Chapter 85 - "*****, I am going to kill you!" (1)

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Tong Xuelu went over to the government-operated restaurant with Huang Xianglan. It happened that the chef at the government-operated restaurant was slaughtering the chickens.

Tong Xuelu dipped some cotton into the chicken blood and placed her hand over it on her way back to the plant.

When Manager Ma from the sewing department saw her, she was shocked. “What happened to your forehead, Xuelu??”

Tong Xuelu frowned and made painful noises. “Manager Ma, a bicycle ran into me on my way here and I had a lesion on my forehead. I want to take some time off and head to the hospital to get my wound cleaned up.”

Manager Ma signed her name on the time off sheet and asked, concerned, “You need to be more careful. Where’s the person who hit you? You didn’t just let him leave, did you?”

“No, he didn’t do it on purpose. He paid me 10 yuan. He couldn’t come with me to the hospital because he was in a hurry.”

Manager Ma nodded when she heard that. “Okay, that’s better. That being said, you are surely an unfortunate one. Alright, I won’t keep you any longer. Go and get your wound cleaned out.”

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“Thank you, Manager Ma.”

Tong Xuelu walked a long way from the plant before she tossed away the cotton and met up with Huang Xianglan at the bus station.

She had taken too much time off lately and it would leave others with a bad impression of her if she didn’t find some other creative ways to take time off.

“Did you inform your cousin?”

Huang Xianglan nodded, “Yes, I did. I told her that we will be there in a couple of hours and told her to not provoke them too early.”

Tong Xuelu felt heartache and helplessness when she heard that.

Women are always the weaker of the two genders no matter what era they are in.

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Tong Xuelu had read a news article before her transmigration. A victim of domestic violence jumped off a building and still wasn’t able to get a divorce. Now Sheng Xiuyan had to bring another beating onto herself in order to turn her husband and mother-in-law in.

It was too difficult being a woman!

They were lucky. A bus came after 10 or so minutes of waiting. The two got inside the car, bought tickets, and seated themselves.

A person’s adaptability is simply incredible. After a few times, Tong Xuelu had already gotten used to the bumpy rhythm.

The two of them headed straight toward the government-operated restaurant after they had gotten off the bus.

Su Xiuying was so emotional that her hands trembled when she saw the two of them. She turned and took the day off before she ran back out to meet up with the two of them.

It had only been a week since Tong Xuelu had last seen her and she noticed that Su Xiuying had lost so much weight that she almost looked like a different person.

She looked disheveled and she had a lot of bruises on her face and around the corners of her mouth. A patch of her hair was missing from her forehead, obviously yanked out by her husband or her mother-in-law.

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Tong Xuelu could feel her fists tightening just from seeing her this way.

Tong Xuelu said, “Comrade Su, have you really made up your mind?”

Su Xiuying’s pale lips formed into a straight line, and she nodded heavily. “Yes, I’ve made up my mind. I want those two animals to get the punishment that they deserve!”

She had put up with a lot for her daughter, but that animal never should have hit Xiao Qiu!

She could put up with a lot but that did not include watching her daughter get hit. Instead of herself and her daughter dying in their hands one day, it was better for her to send the mother and son to h3ll by her hands!

Tong Xuelu saw that even though Su Xiuying looked disheveled, she had a very determined look on her face. “Okay, let’s get going then.”

Su Xiuying nodded when she heard that. She turned and led the way to the metal plant where her husband worked.

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Huang Xianglan looked at her cousin’s back and looked very worried.

Tong Xuelu raised her brows. “What’s the matter? Are you scared?”

Huang Xianglan bit her lips and said, “Well, not exactly scared. Just a bit worried. When my aunty and the others found out, would they blame me?”

Tong Xuelu patted her on her shoulder. “Don’t worry about how others look at you. Just know that you are saving your cousin from an awful situation. You are helping out a labor-class sister who was in agony. If anyone blames you because of that, that is to say that their way of thinking is not progressive enough. You must believe that what you are doing is noble and sublime!”

Encouraged, Huang Xianglan said emotionally, “Well said, Comrade Tong! I will keep your words in mind. If anyone blames me for that, I will tell them that they are not being progressive!”

She had made up her mind to help her cousin out in the past, but she had a lot of hesitation. She worried that after her cousin’s husband had been sent to jail, her aunty would blame her for breaking up her cousin’s marriage.

Listening to Tong Xuelu’s words, she felt a warmth in her heart and a burning will to fight.

She must save her cousin from the desperate situation!

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