“Michael Hutton, I’ve already told you that if the Huttons and Jace want to retaliate against me and suppress me, you can just come straight at me instead of harming my relatives!

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“Furthermore, I’ve already given you a chance to persuade Jace to stop, but what did he do? My father-in-law was beaten up and hung on the windowsill at his very last breath. He almost died. Yet your dear son still forced us to play Russian Roulette until one of us got shot!

“My sister-in-law was kidnapped by her own mother, who cut her face with a fruit knife. And my wife was almost assassinated by Jace’s subordinate. She’s still in shock and immense fear. All of this is thanks to Jace!

“Why do you want me to let him off after he’s committed such unforgivable sins? Since you don’t have the ability to take him in hand, let me punish him for his crimes!”

Lucas spoke through gritted teeth with a shockingly murderous look on his face.

No matter what Michael said, there was no way he would let Jace off!

When Jace saw the determined killing intent on Lucas’s face, his heart sank to rock bottom, and panic was written all over his face.

Jace didn’t expect that even though he had already given up his pride and dignity and knelt on the floor to beg for mercy, and Michael had begged him, Lucas still wanted to kill him!

“No… Lu-Lucas, I’m your brother. You can’t kill me!” Jace stammered, his teeth chattering incessantly.

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On the other end of the call, Michael also realized that something was wrong, so he hurriedly yelled, “Lucas, don’t be impulsive! Don’t kill Jace! I’m begging you! You can punish him any way you want, but just don’t kill him!”

Lucas immediately hung up, not wanting to hear another word from Michael.

Then he strode toward Jace, no longer hiding the murderous killing intent he was exuding, causing Jace to shudder in fear.

At this moment, Jace was full of horror and despair.

In the past, he was the high and mighty scion of the Huttons and had always had control over the lives of others. He enjoyed the feeling of looking at those who had offended or whom he disliked begging for forgiveness in front of him and crying bitterly.

But now that he was stuck in a helpless situation without any hope at all, Jace finally realized how terrifying it felt. He was overwhelmed with so much fear that he was about to wet his pants.

“You… Stay away! Don’t come any closer” Jace seemed to be sobbing as he tried his best to move backward to get away from Lucas, as if this would keep him safe.

Karen, slumped on the floor next to him, was reeling with indescribable shock when she saw this scene.

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She had heard Lucas’s conversation on the phone just now, so she could tell that Michael, the current helmsman of the Huttons, was whom he had been talking to!

But even when speaking to this person of high status, Lucas still sounded extremely cold and indifferent. Even the helmsman of the Huttons was begging Lucas and apologizing to him to let Jace off!

Not only did Lucas ignore Michael’s begging and hang up on him, but he even wanted to kill Jace!

On the other hand, Jace, the scion of one of the top eight families of DC, was kneeling in front of Lucas and begging for forgiveness so wretchedly. He was even frightened to the point of shuddering and retreating backward incessantly!

If she hadn’t witnessed this scene with her own eyes and felt real pain when she pinched her thigh, Karen would have really thought that she was dreaming!

Who was Lucas?

Karen used to think she knew Lucas very well. In the past, Lucas was just a good-for-nothing in her eyes. She could scold him from day to night, hurling all sorts of insults at him!

At the time, she really felt that Lucas was just a good-for-nothing that she could bully and insult as she pleased until Lucas eventually couldn’t tolerate it any longer and sent her to prison.

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At the thought of the way she treated Lucas in the past, as well as Jace’s and Michael’s attitude toward him, Karen suddenly felt that Lucas had been incredibly tolerant and kind to her. If Lucas really wanted to kill her, she would have been dead long ago!

If she hadn’t despised Lucas so much back then and instead formed a good relationship with him, she would now be living in the lap of luxury!

Seeing the tall Lucas getting closer and closer, Jace became even more afraid. Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind, and he quickly said to Lucas, “Lucas! You… you really can’t kill me! Do you know? My mother is a royal! If you kill me, the royals won’t let you off!

“They are royalty who truly control this country! You should have heard of them, right? Even the eight top families of DC must obey their orders! If you kill me, you will offend the royals! I doubt you can bear such consequences, can you?” Jace hurriedly revealed his other identity, afraid that Lucas would really kill him.

Lucas was naturally aware of the royals since he had been the captain of the Falcon Regiment. The royals were a top noble family who had existed thousands of years ago, unlike ordinary aristocrats who rose to nobility by their great economic strength and combat force. The royals had a long history, and the wealth they had amassed over the years was simply unimaginable.

It was no exaggeration to say that even the weakest branch of the royal family could easily destroy the eight top families of DC now.

The reason the eight giants were held with so much regard was that they were considered top-notch among ordinary people.

But the royals had long transcended normalcy and were insurmountable existences to normal people. Even the mention of them would be blasphemous against the nobles.

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In fact, Lucas already knew about Jace’s mother’s identity.

He even knew that the power of her family branch wasn’t actually that strong among the royals.

If not for her identity, Lucas’s mother wouldn’t have faced such humiliation and died at such a young age from over-exhaustion and illness.

Thus, Lucas didn’t have a single trace of fear in his eyes after hearing Jace’s revelation. Instead, the murderous intent in his eyes intensified.

Moreover, since Jace wanted to compare statuses with him, Lucas would step up without any fear.

Lucas sneered. “Hah, do you know what my identity is then?”

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