Plant Mage 56

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I Think I’ll Start a Mail Order Life (7)

「The information guild(ours) is also flooded with customers who want to take a bite out of the information nyaa….I already made a lot by selling Mia’s tasting party date and time! Those other information guilds are already going bananas nyaa….! My emotion is immeasurable!」

When the red berries were delivered, I gave some spring berry wine and spring berry juice for test tasting to Mia. And also, some really tidbits of information about the flowerkins and berry wine.

The two of them seem to be using it well to build a fortune in Gartland. Incidentally, I have nailed them to not leak any information about my territory or even me and it looks like they’re going to keep their promise.

In the guild autonomous region, not only the two of them but even our crops and products are gaining reputations.

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In the meantime, the field that I and the flowerkins are cultivating together is beginning to produce a stable supply of various crops.

(When I was in the empire, there was not much land that I could use and all I had were planters….Now, I have more land I can plant on!)

While the catkin duo’s business was thriving, I’m also enjoying my days to the fullest.

During the war with monsters, some of the beans and vegetables that I had been secretly breeding as a hobby grew without problems.

The dry land is just barely moistened by groundwater pumped up from the ground so the crops that need plenty of water to cultivate are still on hold.

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We can’t plant cucumbers, watermelons, and similar crops for now.

「Yeah, we won’t know the cause of the water shortage until we do a year-round survey.」

「Unyaa, Riito-shi?」

「No, I’m just talking to myself.」

I have to straighten up my home.

The reason the catkin duo came this time is not only to wholesale berries and alcoholic beverages.

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「How is it? Do you still want anyone else to find out about this land or earn money from selling our information?」

The two cats shook their heads in unison.

「「No nyaa!」」

「Oh, it looks like things are working for both of you.」

「If we sell inform about Riito-shi, we can make a lot of money but next month, we will be as quiet as old birds… way we can say goodbye to what we have now nyaa!」

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「Funyaa…..I agree. Never in my wildest dream would I know that gourmet information would sell out like pancakes nyaa!」

「…..well, that’s because food is everywhere.」

The first step is clear.

For the time being, I want to eat delicious food.

A leisurely life of retirement would be ruined if the food is bad.

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