Chapter 43: Handling the Gold Mine, Chamber of Commerce Enters Town

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Although Alan had the urge to immediately find the forty warriors after he made the decision of forming wolf cavalry, he didn’t do so.

It was already getting late, and he planned to take a good rest since he was going to have a meeting with that big chamber of commerce tomorrow.

Unfortunately, even if he wanted to rest, some people didn’t want him to rest.

A townsman came to the castle to report that a gold mine had been discovered under the mountain to the east. He even brought a piece of ore with him.

“… A gold mine that came late.”

Alan smiled bitterly. He wanted to rest, but it seemed that he couldn’t.

However, although he smiled bitterly, his heart was filled with joy.

After all, it was a gold mine.

Alan immediately organized people to isolate the gold mine, but he did not start mining. Although he now had a large number of people, none of them had mining experience.

Alan had never thought that he would obtain a gold mine as a reward. When he had asked Earl Albert for people, he had mainly asked for farmers.

That was why he couldn’t find a miner to mine gold for him. Even if he did find a miner, he did not have the equipment to refine gold coins.

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It seems that this thing could only be sold to the Earl.

Alan had no choice. He had been so busy recently that he did not even have the energy to organize an alchemy factory.

Instead of wasting so much effort, it would be better for him to tell the Earl that he had a gold mine. After all, the Earl was his cheap father, and he was not too dark.

He could directly sell it to the Earl and quickly get a large sum of money, which would save a lot of effort and energy.

“Go and get Sparrow for me. It looks like my finance officer is going to be busy recently.”

Alan said to the servant on the side.

Soon, Sparrow’s thin face appeared in front of Alan.

“My Lord, what can I do for you?”

Sparrow bowed to Alan and said.

Alan handed the gold ore he was playing with to Sparrow.

“My Lord, this is a broken stone… No, this is gold ore! Oh my God! My Lord, where did this come from?!”

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Sparrow was very excited. He looked at Alan, hoping to hear what he wanted to hear most from his mouth.

“Yes, just as you hoped, a gold mine has been discovered in my territory.”

Alan said indifferently.

“God, Rose Town is truly a rich land.”

“…… I remember the first thing you said when you came to Rose Town was that it was a poor town.”

Alan teased him.

Suddenly, Sparrow showed a smile: “Wasn’t Rose Town without your governance at that time? With your presence, even a barren desert will become the most fertile land.”

“Well, your flattery skills have improved again.”

Alan rolled his eyes at Sparrow and said, “All right, I’ll let you handle the discovery of the gold mine. Tomorrow, you can send someone or you can go to the Earl’s territory yourself and tell the Earl that we have a gold mine. We can sell it to him below the market price.”

Alan’s words caused Sparrow to be stunned, but soon he understood Alan’s thoughts. He understood that the current Rose Town did not have the ability to keep the gold mine.

“Yes, My Lord. Tomorrow, I will personally make a trip to the Earl’s territory after receiving the head of the Chamber of Commerce.”

Sparrow immediately replied.

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“By the way, how about the wine distillation, perfume, and maltose factory?”

Alan asked casually.

“We have prepared a lot of goods, and now we are just waiting for the Chamber of Commerce to come tomorrow.”

Sparrow said.

“Very good. I’ll go with you to meet the head of the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.”

Alan said indifferently.

“Of course.”

Sparrow said with a smile.

The two of them did not talk for long. After all, Sparrow still had to deal with the gold mine and the three factories, so Alan told him to leave very quickly.

Then he told the servant to prepare dinner and hot water.

He was going to take a bath, eat, and sleep.

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As a Lord, all he needed to do was to guide the development direction of the territory and deal with some major events that happened in the territory. The rest of the matters would be left to the servants.

He was mainly responsible for enjoying himself.

The night quickly passed, and Alan was woken up by Fanny’s singing just before dawn.

Alan sighed. The spirit of nature that he had chosen was a treasure, no matter how bad it was.

First, he prepared breakfast for the spirits of nature. At the same time, he had someone prepare a large amount of roast meat, which was Safi’s breakfast.

After solving the breakfast problem of the spirits of nature and the giant dragon, Alan began to eat bread and milk slowly.

Soon Sparrow appeared in the castle.

“My Lord, that Chamber of Commerce has entered Rose Town.”

Sparrow said excitedly.

Alan calmly nodded and continued to slowly finish his breakfast. Then, he changed his clothes and rode towards Rose Town.

Unlike Marco, who was very excited, Alan’s expression was calm. He was now considering whether the other party would be able to meet his expectations.

This time, it was a two-way choice. If Alan was not satisfied, then he would not sell his products to them, nor would he have more in-depth cooperation with them in the future.

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