Chapter 87 - "*****, I am going to kill you!" (3)

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With the loud ruckus from the Hes, all the neighbors came running out from their yards.

“Old Mrs He, what’s going on this time?”

“Exactly. Stop it already. You can always talk things out.”

It was business hours right now and there were only elderlies and children around. Seeing how He Baogen and his mother were beating up Su Xiuying in tandem, nobody dared to walk up to stop them.”

Old Mrs. He shouted like a rabid dog as she scratched Su Xiuying on her face. “You rotten piece of goods who only gave birth to a useless girl after 7 years. You dare to bring up a divorce? Pei!”

Su Xiuying was hurting so much that her face was cramping. “Why can’t I get a divorce? I’ve had myself checked at the hospital. The doctor told me that there is nothing wrong with me. The problem lies with your son. He looked tall and big, but he can’t produce seeds!”


So it was He Baogen, not Su Xiuying, who couldn’t have children.

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Everyone looked over at He Baogen after they heard that.

He Baogen felt his face burning and he threw a punch straight at Su Xiuying’s face!


Along with the loud striking sound, Su Xiuying fell two steps backward and fell onto the ground.

Tong Xuelu ran over with a shocked look. “How could you do that?”

He Baogen gave her a vicious look. “This is family matters. Stay out of it!”

Having said that, he took a step forward to hit Su Xiuying again.

Su Xiuying moaned on the ground, her face covered in blood.

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Tong Xuelu worried that Su Xiuying would die if she let He Baogen hit her any more. “You better stop right now. If you lay even one finger on me, I am going to file a police report that you are a hooligan!”

He Baogen stopped in his tracks and stared at Tong Xuelu through gritted teeth.

He Baogen had to worry about being called a hooligan, but that did not apply to Old Mrs He.

She jumped up, pointed straight at Tong Xuelu, and shouted, “You can meddle in heaven’s, earth’s, cats’ and dogs’ businesses, but who do you think you are to meddle in my He family’s business?”

“Hitting people is wrong! This is the new society. I can’t believe you are still beating your daughter-in-law. I am going to file a police report on you!”

“This is none of your business! None of your business!” Old Mrs. He jumped up and down in anger. She then ran out trying to scratch Tong Xuelu’s face.

Tong Xuelu feigned fear and shrieked. “Help me! She is going to kill me! Somebody help!”

She waved her arms and legs madly as she shrieked and, all of a sudden, she accidentally kicked Old Mrs. He.

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That kick sent her flying!

Falling onto the ground. Old Mrs. He moaned and shouted, “OWWW. My waist! Bogen, kill this [email protected] for Mom!”

Seeing that his mother was struck, He Baogen was infuriated. He clenched his fists so tight that they made crackling sounds. “[email protected], who said you can meddle in our family business? You don’t think I can kill you with one slap?”

Tong Xuelu snickered and glanced over at his crotch area. “Trees that don’t want barks will die; men who don’t want face are invincible. Look at you. Nothing but an embroidered pillow. You can’t produce seeds, but you have the audacity to blame it onto your wife. Pei. So shameless!”

Having said that, she turned and ran before He Baogen could process that.

FOOM! Anger rushed to He Baogen’s head and his face turned a purple-reddish color. He chased after her right away.

[email protected]! I swear I am going to kill you today!”

Tong Xuelu ran as fast as she could. When she reached the entrance, she hid to one side. As she heard the footsteps approaching, she counted in her mind. 3, 2, 1……

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Right when He Baogen was about to step out of the door, she stuck her leg out––

BAM! Came a loud sound.

Unprepared, He Baogen was tripped, fell forward, and smashed his face onto the ground heavily.

Climbing back up, He Baogen felt that his nose was broken. It was sore and painful. It hurt so much that he kept cursing. “[email protected]……”

“Your mother is a [email protected]!” Tong Xuelu interrupted him. “You are infertile, but you want a lot of children and grandchildren. I have never seen anyone who wanted to raise someone else’s children so desperately!”

He Baogen was enraged. His veins throbbed on the side of his head. “[email protected], I am going to kill you!”

Any man would be infuriated when being called infertile repeatedly!

He Baogen scrambled back onto his feet to go and strike Tong Xuelu.

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