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Countless aliens in battle armor scrambled to get out of the spaceship.

They were all warriors under the Great Pirate Pegan, who have raided hundreds of planets.

Each and every one of them is an extremely vicious person.

A team of nearly a hundred people formed a formation in front of the spaceship, waiting for Lin Chen to approach.

It didn’t take long before Lin Chen arrived in front of them and confronted them.

“He really came?”

“Hahaha, it is said that Saiyans are a fighting race like a mad dog. They will bite anyone they see. He doesn’t want to challenge us, right?”

Amidst the laughter, an alien turned on the scouter: “Let me see his Power Level… 15,000?”

“15,000? Hahahaha!!!”

When the other aliens heard it, they immediately burst into laughter.

15,000 Power Level should be considered good among Saiyan, but in front of so many of them, it was nothing.

“Don’t waste time, catch him quickly, we also have to look for the Namekians!”

At this time, the voice of their boss Pegan sounded from the communicators of these aliens.

Immediately, an alien took the initiative to fly towards Lin Chen.

“Hey! Saiyan in front of me, come with us obediently so that you would suffer less.”

Lin Chen looked at the scouter on their faces and did not act rashly.

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He was familiar with the storyline and clearly remembers that this scouter is also a communicator, which can transmit everything that happens around them to the other side of the universe at any time.

He is not afraid of these people, but he is afraid that after he has dealt with them, it will attract even more enemies.

“Who are you? Are you from Frieza’s people?” Lin Chen asked.

“Hehehe, are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what we said just now? We belong to the Pegan Pirates! But in the near future, we will become the subordinates of King Cold!” said an alien.

King Cold?

Lin Chen remembered this name.

King Cold, Frieza’s father, was famous in the universe for a long time before Frieza.

But compared to this, Lin Chen paid more attention to the fact that these people in front of him were just wandering soldiers, and had nothing to do with Frieza or any other Force.

Then, I don’t have to worry about anything.

“If that’s the case, then you can all die here!”

A sharp look flashed in Lin Chen’s eyes, and an energy wave pierced through the sky, instantly evaporating an alien warrior.

After killing one person, the energy of the energy wave did not decrease, instead it slammed into the spaceship behind everyone, instantly causing it to be on the verge of collapse.

“Bastard! My spaceship!”

On the spaceship, Pegan roared and immediately flew out, shouting to the subordinates who were still in a daze: “You good-for-nothing, what are you looking at in daze? Catch him!”

“Damn it!”

The rest of the alien warriors immediately reacted, they roared and attacked Lin Chen.

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All kinds of energy waves, energy cannons, and artillery fire from the spaceship shot towards Lin Chen.

In an instant, Lin Chen’s position was swallowed up by the numerous chaotic energies, and his whole body disappeared in a flash.

“Brother Links!”

In the distance, Broly, who was using his senses to check the situation of the battlefield, became worried. His hair stood up slightly, and the aura on his body kept climbing.

But a hand rested on him at this moment: “Don’t worry, Broly. Can’t you sense it? There is no problem with Links’ aura, he should be testing his strength.”

“Really, really? …” Hearing his words, the frenzied aura on Broly’s body disappeared instantly.

At that time, in the sky.

After the aliens were finished with all their attacks, they finally stopped.

Looking at the pungent gunpowder smoke in front of them, they revealed a wicked smile on their faces.

“Oh, it seems like I was too violent just now.”

“Yeah, that Saiyan should have been torn to pieces, right?”

“That idiot, who told him to be so daring to provoke us Pegan Pirates? Wasn’t it good to just obediently become our prisoner?”

But at this moment, some aliens suddenly discovered that there seemed to be a figure still in the smoke!

“What, what’s going on?”

“Is that Saiyan still alive?”

After the smoke dissipated, they saw that Lin Chen, who they thought had been killed by them, was really floating in the same place without any injuries.

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“How, how is it possible?”

“He is completely fine?”

The aliens’ eyes widened as if they had seen a monster.

The attack just now, even if their boss Pegan was the one who received it, would definitely not be completely fine.

But the Saiyan in front of them, let alone being killed, didn’t even have a single injury on his body!

What’s going on here, isn’t his Power Level only fifteen thousand?

Lin Chen looked at his body and clenched his fists in satisfaction.

His body which has merged with the bloodline of a Legendary Super Saiyan has indeed become indestructible!

“Are you finished shooting? If you’re finished, it should be my turn now!” Lin Chen sneered and began to completely release his aura.

In an instant, strong winds began to blow all around, and hundreds of feet of ocean waves continued to form and sweep towards the shore.

At this time, the Namekians on the planet sensed a tremendous aura.

Nail, who was not far from Lin Chen, also had cold sweat drip down his forehead.

“That Links is indeed a monster!”

In the sky.

“Drip drip!”

Bang, bang, bang!

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With Lin Chen’s aura fully unleashed, the scouter that the aliens present on the scene were wearing kept exploding.

Because of which the aliens also became extremely terrified.

Before the scouters exploded, many people had seen that Lin Chen’s Power Level had exceeded 25,000!

And on the spaceship behind them, through the scouter on the spaceship, those aliens obtained a more accurate Power Level data!


“Lord Pegan! That guy’s Power Level is 550,000!”


Pegan’s mouth opened wide, and he turned around and asked in a loud voice, “You couldn’t have made a mistake, right?”

“Impossible! Lord Pegan, the scouter on the spaceship is the most accurate in the universe!”

Pegan also quickly realized that the scouter on the ship couldn’t be wrong, because this spaceship, which he bought from the Frieza Force at a high price, is the same model as Frieza’s spaceship!

However, just as they were feeling extremely frightened, Lin Chen’s voice came again from a distance.

“Don’t be surprised yet, guys. Next is the real exciting part.”

While laughing, Lin Chen slowly raised his Power Level again. At the same time, the aura around him was also slowly turning golden coloured.

It is rare to have a target delivered to the door, so Lin Chen naturally wants to test the limits of his current strength.


At this moment, even those aliens who could not perceive aura could sense a smell of danger pervading the air.

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