With a character like Sun Shaozong existing, it's easy for the guards to win the battle?

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In about half an hour, all the assassins died and lost their resistance.

According to the headcount after the battle, about 26 assassins joined in the battle one after another, which is far more than the number of assassins who escaped from the Ruan mansion. It is thought that more than half of them are responsible for covering and coordinating with others.

Among them, five people were killed on the spot including the gatekeeper, and seventeen people were injured and captured, though more than half of them were defeated by Sun Shaozong. but only four people gave up resistance and surrendered directly. This shows that these people are bloody and fierce. If they did not encounter Sun Shaozong, it is unknown which side would win or lose.

It is said that after the assassins were caught, Sun Shaozong saw that the guards were just cheering there, but no one came forward to take care of the affairs. He had to wipe the bloodstains from his saber. He said in a loud voice, "Feng Xin, you take two people to guard the gate. No matter whether it is an official or an assassin, all are not allowed to go in or out!"

"Yes, My Lord!"

With this half-a-day effort, Sun Shaozong has established supreme authority. How dare Feng Xin neglect him as he did before?

With a hurried and respectful reply, he ordered two familiar brothers and hurried to the gate of the mansion.

Sun Shaozong continued to order, "The injured brothers can assist each other to bandage. The rest of the people find something that is handy, tie up all the rebels, and then divide into two teams to search carefully to see if there were any missing ones!"

"Yes, My Lord!"

The guards acted separately. Soon someone brought a pile of curtains and clothes, cut them into pieces with a knife, and bound the assassins up like dumplings.

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Not only that, but Sun Shaozong also found that many people had bulging pockets filled with all kinds of valuable items. At first, he wanted to scold them. But later, he thought that the soldiers and bandits were not any different from each other these days. If he stopped them, although most of them would obey orders, they would have to complain about themselves afterward. Especially when he was new here and was about to rely on these people, there was no need to quarrel with them for some stolen goods.

So Sun Shaozong turned a blind eye and thought he had seen nothing.

After the assassins were tied up, he saw that the guards spontaneously divided into two teams and began to search. He hurriedly added, "Be careful everyone. If you encounter any thorny matters, don't try to be brave. Try to inform me first!"

In the scuffle just now, under Sun Shaozong's deliberate care, only five or six of the nearly 20 guards suffered some minor flesh injuries. If he has lost some of his guards after locking the victory, wouldn't he have wasted his efforts just now?

When the guards heard the speech, they said "Yes My Lord" together. Then they acted separately.

After the guards left, Sun Shaozong set his eyes on the prisoners and was about to interrogate them, when he suddenly found that there was a warm jade object in his palm. He then remembered that he had been holding Ruan Rong's hand all along and had forgotten to let go.

He hurriedly loosened his paws, scratched his head, and said with a smile, "Isn't Miss Rong scared just now?"

Ruan Rong blushed and shook her head. She didn't dare to look at Sun Shaozong. Her mouth was as soft as glutinous rice and said, "Brother Sun, just call me Rong'er. That's what Dad calls me."

Even if he is not enlightened, he can still hear the implied feelings in this sentence. Besides, how many love histories did Sun Shaozong have in modern times?

It’s just…

In this short half-day, the little girl gave himself a look of affection. Isn’t it too fast?

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However, he did not know that most of the ladies in the family these days did not step out of the gate. The men they met before leaving the cabinet were either old relatives and friends, or servants. It was easier to fall in love with an excellent stranger at first sight.

But, after saying the word ‘Rong'er’, Ruan Rong felt that her face was hot, so she did not wait for Sun Shaozong to agree,

Then she hurriedly said, "I'll help them bandage their wounds, Brother Sun!"

With these words, she hurried up to one of the wounded, took a 'bandage', and hurriedly wrapped it up. As for whether the bandage technique and position were right or wrong, she couldn't care for a moment.

Sun Shaozong was stunned for a few seconds. Finally, he remembered that he had something important to do, so he walked to the broad iron sword assassin with his saber. Seeing that he was still in a coma, he raised his foot and gently stepped on his right shoulder.

"Ah ~!!!"

The assassin raised his head and gave a shrill howl, which echoed around him.

Sun Shaozong wanted to wait for him to finish shouting before the cross-examination. Unexpectedly, the man shouted a few times and fainted with his eyes rolled over.

Sun Shaozong was speechless, but he also knew that he was not pretending. The shoulder blades of this man were smashed. The bones stabbed into the muscles, blood vessels, and veins like countless steel needles poking through him. Coupled with serious subcutaneous bleeding, half of the shoulders were swollen like red Unicorn arms. It was painful enough to live!

After hesitating for a while, Sun Shaozong simply turned to a prisoner who had surrendered with his hands tied. He put his saber in front of the prisoner and asked casually, "Who is the leader among you?"

The prisoner looked dazed and he foolishly stared at Sun Shaozong for a while without saying a word.

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"Our leader is Brother Basong!"

However, someone nearby shouted in a strange voice, "It's the man you stepped on just now!"


It means that the guy just now doesn’t know how to speak Chinese.

It seems that the task of promoting the 'Chinese language' in Country Zhen is very arduous.

Sun Shaozong turned to the assassin who could speak Mandarin and asked, "Who ordered you to assassinate the Lord Ma?"

"Brother Basong brought us here!"

The prisoner had just made a hasty reply. Of course, he was not a tough guy. In addition, he was scared by Sun Shaozong's force. He not only knew nothing, he even learned to answer, "Brother Basong said that as long as he killed the dog… a bigger official of the Great Zhou Dynasty, we in the State of Zhen will be able to relax and dominate Southern Xinjiang again! So more than a dozen of our brothers came from the state of Zhen in batches. As for the people in this house, I heard that Brother Basong had been preparing it two years ago so they can speak Chinese as fluently as the people of Qian Xiang."

His words immediately attracted the denouncement and scolding of his comrades. However, these noises were soon suppressed by the guards with a beating. These days, there is no preferential treatment for prisoners. Beating and scolding are all light. It is common to kill them on the spot if they get on the nerve of the abductor.

Sun Shaozong inquired carefully again and learned that this' Brother Basong’ was a famous ranger in the capital of the state of Zhen. He was known for his generosity, so his men recruited many ‘heroes'.

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Basong has two hobbies in his life and one is being lecherous. He usually helps some women and married young women to solve their physiological needs, and it is also common to 'take care of those chaste martyrs to hang themself. Second, he admired Zhuanzhu, Jing Ke, and other famous assassins all his life. They were always thinking about what to do for the state of Zhen on their own. Therefore, they did not hesitate to spend all their family wealth, endure all hardship, and carried out this assassination.

Hearing this, Sun Shaozong didn't know how to evaluate this guy. He said that he was full of evil, but he also had a passion for dying for his country. He said that he was a righteous man, but this guy was a complete scum!

Fortunately, he is a military officer, not a historian, and he doesn't have to worry too much about this problem.

After repeatedly asking him several times, Sun Shaozong confirmed that the prisoner who was afraid of death had not deceived him. He turned back to Basong and put his foot on his shoulder.

"Ah ~!!!"

There was another shrill scream, but this time Basong didn't faint. He just stared at Sun Shaozong with a ferocious face. Because of the severe pain, his bloodshot eyeballs protrude outward, as if he was about to jump out of his eyes at any time.

"Basong, right?"

Although Basong's face was somewhat frightening, he was still wishfully thinking to frighten Sun Shaozong. He smiled innocently and said, "Your men have just told me most of the things that happened, it's your turn now. Who instructed you to assassinate?"

Hearing Sun Shaozong's calling his name, the muscles on Basong's face twitched strangely. Just when Sun Shaozong thought he would scold, he saw a sudden bulge in Basong's left cheek, followed by a deep depression.


Sun Shaozong secretly scolded himself. He quickly reached out and pinched Basong's jaw. Unexpectedly, he was still a little late. He heard Basong's groans, and some white foam came out of his mouth. When he saw it, he had already lost his vitality.

This guy had poison prepared in his mouth and was ready to commit suicide at any time!

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