Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 2005: 2005

Chapter 2005: Chapter 2120 invited everyone to dinner

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“You know exactly what I’m talking about?”

Su Qingdong’s face darkened. He didn’t like to argue with Zhu Meina here. Why was he pretending to be stupid?

“How would I know what you’re talking about?”

Zhu Meina was pretending to be stupid. Actually, everyone knew, and everyone understood. Of course, no one was stupid. Even if they knew, even if they understood, she wouldn’t agree. He was dreaming.

Yan Huan had nothing to do with the Su family. How could he bring the child here? if she dared to bring the child here, no matter who she brought it for, Old Master Lu would definitely get someone to throw her out next time.


In the future, she would not be able to see her godson Xiao Guang again.

Don’t look for her for this matter, and don’t harm her. Zhu Meina would not do it. She was not really big-breasted and brainless. She would not do such a stupid thing like digging her own grave.

She put on her high heels and walked upstairs. Don’t think that just because they were husband and wife, they could sleep in the same room and bed. No matter what they did, she still disliked Su Qingdong for being old. She was also afraid that she would disgust herself to death.

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She walked into her own room and found a suitcase. She stuffed all her clothes into the suitcase. Then, she took out her passport and ID card from the same drawer and threw them inside.

She kicked off her high heels and prepared to go to bed. She would go out early the next morning. She had already booked her flight ticket. It was a pity that Yan Huan couldn’t go. She wouldn’t be able to find a friend who shared the same taste, no matter what, she had to go to this country.

She covered her head. It was still noon outside. Why did she feel that she was tired of living? She felt that she was really tired of living such a drunken life.

However, if she had to choose, she would still choose this kind of day.

She was not Yan Huan, nor could she be such a good wife and mother. People like her had big breasts and big brains. This was the path she had chosen back then. Even if she had to kneel, she would definitely finish it.

She then covered her head with the blanket. She really hoped that she could sleep until the next day.

The sunlight outside was still a little weak, but it was able to penetrate through the glass and refract a lot of warmth for her. Compared to the heavy rain a few days ago, the weather was really much better now.

Perhaps it was also because of the rain that the sky was extremely clean. Of course, the air was also quite fresh, and the air was also somewhat moist.

Yan Huan touched her face. Her face was very wet. This was also because the air was still filled with the rain from a few days ago. So, when she touched her face.., it felt like there were water droplets on her face. It was actually very comfortable.

The car was driven by the new bodyguard that Lu Yi had found for her. It came from the same place as Baizhi. The name was also simple. It was called Ah Shi.

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Ah Shi was very young. She was only twenty years old now, but her skills were very good. Yan Huan touched her face, and she hurriedly took out her small mirror from her bag, she looked at her own mirror for a long time. Sigh, she was actually quite young, wasn’t she?

Compared to the twenty-year-old Ah Shi, she was about the same age. At the very least, Ah Shi wouldn’t call her aunt.

Ah Shi turned around and glanced at Yan Huan. “Miss Yan, what are you comparing?”

Yan Huan put away her mirror.

“Nothing. I just feel that my face is a little itchy.”

“Oh…”Ah Shi didn’t ask much. She was even more silent than Bai Zhi. Usually, other than necessary words, she didn’t want to say anything else.

Yan Huan really wanted to ask, as bodyguards, could it be that they were all so quiet? Or was it that Lu Yi liked to pick people with the same temperament as himself?

And today, they were driving Lu Yi’s car. Because there were a lot of vegetables on the car, and the vegetables were all hot, it was just right to bring them there. There were also a bunch of dishes in the kitchen.

They had agreed to treat everyone to a meal. Of course, she couldn’t really cook two big pots of noodles and buy dozens of big steamed buns. Then, she would say, “You guys eat as much as you want. The steamed buns will fill you up. This isn’t treating…” This was feeding the pigs.

She had never thought of throwing Lu Yi’s face in the prosecutor’s office, so this time, she had prepared very well. Even the matching cutlery was very particular.

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If everyone liked her dishes, then she decided that as long as she had the time, she would treat them to a meal. It was also to thank them for taking care of her Lu Yi for so long.

Actually, if her words of taking care of him were to be known by others, it would really make the people in the procuratorate ashamed and ashamed. What did she mean by taking care of Lu Yi? It was clearly Lu Yi who was taking care of them, okay?

The procuratorate did most of the work on their own. In their hands, there was not much. Otherwise, they might have to work overtime to death, they could not reach the working ability of Lu Yi.

This person could not be compared to others.

They could not be compared to Lu Yi’s ability. The wives they found were not less capable than the wives they found.

Of course, the so-called abilities needed to be paid for. At the very least, none of them could jump into the sea river to save their wives. When they chose life and death, they would give their lives to their wives, and death was given to them.

Of course, no woman could take so many knives for her husband and die for him.

There was a kind of husband and wife that was just like this.

The car had already driven into the prosecutor’s office. As it was Lu Yi’s car, the license plate on it was also Lu Yi’s, so there was no need for the car to stop to check inside the prosecutor’s office. Yan Huan rolled down the car door, he smiled at the two guards at the door.

“I made some dishes. Can you eat together?”She knew their working hours. They had to stand here all the time. Unless another group of people came over to replace them, they could only eat together, therefore, it was not easy to do any job, especially for guards like them. They had undergone specialized training. Those who could stand here were not ordinary people. This was because an ordinary person definitely could not do it. They could stand here for a few hours without eating or going to the toilet. They could not even move.

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The guard shook his head and did not speak. However, this action told Yan Huan the answer.

Yan Huan gave them an OK sign. “After you guys finish your shift, I will leave you guys behind.”

The guard still did not say a word. However, the light in his eyes flashed. The dishes that Yan Huan cooked could really be compared to a chef. They had also been lucky enough to eat it a few times, it really tasted like entering a big hotel.

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