Jace roared maniacally in a bid to dispel those terrifying thoughts from his mind.

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Stanley looked at Jace, and a hint of pity suddenly appeared on his face. He really felt that Jace was extremely pitiful for resorting to such methods to comfort and deceive himself because he was too afraid to acknowledge Lucas’s abilities.

“It seems like you’re clear of who the famous Gray the Invincible is now!” Stanley shouted coldly.

His words struck Jace’s brain like a thunderbolt, causing the thought he desperately wanted to dispel to appear in his head again. He could no longer hide it.

But Jace couldn’t accept it.

He shook his head desperately and retreated step by step, seemingly possessed by a demon.

“The man you’ve been calling a wastrel and an illegitimate son is the God of War, Gray the Invincible, who wiped out countless enemies at the southern border and is admired by countless people! His name is Lucas Gray!”

Stanley sneered and looked at Jace while rebuking, “The person you called an abandoned outcast of the Huttons has long reached a position that your family will never measure up to. He’s just like the bright moon in the sky that even you, a scion who has enjoyed the highest standard of education and led a privileged life, cannot compare to! That’s how great the difference between you and Lucas is!

“He doesn’t need any backer at all because he himself is the most powerful figure!”

Stanley’s words were like daggers stabbing straight into Jace’s heart, completely overwhelming him.

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“No, you’re lying to me. That’s impossible, absolutely impossible!

“Before Lucas disappeared six years ago, he was just a good-for-nothing, and even a random punk on the streets could bully him. Even if he went to Calico and joined the Falcon Regiment, there’s no way he could have achieved such a transformation within just six years!

“I know. You work for Lucas, and he happens to have the same last name as Gray the Invincible, so you two fabricated that story to deceive me, right?

“I’m warning you. Gray the Invincible is the esteemed captain of the Falcon Regiment and an important official of the country. If you dare to impersonate him, I’ll definitely report you and make sure you die a horrible death! I want all of you to die!”

Jace’s mind was now in a whirlwind, and he yelled in confusion while constantly retreating in agitation.

The area of the room wasn’t too large, so Jace soon reached the window where William had been hung earlier.

The abandoned hospital had long been dilapidated, and all the glass windows had long been shattered, leaving only the wooden window frames. Coincidentally, all the windows were built to be large and close to the floor for better lighting for the hospital.

In other words, if Jace took two more steps backward, he might stumble over the window frame and fall out.

They were on the fifth floor of the hospital. If Jace really fell from here, he would have almost no chance of survival.

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But Jace was too emotional at the moment to notice this.

Lucas’s eyes flickered slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

He had already decided to get rid of Jace, this ticking time bomb, and wouldn’t give him the opportunity to endanger his loved ones again. If Jace fell to his death, he wouldn’t be considered to have killed Jace, so he wouldn’t have gone against his mother’s wishes.

Stanley didn’t say anything either. Karen was full of shock brought by the revelation of Lucas’s identity, so she didn’t notice Jace’s situation either.

“You’re all lying to me. I… Ah—!” Jace was still speaking agitatedly, but before he could finish, his heel suddenly hit the window frame as he retreated, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward!

Jace was panic-stricken as his hands grabbed the air randomly to try and maintain his balance. But the opening in the window was very large. Moreover, he was falling backward, so there was nothing for him to grab.

“Ah! S-save me! Lucas Gray… I won’t let you off even if I’m dead!”

A long and menacing shriek resounded throughout the abandoned hospital as Jace vanished from the window of the fifth floor.

At this moment, Lucas looked extremely calm because Jace had brought his death upon himself.

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But for some reason, a complicated emotion surged in Lucas’s heart.

No matter what, Jace was blood-related to him. Now that Jace had died in front of him, Lucas couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened and calm down completely.

Karen was horrified. She never thought that Jace, the high and mighty scion of the Huttons, would be forced to death by Lucas in such a manner. She wondered what Lucas would do to her next.

But at this moment, Lucas suddenly felt an astonishing aura suddenly appear.

The aura was extremely powerful, and it surpassed that of almost everyone Lucas had met previously.

Lucas’s pupils constricted as he rushed to the window to look down.

Stanley also sensed the terrifying aura. His expression stiffened, and he stood next to Lucas to look down, ready to face a great enemy.

At this moment, an old man with a white beard and Jace, whom they thought had fallen to his death, were standing on a patch of grass.

But Jace still looked panic-stricken, seemingly unaware of what was going on either. He looked at the old man beside him with shock and horror.

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Just as Lucas looked down at the white-bearded old man, the latter looked up at him too.

The moment they made eye contact, it was as if countless sparks instantly burst.

The white-bearded old man looked away and grabbed Jace’s arm. He shouted in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

Jace was still dumbfounded and didn’t react at all. All he felt was a massive force dragging his body along and speeding away.

Jace was naturally horrified, while Lucas turned gloomy.

“I’m going to kill him. No one can save him!” Then Lucas leaped down from the fifth story!

“Ah!” Karen immediately screamed from the room behind him.

They were on the fifth floor, which was more than ten meters above the ground, yet Lucas jumped down just like that?!

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