The person who spoke was none other than Qi Wuhui.

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The experts of the older generation felt incomparably sad as they looked at the corpses on the ground and the geniuses of the various Holy Lands dying.

Everyone was incomparably furious.

These dead geniuses were either the descendants of a large clan or the geniuses and Saints of a Holy Land. They illuminated this era, and this era was also dazzling because of their existence.

There might be losses on the path to immortality, but they were all killed with their talent and tenacious fighting spirit. If it was only the casualties caused by their battle, they could only blame themselves for not being skilled.

However, this situation was no longer a competition on the path to immortality. It was a one-sided massacre.

This mysterious Lord of the Nether Clan wanted to use the blood of these children to exchange for his Nether Clan army.

This was something no one could accept. His massacre would probably regress the entire Eight Desolates by thousands or even tens of thousands of years. After all, there were many young geniuses present. They represented the potential of the various Holy Lands and had an unlimited future.

If they died so easily, who could guarantee that such a talented junior would appear in the future?

Qi Wuhui took the lead and stood out domineeringly. He had the boldness to be the first. As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately received the response of the others.

“Haha! Fellow Daoist Qi from the Heaven Mending Sect is right. What’s so good about bullying children? If you have the guts, come and bully us old fellows.”

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As he spoke, a sage-like old man pulled off his Daoist robe and casually moved his shackles before slowly walking out.

“Bastards sleeping in the darkness, I haven’t fought anyone for hundreds of years. Today, you have successfully aroused my anger. Prepare to follow your dirty bodies to hell.”

Tears welled up in the eyes of the young people present. As if they had found someone who could support them, they immediately became confident. Just now, they had already seen despair. The feeling of helplessness and the fear of death was extremely despairing.

Seeing this scene, the Lord of the Nether Clan frowned, but he did not reveal any panic. Because he had absolute confidence in his strength.

“Haha… Interesting. So, you want to be my enemy?” He sneered and asked mockingly.

Qi Wuhui cursed, “So what?”

They were tense and arrogant. The anger in everyone’s hearts had already been ignited.

If Cai Ling hadn’t discovered the abnormality here, the people inside would have long been eaten up by the other party.

It was a relief.

Ever since the previous battle with the Flood Dragon, Cai Ling had left the forbidden area of the Heavenly Palace to explore the mysterious ancient land. After exploring an ancient land, she was about to head to the higher level of the Heavenly Palace. She accidentally discovered the energy fluctuation caused by the mysterious expert of the Immortal Mountain when he left.

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Cai Ling came to investigate with curiosity and discovered that there was a strange energy fluctuation in this strange forbidden space.

At first, she was puzzled.

She slowly studied it and realized that a shocking massacre was happening inside. Then, she met Ye Qiu, who had just come out of the forbidden area, as well as the people from the Heaven Mending Sect.

After telling Ye Qiu her discovery, she contacted some experts from the other Holy Lands and spread the news.

In the end, she used her race’s divine power to break the taboo and successfully undo the shackles of this law.

It could also be said that after the mysterious expert from the Immortal Mountain sold everyone, he accidentally saved everyone present. If he hadn’t escaped, he wouldn’t have attracted Cai Ling’s attention.

The atmosphere at the scene became even more anxious. Those experts of the older generation from the Holy Lands were furious when they saw the tragic deaths of their disciples and grand-disciples.

A terrifying battle intent began to erupt and spread throughout the entire battlefield.

Feeling this soaring anger, the Lord of the Nether Clan laughed instead of being angry. He shrugged and moved around a little. His bones let out creaking sounds. His smile did not dissipate as he said playfully, “Very good. In that case, come on. Back then, they joined forces and chased me out of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. They also sealed my clan in the death river. It was dark all year round and I suffered.

“The Nether Clan has returned this time for one thing, revenge. All of you are the descendants of those people back then. Prepare to welcome the hundreds of thousands of years of anger of my Nether Clan.”

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In an instant, a cold and bone-chilling aura of death surged over.

The million living beings of the Nether Clan gradually became excited after obtaining the agreement of the master of the Nether Clan.

“Little ones, attack and tear them apart.”

The battle only erupted for an instant. However, the situation began to reverse after these older experts joined in.

“Haha! Come, let’s have a good battle.”

“I haven’t fought anyone for hundreds of years. Today, I’ll let you bastards see how fierce I was back then.”

A human Martial Monarch laughed wildly. He tore off his clothes and went into battle naked.

This scene was earth-shattering. For a moment, the entire Heavenly Palace was in chaos.

In the Heaven Mending Sect’s camp, Meng Tianzheng’s eyes were cold. He silently took out his Dharma artifact and shouted coldly, “Everyone, listen up. Kill!”

With an order, everyone from the Heaven Mending Sect moved out. The other Holy Lands also began to respond.

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“Disciples, the time to become famous is coming. Slay the demon! Kill!”

As soon as they finished speaking, figures charged forward one after another.

Seeing this scene, the hot blood in the hearts of countless older experts who were still watching seemed to have revived.

“Haha, the little fellows are all so crazy. We old fellows can’t lose our momentum.” A sage-like old man shouted. He held a sword in one hand and locked his gaze on a Nether Clan’s Martial Monarch before charging over.

With a loud bang, the world trembled.

Everyone was fighting fiercely in such a soul-stirring battle. Only two people were still unmoved.

That was the Lord of the Nether Clan and Ye Qiu.

They looked at each other from afar and remained unmoved. After looking at each other for nearly a few minutes, the Lord of the Nether Clan spoke.

“Plant the Dao with blood? Interesting… I seem to smell the aura of an acquaintance on you.”

Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Oh? I see a trace of fear in your eyes. Could it be that… you’re very afraid of this acquaintance you mentioned?”

As soon as these words were spoken, a trace of anger flashed across the eyes of the Lord of the Nether Clan. He said coldly, “Shut up. I am the Great King of the Nether Clan. No one in the world is my match. Why should I fear anyone?!”

Ye Qiu shook his head and continued to talk cheerfully, “Really? But, your situation tells me that you’re not high and mighty. You’re just an ant imprisoned in the forbidden area, a speck of dust in the mortal world. You don’t seem to be as huge as you described.”

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