Chapter 44: Miss Anna 

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“Wow! The scenery here is really good. There is the sea, big mountains, flat roads, neat-looking houses, a lot of farmland and a pasture… Wow, this place doesn’t look like a country town at all!”

A lot of carriages full of goods were driving on the stone road of the town.

These carriages belonged to the chamber of commerce. In addition to the carriages loaded with goods, there was also a luxurious carriage, which was for people to ride.

The only one who could sit inside such a carriage was definitely the head of the Chamber of Commerce.

At this moment, a girl around the age of seventeen or eighteen was looking at the scenery through the window.

“I thought it was just a dilapidated town, but I didn’t expect Earl Albert to give us such a surprise.”

The girl propped her head with her hands and said lazily.

She had lavender hair, a delicate and beautiful face, and her skin was crystal clear. Even though she was casually sitting in the carriage, her long lilac dress perfectly outlined her graceful figure.

This was a very beautiful woman.

Her purplish eyes were slightly curious as she wanted to know what kind of Lord could transform a poor and backward town?

After all, they were introduced by Earl Albert, and they already knew about the situation in Rose Town.

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That was why she was so surprised after entering Rose Town because this was countless times better than she had expected.

“Miss, we have arrived.”

Outside the carriage, a middle-aged knight in knight armor respectfully said.

“Okay, I got it.”

A purple-haired woman slowly stepped out of the carriage.

At this moment, they were in an open space. This was a venue that was specially set up by Rose Town for some chambers of commerce.

After all, most chambers of commerce were here to do business, and they needed a place to display their items for others to see.

Therefore, Rose Town deliberately vacated a small square for the chambers of commerce.

“Some of you should take out some daily necessities and see if we can do some business. Even if we can’t do business, the scenery here is still worth my visit.”

The purple-haired woman smiled and instructed the servants.

“Okay, Miss.”

Soon, some quick-handed guys unloaded some goods from the carriage and waited for the townspeople to come and trade.

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On the other hand, the purple-haired woman slowly strolled along the road and there were six knights in knight armor beside her.

Each knight’s aura was extremely strong, and they were on guard. Their right hand was always holding the hilt of their sword as if they would immediately draw their swords as soon as the wind blew.

When the purple-haired woman slowly walked toward the sea, she found that there seemed to be some strange figures on the surface of the sea.

“Huh? Is that a magical beast?”

A trace of surprise and shock flashed through the purple-haired woman’s eyes because she saw that the magical beasts and humans seemed to be doing some training.

“What’s going on here? What are those humans and magical beasts doing?”

The purple-haired woman asked a middle-aged knight beside her in surprise.

“Miss, I’m afraid they’re getting used to each other. Those soldiers seem to be riding magical beasts!”

The middle-aged knight was also very surprised.

“Unbelievable. How could the soldiers of a small town ride the magical beasts?”

The purple-haired woman couldn’t help but become curious about what was going on in this Rose Town.

This was not the first time she had seen a human ride a magical beast. However, she had never seen such a strange town in a small Principality.

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“This is nothing incredible.”

Suddenly, Alan’s voice sounded in her ears. Alan had already arrived here on horseback.

“Who are you? Step back!”

The purple-haired woman’s guards instantly became vigilant. All of them stared at Alan. As soon as he acted aggressively, they would immediately draw their swords and fight to the death.

“Hey, guys, I don’t think you should be too nervous. We have no ill intentions.”

Sparrow immediately opened his mouth and said, “This is the Lord of Rose Town, and I am the financial officer of this town.”


After hearing Sparrow’s introduction, the purple-haired woman raised her head and looked at Alan. Alan’s handsome face caused her to be slightly stunned.

“What a young Baron! This is getting more and more unbelievable. Are you the one who changed this place?”

The purple-haired woman asked in surprise.

“Of course, only the great Lord has the ability to change this town.”

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Sparrow interjected from the side.

“I just did what I was supposed to do.”

Alan dismounted to approach the purple-haired woman, but he was stopped by the six knights.

“Interesting. Did you tame those magical beasts as well?”

The purple-haired woman asked curiously.

“Of course.”

Alan replied with a light smile: “Let me introduce myself. I’m Alan, the Lord of Rose Town. What about you, beautiful lady?”

“Anna, you can call me Anna.”

Anna spoke calmly.

“Anna… A very elegant name.”

Alan spoke very gentlemanly. He looked at the knights in knight armor around him and said in a flat tone.

“Then Miss Anna, I want to discuss a business with you!”

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