Plant Mage 57

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I Think I’ll Start a Mail Order Life (8)

Of course, the crops grown with my plant magic taste great. The vegetables and fruits are crispy and delicious.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to processed products. I don’t even know much about cooking.

Although the brewing technology of the flowerkin is excellent, they can only cook in a primitive way such as boiling and steaming. Still, it is somewhat tastier than the salty potatoes of the empire or the guild autonomous region.

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(Umu…..even the guild autonomous region, which can already be considered as developed, is only “a little better compared to the military ration during the war against monsters”…..perhaps there’s no culture of eating delicious food here.)

It’s a bit complicated so Frau, who was listening by my side, has black and white eyes.

Good thing Navi was there to explain it in a very easy way.

Frau, who finally understood what I was trying to say, clapped while saying “Whoah! Great!”. I don’t know what’s great about it but I guess Frau and the others are happy that I’m allowing them to expand the field even more.

Come to think of it, I think the number of flowerkins has been increasing.

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At first, there were only around 30 or so of them in the colony but the number of people working on the farm now is more than 50.

Did they multiply or something?

No, perhaps they are migrants?

……I’ll ask Frau later. No, I don’t have problem with them increasing.

As I was pondering, the hem of my clothes was pulled a little.

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It was the two cat girls who were staring up at me.

「Hnn? What is it?」

「I have a request for Riito-shi, the lord of this place nyaa!」


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Well, it’s true that I’m the owner of this land but, am I the lord too?

That’s kind of a ticklish title but better than “village chief”. I’d had enough of titles with “Chief”. The Chief Knight of the Knight Order, the court mage chief….vice chief, part-time chief, etc. I have experienced a lot of things but I’m most grateful to be free and leisurely so I don’t need a title.

So, what’s the request?

「Tell me the name of this village nyaa!」

「… Of this place?」

「Funyaa….I’m already in trouble…..the mysterious frontier land, drooping berry place….I’m calling this place like that when I’m selling information but this must have an official name nyaa~」

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