Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 2004: 2004

Chapter 2004: Chapter 2119 bringing some kids over

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She wasn’t putting on a show. She just felt that her rebirth in this lifetime was a great opportunity. and behind this opportunity, perhaps it needed such merit to be offset. Now That Yi Ling was alive and Lu Jin was alive.., she was also alive and had three cute children. So it was always good to accumulate more merit.

By the time the kindergarten started, Mei Ru’s illness had also recovered. After all, she had been ill for a while. Moreover, it was because Gao Yuling had almost met with an accident, which had scared her so much that she fell ill again. She had also lost a lot of weight, this kind of weight was very sick. Yan Huan’s heart ached when he saw it, and he felt uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Mei Ru smiled weakly and held her daughter’s little hand. “My Xiaomei is still so young. How can I let her not have a mother? I’ll Live Well, so that she won’t be bullied by others.”

Yan Huan no longer had a mother. He knew how pitiful it was to have a child without a mother. When she heard Mei Ru say this, she also felt relieved. A mother was strong. Don’t underestimate a woman’s maternal love.


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For her sake, her mother was willing to become a rich young lady’s nanny for others. She used her piano hands and her drawing hands to learn how to do housework. She could also comb her daughter’s hair, she could dress her daughter up beautifully from a young age. She could look at her daughter and see that she had the same appearance as herself. Then, she would grow up little by little. She would call her mother and start to talk to her mother, she would tell her mother on purpose, and she would also learn to love her mother.

This was much happier than being a rich young lady. Even if their lives were very hard, even if she had already passed away long ago, she still had a daughter in this world, and she also had her own daughter at home.

Of course, it was also like Yan Huan herself. When she became a mother herself, she knew that no matter what, for the sake of her three children, she had to live on. Even if she could only see her children from afar, she would not abandon her children.

Mei Ru took Xiaomei away. Xiaomei held her mother’s hand, clearly much livelier than before. She told her mother about the matters in the Lu family, what meals she would have every day, how her grandmother was, how her grandfather was.., there was also the old grandfather. The old grandfather was the best to her. He even secretly gave her and Xun Xun good food. If Old Master Lu knew that he was also on Xiaomei’s good people list, he would be so proud.

As for Gao Yulin’s health, it was not a big deal. He had already returned home to recuperate. Of course, this time, he would definitely be praised. There was also Lei Qingyi. He had saved a lot of people’s lives, he could also remember a great merit.

Of course, Lei Puqing was very proud now. Who asked him to save the Mayor’s life? No, he also had to add the mayor’s secretary’s life. Of course, there were also many people’s lives. Now, no one dared to say that he was only tall, he did not have a brain. His brain was clearly quite smart, right?

Haijiang had also calmed down. Compared to the madman from not too long ago, it was now like a shy little girl. It was still quiet as the Secretary of State moved forward. The river water had also gradually become clear, however, many street lamps and guardrails had been destroyed by the roadside.

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If they wanted to fix these things, it might take a long time. These things could be fixed. As long as there was time, only people would still be alive.

Therefore, although it was dangerous this time, there were no casualties. This was their greatest victory.

The lives of the people of Haijiang city seemed to have returned to normal. They went to school, to work, and of course, they also went to kindergarten.

“Yanhuan, I’m going abroad. Do you want to go with me?”

Zhu Meina comfortably took up more than half of the sofa, and her entire body was lying on it. She was half-dressed in one of her high heels, and now she was shaking it bit by bit. She was holding her phone, while talking to Yanhuan, she was playing with her fingers.

“I’ve been suffocated by this rain recently. It’s been raining for about a month. It’s not like you don’t know that if I don’t go out and don’t buy anything for a day, my whole body will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, it’s been almost a month. I’m going to be moldy, and now I feel uncomfortable everywhere. How about it? Do you want to go?”

She shook her shoes again, “Let’s go abroad to sell things, Okay?”? “You don’t know the best way for a woman to relieve her stress. It’s not anything else, it’s just buying and buying. The experts have said that buying and buying will increase a woman’s IQ. Look at me. She pointed at her face. Haven’t I become smarter?”

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“I’m not going.”Yan Huan was busy in the kitchen. She put her phone aside and turned on the speakerphone. She was cutting vegetables. Today was Lu Yi’s first day at work and everyone was shocked. She was going to cook more dishes, the dishes were sent to the procuratorate. There were more than twenty people in the procuratorate, so it was enough to sit at two tables. She treated everyone to a meal to calm everyone down.

The dishes were almost ready. She, Auntie Gu, and a sister-in-law from the farm came over to help. It was very quick.

As for Zhu Meina asking her to go out and buy things, to be honest, Yan Huan wasn’t interested at all. She wasn’t a woman like Zhu Meina who had nothing to do and no one to worry about. She was now supporting her family, but she couldn’t be compared to Zhu Meina.

Zhu Meina pursed her lips, “Sigh, a middle-aged woman like you can’t be compared to a beautiful young girl like me. Fine, if you don’t want to go, I’ll go myself. But you don’t have to worry, I’ll bring you a gift. Of course, I’ll bring you back the three children.”Zhu Meina lifted her foot, she kicked her shoes and her high heels fell to the ground. When she sat upright, she found an old man who was as dry as tree bark and as old as a ghost, when did this old man come? Why? He still had to eavesdrop. How long had he been eavesdropping.

And who was this ghost?

Besides Su Qingdong, who else was in the Su Family?

But if she wanted to eavesdrop, then so be it. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t plunder other people’s wealth or harm other people’s lives. In any case, it was impossible for them to live better than her. In the future, they would die earlier than her. In the future, the Su family would still be hers.

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She was still young. It was already unfair enough for her to marry an old man. Couldn’t she rely on buying some things to fill the gap in her heart?

“Can you bring the child over?”

Su Qingdong hesitated for a long time before he said to Zhu Meina.

“Bring the child over?”When Zhu Meina heard these words, she felt as if she had heard a joke. Child? What Child? You said he was my son. If you want to see him, why don’t you go see him yourself? You want me to bring him over, how can I bring him over? Do you want me to crash into him, or do you want me to crash into him, or do you want me to drink poison?”

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