The second ‘welcome’ came from the front of the left side. Lu Chenfeng quickly looked away and he was speechless. The counter was right in front of him yet the first person he saw was Lin Chaosheng, who sat next to the French window. 

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Jian Yi put down the calculator in his hands and walked out of the counter enthusiastically, asking politely, “Sir, are you looking to stay here?” 

Lu Chenfeng nodded, “Yes.” 

“No problem,” Jian Yi happily pushed the thin glass frame on his tall nose and gestured ‘please’, “I will guide you to have a look at our rooms first.” 

Lin Chaosheng heard him and put down his left arms, removing the fluffy cushion in his arms and stood up, “Jian Yi, I’ll do it.” 

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Jian Yi let out a questioning sound after blinking for two seconds and scratched his head in surprise. Their guest house had opened for two years, and his boss asked to provide service to their guests for the very first time. 

Beautiful Dusk had two levels in total. The furnishing style was rather different from traditional guest houses, the style was a balanced mixture between traditional Chinese and modern minimalistic. The front hall was spacious, the side next to the glass wall was separated into a common area by bookshelves and racks with miscellaneous things on it, there were also a few wooden tables and chairs for the guests to rest. 

The corridor wasn’t deep; thick woolen carpet covered the entire floor. The rooms on the right side were spaced widely while the ones on the left were spaced closer. There were a few colorful photos of landscapes framed on the wall. The photographer’s skills weren’t so high according to the composition and angle of the photos, most of them were flowers, trees, plants, white clouds, mountains and seas. 

Cool-toned lights shrouded Lin Chaosheng, making his skin look even paler. Lu Chenfeng couldn’t help but to let his gaze slide to Lin Chaosheng’s long, slim neck as he stopped with him in the middle of the corridor. 

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“Ocean view rooms are on the right side; it is 460 yuan per night. Standard double bedrooms and single bedrooms are on the left, they are 200 yuan cheaper.” His voice was cool and calm, and he spoke at a moderate speed. Lin Chaosheng turned around to Lu Chenfeng and continued, “There is a viewing platform outside the lobby, the balcony on the top floor is also available to ensure that our guests can enjoy the beautiful view outside at any time they wish.” 

Lin Chaosheng meant that if Lu Chenfeng’s travel budget was limited, there was no need to stay in the slightly more expensive ocean view room. Lu Chenfeng comprehended it and discovered that whether it was Lin Chaosheng’s style of conversation, actions or tone of voice, it made him feel exceptionally comfortable to talk with him.

There were only a few tourist spots in Shuanglang, he would only be here for one night at most. He had quite a lot of savings and Lu Chenfeng didn’t hesitate to make a decision, “Ocean view room.” 

Lin Chaosheng’s eyes smiled, “To tell the truth, there is only one ocean view room left. Standard double and single bedrooms won’t be available until tomorrow.” 

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Lu Chenfeng pushed his suitcase into the room and glanced around it. The sunset’s afterglow at half past five dyed half of the inner walls red. There were two pots of devil’s cry placed in the corner next to the window which were fresh to the eyes. The room was clean and neat, everything needed was in place and they also provided one time use goods. Lu Chenfeng was rather satisfied and continued with Lin Chaosheng’s conversation, “Then why didn’t you just tell me?” 

Lin Chaosheng leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms. His refined face looked indolent as he replied, “I wanted to see if fate decides to let you stay here or not.” 

The end of his voice raised slightly and tickled Lu Chenfeng’s heart. 

After a few casual rounds, the two of them returned to the front hall and the inside of the guest house was filled with warm air. Outside the inn, the setting sun was becoming darker. Looking from Lu Chenfeng’s angle, the silhouette of Lin Chaosheng’s tall figure against the light was an eye candy to him. 

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Jian Yi freed the spot behind the counter and rushed to the kitchen to help like a busy bee. Lin Chaosheng picked up Lu Chenfeng’s ID and bank card for the check in, he looked down and typed skillfully on the keyboard. There was a stack of business cards on the right side of the counter. Lu Chenfeng glanced at it and silently read three characters in his heart: Lin Chaosheng. 

“Check out time is two in the afternoon tomorrow.” Lin Chaosheng recorded Lu Chenfeng’s personal information and reminded him, “It can be delayed to four o’clock under special circumstances.” 

After paying for the accommodation, Lu Chenfeng’s eyes were sore and swollen after a day of traveling, and he wanted to make himself a coffee to feel more awake. He had a pouch of instant coffee in his coat’s pocket, he took it out and knocked on the counter, “Do you mind lending me some hot water?” 

Lin Chaosheng looked up, “When are you returning it?” 

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