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I told my uncle about how Baron Campbell had hired a mercenary rogue to assassinate His Majesty the King in the timeline prior to my time return, and how he obtained the Blue Snow Rose.

Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm Baron Campbell's confession with my own eyes, so I was not sure where the Bluesnow Roses were produced.

If we could get a hold of the origin of the Bluesnow Roses, we would be able to identify Baron Campbell's business partners.

My uncle listened to my story with a somber expression on his face from beginning to end.

"I can't be certain, though, because things can be different in our current timeline than they were before I went back in time. ......"

"No. On the contrary, I was able to get a hold of Baron Campbell's business partners over here. All we have to do now is to find out whether or not the items they are trading with contain Blue Snow Rose."

As I suspected, the secret dealings were taking place at Rosette Garden.

"Who are Baron Campbell's business partners?"

A major trading company of the Eschen Empire. We sent a secret agent to spy on them.

Marie, who was standing by, reacted to the word secret agent with a sparkle in her eyes.

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The mission of a secret agent is similar to that of a "ninja," which Marie admires so much.

Marie turned to me her eyes saying, "I want to be a secret agent too," to which I shook my head silently.

"In any case, I intend to declare the Blue Snow Rose as a ''prohibited item." If they are brought into our country, we will stop them. However, it will be limited only to the regular route."

In the regular route, whether they are brought in as seeds or seedlings is unknown, but they will be appraised by the Magic Academy. So we will be able to stop them at the entrance.

The problem is that if the seedlings are brought in through back channels, then we have no choice but to seize the transaction site. But I'm sure my uncle is working on that as well.

"Uncle. Thank you very much."

"What's this about? Why so suddenly?"

"I was going to thank my uncle when I came back from the timeline of my past. Both now and before my return, Uncle has been working hard for me. ......"

"Isn't it obvious? Rio is my lovely niece, and in the future, she will be my daughter."

The Duke of Paulford has adopted Leon, so I will eventually become his daughter-in-law.

The family and Leon are not present today, so I am talking with my uncle privately, but to a bystander, this would sound like a conversation between a father and his daughter.

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For a while, I was chatting with my uncle, and just when I remembered that I had not told him about the events in the belt of reincarnation, I began to open my mouth - and then...

Out of the blue, the door to the reception room swung open, and Chris jumped in and hugged me.

"Rio! You regained consciousness!"

In fact, yesterday, when I regained consciousness, I wrote a letter to Chris.

The letter roughly mentioned that I went to my previous timeline, that I had an accident on the way back and became unconscious, and that I would be taking a break from the Magic Academy to rest until my social debut.

"What!? What do you mean, she regained consciousness?"

My uncle, who was hearing this for the first time just now, shouted in a frenzied voice.

"Prime Minister, don't shout! Rio is sick. And you, as her uncle, how could you not know about this?"

Chris quickly starts to talk down to my uncle.

"I was just about to explain it to him. Chris!"

My uncle, who is the Prime Minister, is a busy man.

And my parents were probably feeling cautious and didn't contact him.

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But Chris was worried about my absence from the Magic Academy, so she came to visit me every day.

"Fluffy-kun and the others just said, "You had an accident, but don't worry about it," but Rio, who was asleep in bed, never woke up even when I talked to her, so I was worried about her."

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Chris. I will tell you the details now, but it will be a long story. Do you have time?"

"I thought so. That is why I have made arrangements to stay with you today. I've also decided to take tomorrow off from the academy, so I'll be fine."

Like Uncle, Chris is also quite free-spirited.

"I'm very happy to hear that. I have a lot of things I want to talk to Chris about. Let's have a girls' night out tonight."

A cough interrupted. It was Uncle.

"It's fine that you two are getting along so well, but maybe it's time you told me about your accident. Rio."

'Yes, I meant to. I will tell you now."

I told Chris the story of my visit to the previous timeline prior to my time return, and tonight I'll elaborate on it, and then I began recounting what happened in the belt of reincarnation on the return trip home.

When I finished telling my story, my uncle's reaction was the same as my parents.

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Chris, however--.

"How wonderful! Rio and Fluffy-kun were destined to be together long ago!"

She is a maiden, after all. Her reaction was completely different.

"...... Your Highness, Princess. Aren't you surprised that Rio was the god of creation?"

My uncle muttered in a whisper.

"I'm surprised, but what's the problem? Rio is still Rio."

Chris's words were so matter-of-fact that my uncle, who had been gaping for a while, laughed.

"...... I suppose so. God or not, Rio is my lovely niece. That being the case, are you all right now? Rio."

"Yes. As you can see, I'm fine."

When I proudly puffed out my chest, my uncle's face broke into a gentle smile.


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