It was late afternoon.

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The afterglow of the setting sun slants on the long street. The golden tiles on the Zhu wall are more magnificent, but the wooden leaves in the humble room looks bleak. The two are far from each other. They seem very close, but also seem to be separated by the gap between heaven and earth.

However, Ruan Rong, carrying a rattan basket, walked step by step to the first luxurious house in the East. Facing the vermilion lacquer gate studded with copper nails, she felt a little flustered for no reason.

Subconsciously, she looked back and saw Sun Shaozong shrinking behind the courtyard wall on the left. His eyes were full of encouragement and inquiry. It seemed that as long as she retreated, he would resolutely cancel the plan.

Ruan Rong finally summoned up her courage and knocked on the gate a few seconds after looking at him.

"Yes, coming!"

After a while, someone inside answered. Then, the door opened a gap slightly. A man in a green coat and a small hat put his head out. But when he saw Ruan Rong's pretty face, his eyes immediately straightened.


At this moment, Ruan Rong raised her eyebrows and flung the rattan basket to the ground. With one hand on her hips, she pointed to the gatekeeper and scolded, "Do you think you are the best by just being rich. Why do you throw garbage in front of my house?!"

It happens that the original rattan basket was full of peels and core seeds.

The gatekeeper was full of admiration. However, he was stunned for a long time when she bluntly scolded him before he responded. He frowned and said, "What are you talking about? Our family hasn't eaten lychees recently! How can it be..."

"Oh, I must have found the wrong person!"

Before the gatekeeper finished speaking, Ruan Rong hurriedly picked up the rattan basket and ran away.

The gatekeeper was so dumbfounded and watched Ruan Rong disappear into the street. He then closed the door angrily.

A moment later, Ruan Rong returned with the basket of garbage.

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Sun Shaozong had been waiting for her for a long time. He greeted her and spoke highly of her, "Miss Rong, you’re amazing. The gatekeeper may have never dreamed that you were acting in front of him."

"Of course!"

Ruan Rong cocked her nose and said proudly, "My father is often cheated by me, not to mention a small gatekeeper?"

Then she said excitedly, "Let's go to the next one!"

Naturally, Sun Shaozong would not object. He hurriedly led his brothers to the door of the second mansion to ambush. This time, Ruan Rong already had an experience; thus she was much more comfortable than before. She came forward and knocked on the gate.

The gatekeeper who came out this time was a thin middle-aged man.

Seeing that he put his head out and looked around. Ruan Rong immediately followed the script, and threw the rattan basket to the ground, and shouted, "Do you think you are the best by just being rich. Why do you throw garbage in front of my house?"

The middle-aged man was stunned, but then he blurted out a retort, "It's impossible! I've thrown them into the yard. How could it be in front of your house?!”

This is it!

"This is the house!"

Sun Shaozong shouted in his heart, but Ruan Rong shouted out excitedly. She looked back and shouted excitedly, "Brother Sun, the assassin must be inside!"

Hearing this, Sun Shaozong knew it was bad!

The gatekeeper just said that he threw the peel and core seed into the yard.

It can be seen that he is qualified in approaching the hiding place of the assassins. Even if he is not an accomplice, he is at least an insider. How will such a person react when he suddenly hears the word ‘Assassin’?

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"Be careful!"

Without enough time to think, Sun Shaozong rushed out of his hiding place and rushed to Ruan Rong.

But he was still a little late. The thin gatekeeper was full of anger. He shook his hand and pulled out a short knife from his sleeve. Without saying a word, he aimed at Ruan Rong and stabbed her!

When Ruan Rong heard Sun Shaozong's warning, she subconsciously looked back. The bright tip of the knife had already reached the front, and there was no time to dodge. She was scared to death.


At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly came from behind her head. In a trance, she saw a flash of golden light, followed by a dull click sound. The thin gatekeeper head was like a new year's picture, sticking flat to the door. It was as if a pickle shop had been opened on the head, red, white, yellow, green, sticky, and greasy that splash at the door plank!

But it turned out that it was Sun Shaozong who saw that there was no time to rescue her, so he simply shot the saber in his hand as a concealed weapon. With his current hand force, isn’t it only normal that he succeeded in killing the target just a few feet away?

The saber smashed the gatekeeper's head, but there was still much left to do. With a rumbling sound, the heavy gate opened wider, and fell to the ground with a clatter!

The clatter seemed to take away all the strength in Ruan Rong. She staggered and fell back.

"Miss Rong, are you all right?"

Sun Shaozong rushed to the front immediately. How could he let her fall to the ground? He quickly reached out and grabbed her slender waist. He checked carefully to make sure that she was not injured, and sighed in relief.

In the beginning, Ruan Rong hasn’t gotten her mind back from the shock. Later, she became sober and found herself lying in Sun Shaozong's arms. Although she didn't know whether she was being shamed or joyous, she was just looking forward to this moment to last for a longer time.

"Go! Catch the assassin!"

At this time, Feng Xin roared and rushed into the door with a short-hilted broadsword like a fierce tiger.

"Catch the assassin!"

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"Kill your way in!"


Other guards, unwilling to be outdone, held swords in their hands and skim over Sun Shaozong like the wind.

"Hey, wait a minute. Leave two... Leave two..."

Sun Shaozong originally wanted to leave two people to protect Ruan Rong, so that he could free up his hands to deal with the assassins. Unexpectedly, the more he shouted at these guards to kill, the faster they ran. In the blink of an eye, only he and Ruan Rong were left in the doorway.

Ruan Rong saw through his thoughts. Although she was reluctant to part with him, she pushed him on his shoulder and said softly, "Brother Sun, go in and catch the assassin. I can take care of myself."

But how can Sun Shaozong rest assured and leave her alone outside the door?

If an assassin comes out of it, it will kill her!

Gritting his teeth, he helped Ruan Rong up and asked, "Do you dare to go in with me to catch the assassin?"

Ruan Rong was reluctant to part with him for a moment after the hero who had just saved her. She immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Sun Shaozong took Ruan Rong across the threshold. First, he placed his saber into his palm, then followed the sound of killing, bypassed the empty front hall, and came to the second courtyard. Feng Xin and others were fighting with a dozen of assassins.

The number of people on both sides is almost the same. Feng Xin and others were born in the imperial army and are proficient in joint attacks. It is reasonable to say that they should have the upper hand.

However, one of the assassins was good at martial arts. A wide iron sword flew up and down in his hand. He even surrounded Feng Xin and the other four guards. They couldn’t advance nor retreat!

He fought one enemy against five here, and the remaining assassins took the opportunity to join their hand and deal with the imperial guards that they could hardly fight back!

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Seeing this, Sun Shaozong couldn't help but think about it. He came forward and targeted the assassin who was holding a wide iron sword. He was trying to help Feng Xin and others to relieve some pressure. Unexpectedly, the assassin saw that he was still holding a woman in his hand, and felt a little despised. He lifted the wide iron sword back, wanting to remove the strength of his sword.

Wanting to switch an opponent, he can’t seem to find any fault in that assassin in his response. After all, the wide iron sword is also a heavy blade, not any weaker than the thick-backed broadsword.

However, Sun Shaozong's physical power can not be inferred by common sense.

When both swords intersected, there was only a loud 'clang', as if there was a thunderbolt in the clear sky!

The wide iron sword was knocked back by Sun Shaozong's saber. It landed on the assassin's shoulder. Another ‘click’ sound was heard, and half of the shoulder blades were instantly broken into powder.

"Ah ~!"

The assassin was shocked and in pain. He just screamed, closed his eyes, and fell on his back with both hands and legs pointing up!

The power of this saber was beyond the expectation of the assassin. Even Sun Shaozong himself was shocked. But Feng Xin and others were greatly excited. They all said in unison, "Lieutenant is so powerful!"

After their praise, Sun Shaozong came to his senses and said, "What are you shouting over there? Go and help other brothers catch the assassin!"

Feng Xin and others immediately took orders and helped each other.

Fearing that he might hurt Ruan Rong, Sun Shaozong dared not break into the center of the regiment at will. He could only wander around. He found that the assassin had the upper hand. He stabbed him after walking to them coldly. These assassins were not to his standard in the face-to-face battle, don’t mention letting them succeed in a sneak attack. After a while, there were already as many as five or six people defeated under his sword!

Seeing this, I don't know how many assassins had scolded Sun Shaozong for being despicable and cunning.

However, in Ruan Rong's eyes, Sun Shaozong walked freely in the chaos with himself like taking a stroll on the court. With a wave of his hand, an assassin has been killed by the sword. He is really powerful and domineering!

Seeing that she was dazzled and her heart raced like a deer, it seems like she has the urge to give her heart of admiration into Sun Shaozong's palm.

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