, let’s just go home I guess.”

I said, and carried the bag that was hanging on my desk.

Even If I say I’m going home, this world is the world of Ojojama, so there is no home for me to go, but I am Tsukasa Hisamura.

Of course, Tsukasa Hisamura, a character in this world, has a home to return to, so I should return there.

For some reason, the location of the house is in my mind, so I should be able to return home normally.


I mean, it’s really interesting that this experience seems so realistic to me.

So I began my journey back home in a good mood, remembering how cute Sei-chan had been earlier.

“Wait, did you confess to Sei-chan just now, Hisamura-kun?”

–At this moment, it never occurred to me that someone had managed to hear my confession. [TLN: And the plot thickens]

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