[Japan was surprised, America was shocked, and Europe was flipped out! K-Villain rocked the world. “Why can’t we have a villain like Egostic?” the spokesperson from the Hero Association of Japan said in tears!]

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I put down my smartphone.

I was enjoying the Youtube video, but this popped up.

“Sugar, I need something sweet.”

Looking at my dizzy face coming out on Gukppong TV, my sugar level dropped rapidly. Oh, my god. How can this one not change anything from the previous world?

The comic that became a reality, paradoxically, was very similar to the original reality.

In other words, it is virtually the same except for things like heroes and villains, in line with the comic’s world view of “A world where only superpowers exist on an ordinary Earth.”

So in this world, Gukppong TV is also after money. I have no idea why villains also became targets for Gukppong.

Coming out of my room, I walked to the refrigerator.

I only wanted to drink some orange juice, but why do I have to walk all the way through the hallway?

Is this for real? I think I should actually buy a personal refrigerator and put it in my room.

I have a lot of money so I should spend it generously.

After I got to the auditorium-sized living room, I opened the refrigerator.

…Only one bottle of MinuteMade left. As I remembered I drank two bottles, so why is there only one left? Did Seo-eun drink it? TN: MinuteMade is a Korean brand of orange juice

Well, she has a sweet tooth like me.

Okay, let’s see what she is doing.

I turned around and headed to the main sector of this underground base where Seo-eun is.

Of course, I still remember to drink my orange juice on my way there. A cool beverage is indeed the best. It feels good when you swallow it.

I liked chocolate milk when I was younger, but I like orange juice more now.

…Well, although both are elementary schooler’s tastes.

Walking through the hallway again, I thought about Seo-eun for a while.

Han Seo-eun. She is a senior in middle school.

In the original work, she appeared as a villain in the latter part of the comic.

She, by herself, destroyed the computer network in Korea and disabled the security of the Songdo Concentration Camp, which collected the worst villains, causing a major escape.

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The incident opened the “The Catastrophe of Korea”, which was the main event from issue 120 to 150 of [Stardust!].

She appeared in “The Apocalypse of Korea” as the final villain.

She died in the issues after that and never appeared again.

Different from her image now, which is a girl with a short haircut like a boy, she appeared as an adult and attacked Stardus with all kinds of weapons that she invented.

Eventually, she died after being stopped by Stardus.

Her nickname at that time was the White Witch.

…Of course, I cannot imagine that image of her at this moment.

She is only a middle schooler who loves sweet things and has a foul mouth now.

Han Seo-eun. As you can see from her remarkable works in the original, she is a genius.

Her specialty is computer hacking and invention. In fact, she is so smart that she can do everything. In reality, she is the character who breaks down the power balance created by the writer. Perhaps it is the reason why she appeared in the second half of the original.

Her life story was unfortunate.

She was raised as an experimental mouse in the Han-Eun Group ever since she was young.

They conducted all kinds of illegal experiments in the name of making artificial superpowers, and eventually paid off to some extent.

Hundreds of innocent children were replaced and they only succeed in creating special superpowers for four children in the end.

One of them was Seo-eun. The researchers called them ‘Super Intelligence’.

The rest of the children all developed direct superpower. Electricity attacks, ice shooting, etc…

After the children’s awakening, they still continued the experiment with terrible things under the direction of the Han-eun Group’s leaders.

Even in such a hopeless situation, four children endured it all while comforting each other.

But suddenly, a child died.

The remaining three, including Seo-eun, were shocked as they were each other’s mental support.

Eventually, one of the children was so stressed that she was blown up by her power, causing everyone in the laboratory to get caught up and die.

Of course, not all of them.

Seo-eun survived.

Since Seo-eun survived the incident, she had been living in this underground to avoid the eyes of the Han-Eun group. Until I came to find her by myself.

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In the original work that I was not in, she kept track of the Han-Eun group by herself. To punish those leaders of the group who had been hiding after the terrible incident.

In the end, she found them all by herself and got her revenge.

All that remains after the revenge was emptiness.

Shivering in a terrible emptiness, she ended up with a little, hmmm… Well, she went crazy. After the incident happened to her brothers and herself, she became a villain and committed terrorism. She claimed that ‘It is because of this incompetent country and the heroes’.

Of course, I will never let Seo-eun be such a villain anymore.

Hold on, come to think of it, she is already my accomplice so she is also a villain, right? Hmm…

Let me correct that. I am not going to let Seo-eun become such an ‘insane’ villain. Being a moderate villain is good for your health.

As it is also similar to the world that I lived in, being a villain is better than a hero in Korea.

Naturally, what happened to Han Seo-eun would never be my business, I only approached to use her technology skills. But as we lived together, I became attached to this little kid.

I cannot let her die in vain like that.

Keeping that thought in mind, I arrived at the main sector and entered.


A feast of monitors welcomed me as soon as I entered.

One monitor has CCTV, and some store different data.

This space gets my eyes spinning.

It is the main sector of this underground base.

Well, wouldn’t it be cooler if I named this space?

Observation Center?

Seo-eun is sitting on her chair, being busy with something.

Soobin is also working hard on something next to her.

“Seo-eun, what are you doing?”

I asked while getting closer to her. Seo-eun turned her head and looked at me.

“Hey, come here and take a look at this.”

“Oh, what is it?”

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As I got closer, she showed me…

“The 13th International Ice Cream Festival?”

“This is their first time holding this in Korea. I have always wanted to go! Let’s go there next time. With Soobin.”

“Erm… Sure…”

Soobin was smiling shyly next to her.


“Hmm, alright. So Seo-eun, you wanted to go to that ice cream festival, huh?”

Tsk. I can see Seo-eun got a lot brighter.

It was only yesterday when I first met her, she was wary of me as a hedgehog…

Now, she even asked us to go to the ice cream festival together. Even though I wonder who in the world would hold an ice cream festival.

Sure, sure. It is nice to see her pure and bright side. It is nice but…

I thought she was working on something. 

She was focusing on the monitor so I thought she was planning something again! I felt so proud of her for a moment.

…But she was planning to go to the ice cream festival.

I never thought that I would have to go to an ice cream festival at this age.

“Anyway, you can go to whatever it is. So do you have any plans for our next goal?”

“Next goal?”

After hearing my question, Seo-eun put a finger on her lips and started to make a ‘Hmmm..’ and thought about something.

“Oh! Okay. What was it that you said? The Good Samaritan?” TN: Parable of Good Samaritan.

“Yeah, but that is also a massive terrorist attack, so it will be hard to carry it out in one week. It will give people fatigue, too. Just right when people start to forget about our Dark Knig… I mean, our ship terrorism then BOOM!, that is when we should pop out again.”

“Well, then what else did you say that we should do? Eliminate the villains?”

“Yeah. Let’s do that in our spare time. Do you recommend any villains? All we have is time anyway.”

“Hmm… Let me remember what you wanted to do. Didn’t you say we should do that terrorism prediction or something?”

Seo-eun tilted her head while asking me.

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I only told her it was ‘Terrorism Prediction’ but I actually just read the original comic and tell them which brats will cause terrorism for the time being.

I explained to them that I could use some methods I know to predict…

“Last time we eliminated the two most important brats so it’s okay. Now, you can choose anyone from the list I gave you.”

“Really? Let’s see… Soobin, please put up the villain list.”


She answered affirmatively and operated the computer.

Well, it has been about a week since we started to live together, and she seems to have adjusted.

She has had a hard time trying to soothe herself for a week since she was scared of me. I think she is getting better now but still a little scared of me. But we are on the same boat now so I am not going to hurt her. Did I scare her too much last time?

“Let’s see… Out of all the A-class villains, what about this brat? The one who teleports. Teleporter.”

“That brat? I think it will be hard to kill that one.”

I usually hold them with my telekinesis first to prevent them from sneaking away, then either bump their head or use a gun.

But that brat can teleport. Even if I hold him with my telekinesis, he can just go POOF and get away so it will be tough. Very tough!

“Oppa, the more tough an enemy is, the first you have to get rid of them.” 

“Haa. Is that so?”

Alright. It is better to just get it over with.

Let’s get him first.

So stop looking at me like I am some pathetic child who hates studying.

“Okay. I will have to get ready soon. And Seo-eun.”


“You started calling me ‘oppa’ a while ago. Did you decide to take off your concept now?”

I grinned at her and Seo-eun’s face started to turn red.

“Oh. Since I call Soobin ‘unnie’…”

She started to mutter something so I quickly got out.

She yells at me every time she gets shy.

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