And the next day, he really came flying in.

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"Uncle ......, is your work okay?"

I asked my uncle, worried, and he burst into a hearty laugh.

"I'll be fine! I have an excellent aide.'

"Now tell me, why would this be all right?"

Joseph Marcus Wright, the Prime Minister's aide, appears from behind him.

"UAaahhhh! Jo! Jo! Joseph! Why are you here!"

"I told you last night that I had a document I needed you to approve first thing in the morning. And yet, here you are, ......."

Aide Marcus Wright is angry, albeit in a hushed voice and with no expression on his face.

"Oh ...... about that...... uncle ........ We can always talk about this later, but please put your work as your first priority."

Aide Marcus Wright turns to me and does his gentleman's bow.

"I apologize for the delay in greeting you. Katariona-sama. My brother is in your constant care."

I too hurriedly curtsied.

"Nice to meet you. Aide Marcus Wright-sama. It is a pleasure to be of help to you as well, Ryan .......sama is very kind to me."

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Aide Marcus Wright's apathetic face relaxed and he smiled softly.

He looks better when he smiles.

"You can call him by his name if you like."

"Hii--! Joseph smiled?! My god, is this the end of the world?!" 

My uncle was seriously frightened when he saw Aide Marcus Wright smile.

"I can laugh too," he said. "How rude!"

"But aren't you always expressionless?"

"Whose fault do you think is it?, sir"

Aide Marcus Wright's expressionless face is probably due to my uncle.

Maybe he was expressive at first. Predominantly, his feelings of anger .......

And we can assume that as he was being swept along by my free-spirited uncle, he eventually became expressionless.

"Anyway! I'm taking the day off! My niece and I are going to have ourselves a nice day out."

I wish he would put his work first. He is the prime minister of a country, after all.

"Who said I came to bring you back? All you have to do is look over the documents. I will take care of the rest."

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Aide Marcus Wright let out a deep sigh.

Then he quickly handed the documents over to him.

Taking the papers offered to him as if he were trying to snatch them, my uncle read through the documents.

He read the documents quickly.

The speed with which he read the documents was so fast that I began to wonder if he was really reading them through.

"Don't be alarmed. It's a miracle that he is actually reading through the documents. I wish that concentration would last all day. ......"

Marcus Wright, his aide, answered the question I had been wondering.

Was I really looking that apprehensive?

Or does Aide Marcus Wright have the power to read minds?

"No. I don't. You're thinking aloud.''

"What? Was I speaking out loud? I did it again. So sorry."

It's a bad habit of mine. Whatever I think tends to find its way out loud.

Looking to the side of me I heard Aide Marcus Wright chuckling.

"Sorry. It's just like what my brother told me, I suppose. Katariona-sama sometimes says what she thinks out loud, so it's easy to tell. ......"

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"Does Ryan talk about me that much, Aide Marcus-sama?"

"Yes, he does. He often talks about his classmates. I'm glad he's enjoying himself."

Ryan loves his brother. I can see why he would want to help his brother.

"Joseph. I've looked it over. The contents are good, so please affix the Prime Minister's seal to it."

"Yes, sir."

After receiving the documents from Uncle, Aide Marcus Wright carefully held them under his arm.

"You are smiling a lot today. Looks like it's going to snow tomorrow. I'm telling you, Rio will be my daughter in the future. I will not give her to you as a bride."

As if in skepticism, my uncle looks at Aide Marcus Wright's face.

"What nonsense are you talking about? You know I have a wife, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I hope your wife will not be disappointed with you."

"That's exactly what I meant. I'll say those words right back at you."

With that, the two men turned away from each other with a huff.

Whether they get along well or not, I don't know, but they seem to trust each other.

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After seeing Aide Marcus Wright off at the entrance, I escorted my uncle to the reception room.

As we entered, I asked, "What is Aide Marcus Wright's wife like?"

I knew he was married, but I had never met Mrs. Wright.

"She was a classmate of Joseph's from his days at the Magic Academy. She's too good for him, she's so bright and witty."

"I'd like to meet her."

"I see. I'm sure you'll have a chance when you make your debut in the social world. By the way, Rio will be making her debut soon. Is everything ready?"

I will make my social debut in less than a month.

"Yes. Mother has prepared everything for me."

She has already finished the long train, which she embroidered herself. She showed it to me, and it was a magnificent piece of work.

The special white dress that she asked "Sandorion" to tailor for me should arrive shortly.

"You can't go wrong if you leave it to Ellie."

Mother is a socialite.

She will surely give me a lecture on this and that on the day of my debut at the royal ball.


TL: Lol. The prime minister and aide dynamic here was fun to read and TL. Anyway, I’m excited about Rio’s upcoming social debut~ And, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and happy reading~!

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