As the thousands of Nether Spirits charged over, a battle was about to begin.

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The monkey stood in the center of the battlefield with the appearance of a God of War, sweeping through a thousand troops with a rod.

“Get lost!”

At this moment, the desire to fight in his heart had been ignited to the extreme. In order to protect the injured Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er, who was treating Lin Qingzhu, he erupted with his true nature.

His weak body suddenly became thick, his violent muscles swelled, and his clothes were torn.

What a handsome monkey. He forcefully turned into a gorilla and fiercely patted his chest. With the Jingu Rod in hand, he was like a god of war. He could kill anyone in his way.


That sinister laughter came from the sky. An ominous thing with a strange appearance and red fur walked out from the Nether Spirit. From his characteristics, it could be seen that he was extremely strong. At the very least, he was at the commander level among these Nether Spirits.

“Little ones, stand down. Let me see how delicious this heaven and earth spiritual root is.”

With a miserable laugh, the Nether Spirit Commander walked out and looked at Monkey with disdain. With a flip of his hand, a spear appeared in his hand. Without any nonsense, he attacked.

The spear swayed like a swimming dragon, flying wildly. Its power suddenly erupted, and in an instant, the battle began.

The moment Monkey fought the other party, he was shocked. He did not expect the other party to be a Martial Monarch expert. Moreover, his methods were very strange and difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, he barely managed to tie with it with his powerful defense.

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At this moment, the battlefield was extremely chaotic. Almost everyone was in an abyss of suffering and could not care about anyone else.

The mysterious expert in the forbidden area smiled gloomily as he walked towards Zhao Wan’er and Lin Qingzhu.

“The so-called Karmic Flame that burns the heavens actually appeared in such a weak world. Interesting, really interesting.”

Zhao Wan’er’s heart raced as she watched him walk towards her step by step. Her breathing became tighter and tighter.

If it was an ordinary Nether Spirit, she might be able to deal with it, but in front of this demon, she had no ability to resist at all.

She almost fell into despair. Was she really going to become his food?

Zhao Wan’er was indignant. She looked up at the situation on the battlefield and watched as the geniuses fell into pools of blood and died.

It was the sorrow of times.

No one expected such a terrifying demon to be sleeping in this forbidden area. Because of the monkey’s accidental awakening, it indirectly brought a great calamity to the mortal world.

At this moment, Monkey also blamed himself. He wanted to make up for it, but how could he do it with his strength?

“Little girl, are you ready to die?”

Zhao Wan’er shivered when she heard the demon’s voice and said, “Who are you?”

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“Me?” The demon looked up at the sky and smiled again. “I am the master of the Nether Clan. You can call me the Great King of the Nether Clan.”

He seemed to be intoxicated by his former glory. Zhao Wan’er felt a chill in her heart. When she saw that her senior sister had yet to wake up, she became even more anxious.

She wanted to stall for time, but it was useless in this situation.

“Alright, I have nothing to say to you. Your Red Lotus Karmic Flame is the best supplement in this world. Are you ready to become my food?”

With an evil smile, the Lord of the Nether Clan slowly walked over and stretched out his demonic claws to grab Zhao Wan’er.

Zhao Wan’er closed her eyes in despair. She had already given up struggling. She shouted indignantly in her heart, but it also seemed like a farewell to an old friend.

Looking at her senior sister’s haggard face in despair, Zhao Wan’er said softly, “Senior Sister, in the past, no matter what danger we encountered, you silently stood in front of me. This is the last time. I’ll block it for you.”

After saying this last sentence, Zhao Wan’er was already prepared to die. She slowly stood up, and a ball of Karmic Flame appeared in her palm. Her gaze was ruthless as she silently protected Lin Qingzhu.

‘”Come on!”

After saying the last words coldly, Zhao Wan’er stared fixedly at the demon opposite her.

His bloody hand that was emitting blood energy stretched out. A powerful taboo power ignored all laws and stretched out.

Zhao Wan’er shot out a ball of Karmic Flame, but it was swept away by the other party. She had no ability to resist at all.

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Just as she closed her eyes in despair, a long cry suddenly came from afar.

“What’s going on?”

This sudden long cry shocked everyone on the battlefield.

In their despair, they seemed to see a trace of hope.

A seven-colored light flickered, illuminating this world that was enveloped in darkness. Under everyone’s gaze, a seven-colored peacock was the first to enter the battlefield. She broke the taboo of darkness and washed away that endless ruthlessness.

“That’s… Princess Peacock, Fairy Cai Ling.”

Everyone was shocked and stood up from their despair. No one expected Cai Ling to suddenly appear at this critical moment.

The moment Cai Ling appeared, a few more figures entered in unison. The immortal-like Daoist robe fluttered in the wind, and a powerful aura instantly suppressed over.

Everyone was overjoyed. No one expected that the experts of the older generation would all rush over at this dangerous moment.

Princess Peacock used the seven-colored divine light of her peacock race to wash away the taboo and open the array.

The other experts entered the battlefield at the same time. The originally suppressed situation was instantly reversed.

The Lord of the Nether Clan frowned. Clearly, this was something he had not expected. However, he did not panic at all as he looked at these human Martial Monarchs. Instead, he smiled.

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“Interesting, interesting. A few more supplements are here to die.”

Looking up at the sky, the Lord of the Nether Clan asked disdainfully, “Do you think you’re qualified to be my opponent with your cultivation?”

The old man from the Heavenly God Mountain in the lead smiled and said, “We’re naturally not your match, but your opponent is someone else.”

“Hmm? What does this mean?”

The Lord of Nether Clan was very puzzled. Suddenly, a stone sword emitting blood energy barged into the battlefield.

In an instant, the area within a hundred miles fell silent. The blood-colored sky was dyed red, and the surging hostility seemed to have caused the world to fall into a withered yellow at this moment.

The Lord of the Nether Clan was shocked when he felt the sorrowful aura. He slapped out with his palm and blocked the attack of the sword.

The sword circled around and flashed with white light. A figure slowly floated over from the sky and landed on the immortal sword.


The moment that figure appeared, Zhao Wan’er shouted excitedly in her heart. She saw hope again as she stood up from her depression.

In the sky, Cai Ling let out a long cry, emitting a seven-colored divine light that swept away all the taboos.

More and more people entered the battlefield. The experts of the various large families and holy lands arrived one after another.

The people from the Heaven Mending Sect also entered the battlefield.

“Hey, aren’t you too rude? How dare you treat our juniors like this? Why don’t you spar with us old fellows?”

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