No matter what I feed him, the reaction is exactly the same, is he a machine?

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The truth is the man in front of me isn’t the Hunter Ki Yoohyun, but a humanoid robot, isn’t it? If he wasn’t a robot, how could he gave the same satisfaction every time?

“….What’s wrong?”


I can’t help it. Let’s step down today and try again next time. The reason that the same result came out no matter what drink is given may be due to a different cause.

Above all, I wanted to taste the cafe mocha that smells sweet.

I put my disappointment aside and took my share of cafe mocha. The chocolate sauce, which is said to be made with the fruit of hell, was thick and delicious.

Then, suddenly, I thought about the dark etheric item.

Ki Yoohyun is also a hunter, so maybe he knows something.

The item is still unobtainable. I spoke to Ki Yoohyun, who was drinking cafe mocha, with the feeling of grasping at straws.

“Yoohyun-ssi, umh, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Yes? Please tell me.”

“Do you know about dark etheric items? I’m looking for a place to get it.”

Heck. Ki Yoohyun was surprised.

Click. He put down the cafe mocha that he hasn’t finished drinking yet.

When he raised his head, he had a cold expression on his face, as if he had become a different person in an instant. It reminded me of his appearance when he detonated the concrete bricks earlier.

Ki Yoohyun spoke with a ferociousness that seemed to be able to break my head, no, the cafe mocha cup.

“Why are you looking for it?”

“I … I need it for something.”

I’d like to explain why I need it and ask for help, but I couldn’t do that because my mouth was blocked by the system. I couldn’t talk about things that happened before the regression, just like the dungeon in Suwon.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t asked about your Hunter Class, Rieul-ssi.”

The sharp eyes stared at me. A little bit pressured by the sudden change of atmosphere, I answered the truth.

“Yes? I’m a Cafe Owner.”

“No, not that.”

“But I’m a Cafe Owner?”

“Ha …. I didn’t ask about your job, Rieul-ssi.”

“That’s why I said I’m a Cafe Owner.”

“…Fine. You don’t seem to want to answer.”

It was extremely unfair. I only told the 100% pure truth!

I looked at Ki Yoohyun with an angry heart.

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I was determined not to tell anyone about my skills as much as possible. This is because the ‘Cafe in My Hand‘, a skill that can give special effects to coffee, was a better skill than I thought.

Name: Kwon Rieul
Class: Cafe Owner (F) (Lv. 5)
Stamina 100/100, Energy 100/100
Strength: 20 (+10), Intelligence: 13, Agility: 11, Luck: 12

※ Strength increases by 10 with the effect of the achievement ‘Guardian of the World Tree’.

I have reached level 5, but my status as an F-class is still at rock bottom.

It is said that the sum of strength, intelligence, agility, and luck must be at least 400 to enter the dungeon. The cutline for a slightly usable Hunter is 500.

But if I add it all up….


It’s saddening, so let’s not count.

A hunter with the ability to make buffs and recovery coffee even though she’s an F-class … it’s a perfect combination to be exploited.

In reality, when I watched the news, there have been several cases of the exploitation of hunters in the production world by binding them to messy contracts. It was not difficult to imagine signing the wrong contract and becoming a coffee-making slave. Such a thing is absolutely dreadful.

However, Ki Yoohyun did not appear to be a person to chat around. I want to ask for help if he knows about dark etheric items.

No, this is just an excuse. It was unfair to be suspected even though I revealed my Hunter Class. What’s wrong with a Cafe Owner!

“So, my Hunter Class is a Cafe Owner!”


Ki Yoohyun asked with a blank expression. It was the first time I’ve ever seen this man with such a stupid expression on his face.

“I made that coffee with my skills, too. Making coffee is my skill.”

“Your skill is making coffee?”

Ki Yoohyun lifted the coffee cup in front of him and examined it. The cafe mocha, which he had only drank a couple of sips, was lightly rippling.

I extracted the espresso again in front of him and quickly made a cup of Americano. Ki Yoohyun’s staring gaze was burdensome, but fortunately, my hand moved perfectly with the power of the skill.

“Yeah, like this.”

Tak. I put down the coffee and continued to explain.

“This coffee has a special effect. If you drink it, it will give you various buffs and recovery effects.”


“Hey, Yoohyun-ssi?”


Ki Yoohyun still had a blank expression on his face. Then, without saying a word, he lifted the cup and emptied the remaining cafe mocha.

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The status of the cafe mocha I just checked is like this.

[Cafe Mocha (★★★☆☆)
Status: Good (Remaining Time: 00:30:00)
Effect: Increases recovery speed by 200%.]

So, even if you drank the cafe mocha, it would be difficult to immediately realize the effect in a place other than a dungeon.

However, Ki Yoohyun stared briefly into the air and hardened his face. Judging from the direction of his gaze, he seemed to be checking his status window or the coffee’s description.

Then, he slowly let out a low sigh.

“No way … this is nonsense.”

“It’s real.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a coffee with a healing effect.”

“That’s because it’s a skill that only me can use.”

“It’s amazing that such skill exists.”

Ki Yoohyun looked genuinely shocked.

I’m glad he believes me, but … that much? I thought it was a good skill, but is it that surprising?

The following words were also far beyond my expectations.

“How can you judge this kind of coffee so cheaply?”


For reference, the price of Cafe Mocha is 3 rubies. I’ve just decided between 2 rubies and 3 rubies. To be honest, I don’t think it’s that cheap….

Ki Yoohyun shook his head.

“No, it’s groundbreaking to be able to recover without the risk of potion poisoning. The price is not suitable for its worth.”

“If you drink too much of this coffee, you’ll get caffeine addiction, too.”

“….Caffeine addiction?”

He gave me a look of ‘what’s wrong with that?’.

“Caffeine addiction is harder than you think.”

You can’t sleep and your head is pounding. It was never an experience I would want to go through twice.

“But the same is true. You can double-recover.”


According to Ki Yoohyun, this was the case. If it is possible to recover by drinking coffee, it is twice as efficient as using potion with simple calculations. It was a huge effect when you consider how many items were consumed to increase even a little efficiency when attacking the dungeon.

In addition, the efficient recovery potions were expensive. Compared to that, this coffee price is not burdensome at all.

Hmm, that’s right.

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“Meoooooooooooooong (Now you understand, human)!”

I don’t know why this cat looks so proud. It was a better skill than I thought.

“Why are you here?”


It was out of the blue.

Can’t I stay here? This is my house as well as my store.

“If you promote coffee with a healing effect in a more prosperous place, not in this remote place, you can make a lot of money.”

“But … I don’t intend to work so hard.”


Ki Yoohyun let out a short exclamation. The distance between our way of thinking has widened slightly after the reaction of not understanding my words at all.

“If I promote the effect of this coffee and set up a store in a busy downtown area, I have to keep working.”

I have to use my skills to the make coffee, so even if I hire a part-time worker, the coffee making is still my responsibility.

An act that goes directly against the goals of this ‘working less and resting more‘ life. I had no intention of doing such a thing.

If a customer who accidentally discovered this cafe is satisfied with the coffee, that’s already enough for me.

A store that only people who know, know. There’s something like that.

“Waeoong (Isn’t it a store that no one knows right now)….”

“It’s not the time for cats to cut in.”


While touching Mieum’s thick belly for a moment, Ki Yoohyun’s voice was heard.

“Certainly. It would be better to hide that skill.”

A voice without even a slight laughter was enough to stimulate my anxiety.

Umh, I will continue to live quietly from now on. Ki Yoohyun asked me, who made such a resolution anew.

“But it’s the first time I’ve heard of such a class. How did you awaken?”


It was very embarrassing to say that I was consistent in answering that I want to take a break in a psychological test. I glossed over in vague terms.

“It just happened.”

“Just … happened?”

“Ju-just by accident! The class was decided by the system notification.”

“Waeooong (You’re so bad at lying)…..”

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Mieum’s pitiful gaze was felt from the back of my head.

Wait, why am I answering this man like making an excuse? I immediately switched the positions and asked him a question.

“Then what is your class, Yoohyun-ssi? How did you awaken?”



“Are you looking for dark etheric items because you need them to make this coffee?”

I think he just changed the subject.

Well, there we go. I’ll let it slide.

“It’s similar.”

I was frustrated because I couldn’t say that I needed it to save my friend, but I want him to believe me.

“I can’t go into detail, but … I really need it for something.”

“….I understand for now.”

Ki Yoohyun, who had been pondering for a while, sighed and continued talking.

“I don’t know where dark etheric items are. It’s been a long time since the last dark-attribute dungeon occurred. However, there are some people who play tricks in the middle.”

Ah, I know this story.

Recalling what I had heard from Jina, I quickly responded.

“Are they the Neo-Crown people?”

“Yeah, they’ve been involved in smuggling for a while now. They’re stupid bastards who’s up to what they’re doing. They will be dealt with soon.”

The twinkling black eyes gleamed coldly.

But it was only for a moment. He softened his expression.

“Other than that, some people who have a lot of knowledge about items seem to know. I think she knows about it.”


Ki Yoohyun mentioned an item maker Hunter.

She used to be a hunter who led a famous item crafting workshop, but now she is in hiding. Since she dealt with various items, he said she must have some information.

I got a feeling. If you look at it as a game, [Let’s gather information about dark ether items 3/3 ☞ Done] seems to have popped up.

Being a hidden item maker, she seems to have a lot of information. If you watch a movie, don’t you think that a master, who has always turned their back on the world, always helps the main character? A reclusive master whom one has only heard of.

I finally found a clue.

“I can introduce you if you want.”

“Please do me a favor.”

I nodded in hope.

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