The Grand Duchess Escape

The Grand Duchess Escape is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Grand Duchess Escape and can be read for free.


After her mother’s death, Asella was abused by her adoptive father. Even worse, she was forced to marry the man who killed her mother, the Grand Duke Calix Benvito.

Asella has constantly tried to escape from him in order to survive. However, all of her attempts have failed. 

Calix wants to continue denying these unfamiliar feelings that started growing inside of him. Needless to say, he stops her attempts every time in order to keep her by his side. 

“I have no intention of letting you go, so you should give up.”

In the whirlwind of conspiracy related to her mother’s death, the secrets that started to be unveiled, and the relationship between the two begins to change.