That evening, for the first time in a long time, Chris and I had a girls' night out in my room.

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I told Chris in detail about the events that happened in my timeline before I went back in time.

"Chris was really cool at that time. She was so majestic, like the Queen out of a story. I was dying to have a chance to talk to her at that moment."

"Oh, of course. I wish I could have been there. If I had been there, I would have saved Rio before the execution and punished my brother and that woman."

Chris said something dangerous. She is like Ron in her way of thinking.

"You guys. You'll gain weight if you eat too many sweets before bed."

Leon also joined the girls' night out. Father reluctantly allowed him to stay with us tonight as long as he remained in his cat form. Nevertheless, Marie and Daaku-sama were watching us from the shadows.

"The word "weight" is forbidden to ladies. You have always been rather insensitive about such things, haven't you, Fluffy-kun?"

Chris grumbled with a macaron in her mouth.

"I'm just giving you advice."

"Leon, you ate a whole cake, too."

"It's fine for me, because I'm a man."

Leon was about to put his hand on another piece of pastry when he heard a slight grunt.

"Oh, my. Even men can get fat if they eat sweets. Don't get upset if Rio hates you because of your flabby belly. After all, you are about to be united in a relationship that will transcend time."

Leon stood silently on his two feet and rubbed his stomach.

He seemed to be concerned about it.

His gesture was so cute and soothing.

"Hey, Rio. Let's go on a date tomorrow. We can look at dresses at Sandorion, have tea at a café, and eat at a food stall. Of course, secretly."

"I'd love to. But will it be okay if I'm absent from the academy?"

"Since we have classes here during the day, there's little danger of running into each other."

Chris chuckled and I laughed.

"'You're skipping school, aren't you?"

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"What? You're going too, aren't you, Fluffy-kun?"

"Of course!"

"Then, Fluffy-kun, I guess you'll be skipping too."

"Mu--! Right."

It was getting late at night, so we decided to rest up for tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

The next day, we went out in the morning to visit the market and eat at the food stalls.

"I don't really care, but are you sure you can eat that much? We are about to have lunch."

Chris looked at Leon with a puzzled look on her face.

Leon held five skewers of roasted meat in each hand. The meat was in his mouth and was about to disappear into Leon's stomach.

"Don't worry about it, Chris. Leon is a big eater, so he can handle that much."

And he will finish his lunch nicely.

"I know you're a glutton, Fluffy-kun, but that doesn't mean I should stop nagging you."

"I understand."

When Leon eats all the time, I get worried.

After finishing lunch, we headed to the Sandorion.

I had given Laura a heads-up.

However, a carriage with the royal crest engraved on it was parked in front of the Sandorion, and we saw His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Charlotte coming out on their way to the store.

We quickly hid in the shadows to see what was going on.

"Rick. Thank you for all these gifts."

"No problem. They all looked so good on Lottie that I couldn't choose just one."

Behind them, there was the crown prince's escort knight with a lot of luggage.

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Come to think of it, there were so many things that I had forgotten, but seeing him reminded me.

"Big brother. You should still have classes, but you're skipping them with that woman again."

Chris chewed on her nails.

"...... Chris."

For Chris, the sight of her brother going crazy in her vicinity must have set her teeth on edge.

After the two of them got into the carriage and we confirmed that the carriage was leaving across the street, we walked quickly into Sandorion.

"Rio. Chris. I'm so glad you came."

Laura welcomed us, but seeing Chris's expression was clouded, she led us to her room shortly after greeting us.

"Laura. The two who just left were my brother and Charlotte, weren't they? How much merchandise did they purchase?"

Chris cut to the chase as soon as they sat down on the sofa.

Laura let out a sigh and held out a sheet of paper to Chris.

Chris scanned the paper and started shaking.

"How much are you spending on that woman again!? Just how much are you going to give that woman!" 

The contents of the paper revealed that it was a bill addressed to the royal court.

It was an invoice for a gift from the crown prince to Charlotte.

And the amount was by no means trivial.

"Chris. Calm down."

I gently put my hand on Chris's shoulder.

"The budget allocated to our royal family is the people's blood money. He used to be so thrifty. The budget allocated to my brother is about to go over."

Chris's voice sounded strained as if she was choking out words.

I pulled Chris into a hug.

"We're the sellers, we can't turn down a buyer. I'm sorry."

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Laura looked pained as well.

"It's okay. It's not your fault."

Chris has a strong sense of responsibility. She must have been distraught when she saw His Royal Highness the Crown Prince wasting money.

It is dangerous to leave Charlotte unchecked any longer.

Above all, I cannot bear to see my loved ones suffer.

I've made up my mind.

"Let's speed up the process of nullifying Charlotte's magic power."

"But, Rio. We have no evidence to condemn her. It's dangerous to take a hard-line approach."

Certainly, it is not possible to hunt down Charlotte just by her acts of seducing the Crown Prince and straining the national budget."

If she insists that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince gave her a gift on his own initiative, there is nothing we can do.

"No. I found a breakthrough."

I remembered something when I saw the Crown Prince's escort knight earlier.

"The one who served as my executioner in the previous time line was the knight escorting His Royal Highness the Crown Prince."

"Eh-! Will?"

"He took his cape off and put it on me after the execution was over. That's when I saw his face."

But there was something questionable.

"But let's say he did go back in time if he and Rio had fallen into the breach in the belt of reincarnation. Why didn't he tell brother that Rio was the possessor of Light Magic?"

"That's what I don't understand. He must have known I possessed Light Magic, but he didn't seem to know who I was when we first met."

As Chris and I groaned, Laura said something unexpected.

"This is just a guess, but isn't it possible that he was struck by the lightning and the shock caused him to lose part of his memory?"

Chris and I looked at each other.

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A strategy meeting was to be held in the near future with all the parties involved.

"Will. Will you take our side?"

Chris muttered to herself on the way home from Sandorion.

"We cannot be sure of that, but when he put the hood over my head, he looked as if he was truly mourning me. He's not a bad guy, that's for sure."

He was the only one who mourned my death while people were yelling at me.

"Rio. I'm glad you're thinking of me, but don't be too hard on yourself."

"Chris. This is for my sake too. I want to get my days back to normal as soon as possible."

"...... yes."

After seeing Chris off, Leon and I were walking to the townhouse when a voice called out to us from behind.

"Rio. Leon-sama. Are you on your way home?"

It was my brother. He knew that I was going out with Chris today.

"Big brother. Welcome home."

On the way back to the townhouse, the three of us walked side by side, and I told my brother about the incident at Sandorion. Of course, I had to put up a barrier so that no one around us could hear.

"I was wondering if that was the reason the Crown Prince left early. As expected, it was indeed nothing good."

Big brother's smile was black.

"So you see. I remembered that Sir Will, the Crown Prince's guard knight, was the executioner."

I told my brother that I am not sure how to contact him.

"Leave that to me."

With that, an opening appeared that would allow us to make a breakthrough in dealing with Sir Will.

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