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The army just stopped a few meters away from where Leo and the rest are located.

"Captain, w-what the heck is that?" the lieutenant asked with a trembling voice while looking at the tank he had never seen before and he especially pointed his finger at the red humanoid thing that looks like a robot.

The other soldiers immediately got down from the tanks and started killing the zombies around them and after that, they took positions around them vigilantly in case some of the stray zombies suddenly gets a chance to bite one of them, after all the place they are currently at is at the eye of this zombie storm, fortunately the zombie wave is mostly concentrated towards the front of the Scorpion Tank and there are only a few dozens zombies that would appear around them which they immediately dispatch using their melee weapons.

"Sir!Sir! What are your orders!? That thing is coming towards us!" the Lieutenant repeatedly called out to his Captain who was looking dazed towards the direction of the unknown tank.

"W-what?" the Captain immediately snapped out of his dazed when he heard his lieutenant yelling to get his attention and only then did he also notice that the red looking robot is heading towards them that he hastily barked commands "Get ready in case that robot thing attacks and you're allowed to fire at will if it attacks us!"

Thud~ Thud~ Thud~

The soldiers felt like the dull sound produced by the 'red robot's' every footstep was like in sync with their hearts thumping on their chest which made all of them sweat in nervousness.

"Halt!" the captain shouted as he pointed his rifle at Leo but instead he continued moving forward without any intentions to stop like he didn't even heard the soldier's yell.

Seeing that this menacing humanoid robot didn't seem to heard him, he tried again "Halt! If you take more steps forward, we will be force to open fire!"

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Just as those words came out from the captain's mouth, 'it' immediately halted on 'its' step.

Seeing that it finally stopped made the captain and the rest of soldiers sighed in relief but the captain made a bitter smile as he put down his weapon and silently held his hand that was holding gun, to stop it from shivering.

But their sudden relief immediately suddenly turned into despair when they saw pointing "it's" gun at them but this wouldn't have made them feel despair as they would have instead put up a fight if a conflict breaks out but they saw the tank from around a hundreds meters away suddenly pointing its cannon towards them.

"Put down your guns and put your hands in the air. Failure to comply will result to execution!" they suddenly heard it say in a very robotic voice.

And they complied as they threw their weapons on the ground and raised their hands. Of course if this was the normal times, they wouldn't have easily gave up but because of what happened today was putting too much stress in their minds and it resulted to it making their brave spirits unstable.

As these soldiers feels death looming above their heads…


Five minutes earlier…

Leo slowly walked towards where the groups of soldiers stopped at and then he suddenly remembered something "Hey System, I've been meaning to ask you these but I kept forgetting about it. Do you have the ability to control someone's mind? Like when one of my main quest rewards are about me becoming Amanda's boyfriend? Did you do a mind control on her?" asked the system within his mind with utter seriousness.

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"No, Host should not forget that you're the one who wanted Amanda to become your woman when you were given the survey you answered before all of these happened. Becoming Amanda's boyfriend as one of the rewards is actually just a motivational, so that the host would be more eager to complete the quest. Even if the host didn't successfully made her fall for you, the system would have given you a compensation as another reward" said the system on his mind.

"Wait, wait, wait...are you saying that you didn't do something on her mind? Then what about Michelle being included in it?" Leo was still doubtful, after all he despise mind control.

"It's because the woman named Michelle also fell in love to Host, the moment that you saved those two girls from the verge of being the meals of those zombies. You had already successfully deeply imprinted your figure within their minds, as they started to admire you more and more when you saved them, protected them, gave them and their families a safe haven where they can at least live in safety.Then their feelings of admiration for you slowly turned into endearment. Just think of yourself as their knight in shining armor"

"I see, i see, I thought you forcefully made the girls to love which would have made me angry. After all, I'd rather slowly woo both of them instead of being forcefully imprinted by a thought not naturally theirs" Leo sighed in relief then he jolted in stop as he heard someone yelling.

"Halt! If you take more steps forward, we will be force to open fire!"

"Eh? I actually forgot about them" Leo bitterly laughed because he was distracted earlier then he hurriedly checked if Dylan and the others are okay, thankfully they are and made him sighed in relief.

"Next time, I shouldn't forget that I actually have companions with me that could be bitten anytime after they are just kids unlike the others back at the camp that are already accustomed to killing zombies face to face and can protect themselves even without me around" Leo told himself to take note of this things in case he stumbled upon another survivor group in the future.

Then Leo suddenly thought of a mischievous idea, that is pranking these soldiers in front of him but something inside him keeps telling him not to do it but there is also another one pushing him to do the deed.

But then suddenly, Leo felt like he was seeing things, that a finger size Leo suddenly appeared on his shoulder, it had wings on his back and radiating full of holiness and suddenly opened "its" mouth and said "You should cease that thought, its bad. look at those soldiers, they looked pitiful. Like they had just gone into some kind of a wasteland to look like that and you should also consider where you're at right now. You should also not forget that you're the luckiest man in this world for you to have something of a cheat to help you and your loved ones survive through these tough times. Look at them, they are just one of those people around the world who suddenly got dragged into these mess, they don't even know if their families are still alive" the chibi angel Leo said.

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Then Leo also looked at these soldier and suddenly felt sympathetic towards but when he just decided not to finally do it another chibi Leo appeared on his other shoulder but this one is not like the other one earlier instead it was wearing a black cloak covering his entire body with only his head that has two horns and his hand holding an evil looking trident visible, it opened its mouth and made an argument "Listen to me! Don't listen to that brat and just do it! Enjoying a little bit of fun does not hurt in this times and instead of only thinking of problems and problems and more problems, just do it~~~!" the evil chibi said as he tried to tempt him.

"No! You should help them instead and put them under your wing" argued the chibi angel back.

"Don't listen to these hypocrite and just do it. It's gonna be fun~~~" the evil chibi said full of temptation.

"You're the hypocrite! you're entire family is full of hypocrites!"

"You angel like bastard. I'll kill you!" the evil chibi threatened using his weapon.

"Huh~? You think I'm afraid of you!?" the angel chibi said as he suddenly pulled out a sword made of light.

"I've decided…." Leo suddenly said and it made those two chibi stopped and looked at him expectations, then Leo continued "I'll prank them, haha!"

"I win!" the evil said joyfully as it made a face at the angel chibi.

"No!" the angel chibi yelled in sorrow.

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"This matter between is not over yet!" the angel chibi pointed his sword.

"I'll be waiting, mwahaha!" the evil chibi laughed sinisterly before both of them disappeared in a puff of a smoke.

"Huh?" Leo rubbed his eyes like he felt that what happened actually felt real, actually he was rubbing his helmet.

"Anyway, Alex point the Tank gun towards these newcomers!" Leo commanded through the intercom.

"Roger that" as the tank gun slowly turned to point towards the soldiers at the same time that Leo pointed his gun towards them and then he imitated the voice of the Terminator and said "Put down your guns and put your hands in the air. Failure to comply will result to execution!"

Then Leo slowly put his rifle on his back and also raised his hand and did the unexpected thing " It's fun to stay at the YMCA~! Come on! Dance with me!"

The soldiers looked silly that they subconsciously followed his movements and also dance the YMCA song.

And a few seconds later, they finally stopped and only then that they immediately jolted awake and screamed in their minds "What the heck just happened!?" and they saw the "robot" laughing his ass out.

"Hahahaha~~! Ohhhh~! It was so funny that my stomach hurts from laughing!" Leo was laughing in tears that he was slapping his knees repeatedly.

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