Everyone looked at each other, and after a few seconds of silence, there was a simultaneous outburst of chatter.

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Everyone was worried that someone would say what they were going to say before they got a chance.

An Yan: "...."  I still can't hear you what you guys are saying.

Just then, Cheng Yang strode in from outside.

Cheng Yang really wanted to talk to An Yan ever since he learned from his elder brother that the high quality potion given to him was actually made by An Yan.

But before he could put this idea into practice, his elder brother caught him and threatened. So he had to go to the canteen to eat alone.

After eating, Cheng Yang went back to the dormitory and waited for An Yan to return.

However, he didn't come back, and he had to come to the classroom alone. But as soon as he entered, he saw a bunch of people surrounding An Yan and talking to him.

Cheng Yang was immediately unhappy. He was threatened to step aside, which was fine, but how could this group of people get ahead of him?

With this in mind, Cheng Yang directly rushed over, pushing aside the students surrounding An Yan and squeezing into the middle. He grabbed An Yan's shoulders: "If you guys have something to say, say it. Don't scare my family’s Yan Yan. "

Seeing that everyone was quiet after saying this, Cheng Yang then said, "Class is about to start and Yan Yan still has to preview his lessons. You can talk to him after class."

Classmates: "...." Don't think we can't see what you're up to. You just want to drive us all away so you can sneak in a few more conversations with An Yan about high quality potions!

You think you can do whatever you want just because you're close to An Yan?

Actually, you can indeed do whatever you want because of this. Then we will withdraw first (╥﹏╥)

Everyone shouted "no no no" in their hearts, but their bodies were very honest as they turned around and went back to their seats.

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When all the people around him had dispersed, Cheng Yang immediately pulled An Yan over and whispered, "Yan Yan, so you made the potion that Big Brother gave me before, right?"

An Yan was not sure whether Cheng Yang already knew the truth or was just testing him, so he only gave a soft "mmm."

Cheng Yang was helpless. "I already know everything!"

An Yan could only admit, with a sheepish face, "It is true that I made it, but it is also true that it was a potion your big brother gave to you."

Looking at An Yan's innocent face, Cheng Yang couldn't help but sigh, "Hmm, how did my big brother get so lucky?"

An Yan did not hear the deep meaning of this statement and blinked sheepishly, "If you like high quality potions, I can give you another one."

Cheng Yang immediately changed his emotion to glee, "Then thank you, Yan Yan!"

After saying that, he hurriedly urged him, "I just heard what they said. You must not sell these potions to them. Otherwise, they will pester you every day to make high quality potions for them in the future."

An Yan immediately nodded his head, "I know."

He hadn't planned to sell the potions to his classmates either.  He felt it was quite embarrassing.

In fact, Cheng Yang was also quite curious about how An Yan made this kind of heaven-defying potion, but considering that it might involve some rather secretive issues, he did not take the initiative to ask.

Thinking of An Yan's simple nature, Cheng Yang could not help but remind him, "Yan Yan, if someone asks you how those potions are made, you must not be foolish as to answer directly."

The two professors had reminded him of this before, and An Yan immediately nodded, "I know. Thank you, Yang Yang."

An Yan did not intend to hide the method of making the potion, but he felt that the two professors' reminder and Yang Yang's advice were right.

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So that evening, An Yan began to write his thesis on the new idea.

The thesis was very demanding, and although he had already tried to absorb a lot of knowledge and sort out his ideas carefully, An Yan still encountered many problems in the process.

However, he has always been calm, not arrogant, and very patient. When he encountered problems, he looked up information to solve them.

In addition, Cheng Yi kept an eye on his situation and provided him with the necessary help and nourishing food for his soul. So, although he was busy until late at night several times in a row, An Yan was in a beautiful mood and the progress of writing his thesis was much faster than he expected.

In order to facilitate the timely conduct of relevant experiments during the writing of the thesis, An Yan has stayed at Cheng Yi's flat for the past few days.

Cheng Yang surprisingly showed absolute support for this and didn't even say anything strange like he did last time.

Finally, in the early morning on Friday, An Yan successfully completed the academic paper, which had a clear theme, a clear hierarchy, detailed content, and sufficient data, titled, "A Report on the New Concept of the Production of Body Potion s."

An Yan stretched out in satisfaction. He was about to pour a glass of hot milk to refresh himself when he glanced at the time on his light brain. There were only five minutes left before the first class started!

He hastily saved his paper, packed his bag and headed straight to class.

He entered the classroom at the last minute and jogged to Cheng Yang's side. He took advantage of the last gap to send the paper he had just finished to the official email address of the Institute of Body Potions.

It was only then that An Yan let out a long sigh of relief that he had finally finished the job.

He closed the mailbox and opened the textbook. He was about to get ready for class when he saw Cheng Yang looking over with an odd expression. He looked like he wanted to say something but didn't.

"What's wrong?" An Yan asked in a small voice.

He had communicated very little with Cheng Yang in the past few days because he had been busy writing his thesis and was resting in Cheng Yi's flat.

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Cheng Yang seemed to hesitate for a moment, but finally couldn't help but lower his voice and ask, "Didn't you notice the person at the door when you entered the classroom just now?"

An Yan froze slightly at the question. He had just trotted straight in because the class was about to start and had not noticed the classroom entrance at all.

Could it be that the teaching professor was standing right in front of the classroom, but he didn't notice it at all?

That was indeed quite rude. An Yan thought about whether he should go over to remedy the situation when he heard Cheng Yang say, "Forget it. If you didn't see it, then you didn't see it. It’s better this way. Your mood in class won’t be affected. "

"Huh?" An Yan froze for a moment, then said, "Could it be that the one standing outside the classroom is not the professor?"

Cheng Yang was amused by An Yan's speculation, "Of course it's not the professor. If it was the professor, he would have come in long ago. Why would he have a seat but not sit and instead choose to stand outside? "

An Yan asked curiously, "Then who exactly is outside the classroom?"

Cheng Yang said vaguely, "It's not someone you want to see anyway, so let's get on with the class first."

An Yan wanted to ask more questions, but the bell rang at that moment, so he had to withdraw his doubts and turn his attention to the lesson.

At that moment, not far from An Yan’s classroom was indeed a person he would not expect to see, and this person's expression now looked really unpleasant.

This person was the current head of the Zhao family, Zhao Chengxuan.

At first, Zhao Chengxuan did not put An Yan in his eyes at all when he learnt that his daughter did not like him and was targeting him at every turn. He only felt that his daughter's behaviour was too childish.

After all, looking at An Yan's profile, he was just a very ordinary teenager, with nothing to look at in terms of either his family or his personal past. He was worthy of the words "stupid" and "poor" at best.

However, as his daughter's behaviour became more and more outrageous and disgraceful, plus the fact that the Cheng family had completely broken off the business partnership between the two families for that An Yan, Zhao Chengxuan gradually became concerned about the matter. He asked his daughter to take the initiative to apologize to him and obtain his forgiveness.

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However, he did not expect that his daughter would only agree on the surface. Instead of doing what he asked her to do, she became even more aggressive than before, committing childish acts that were even more incomprehensible and unacceptable to him, disgracing herself in the end.

Of course, if that was all, Zhao Chengxuan would only have been angry at his daughter's unworthiness and even seriously consider replacing the Zhao family heir. 

It was only yesterday that he learned from a friend that his daughter had actually provoked An Yan once again. As a result, she failed to provoke him and was instead deducted 10 academic points and given two demerits.

That was not the most important thing. The point was that during this provocation, An Yan actually produced two high quality body potions with unbelievable data, one after another!

It was already incredible to be able to create two high quality body potions within a short period of time, but what was even more incredible was that the data of those two potions was so unbelievable!

One potion had an effectiveness of 93 days, and the side effect was a mild thirst for 20 seconds.

The other potion had an effectiveness of 108 days, and the side effect was 10 seconds of mild dizziness.

Zhao Chengxuan thought that his friend was joking with him when he heard this figure. However, he repeatedly assured him of the accuracy of the matter and said that there were quite a number of people present at the time, so there was no way he could be mistaken. It was then that Zhao Chengxuan reluctantly believed it in a trance.

After the shock slowly dissipated, he finally realized a very frightening problem: His daughter had not offended an ordinary man with no eyes; she had offended a genius pharmacist, a future big shot in the pharmaceutical industry!

Zhao Chengxuan was simply repentant at that moment. Had he known that things would end up like this, he would not have let his daughter act so recklessly in the first place!

Even worse was that his daughter never mentioned this to him, even though it had happened a few days ago!

 Zhao Chengxuan became angry, regretful, and annoyed at this, and at the same time began to fidget.

Although An Yan was still only a freshman in the pharmacy department, with these two high quality potions as a foundation, he was bound to quickly rise in the pharmaceutical industry. If he still held a grudge against his daughter for what she had done before, it would not only be a matter of missing out on a super genius, but the entire Zhao family might also be greatly affected!

After a whole day of fidgeting, Zhao Chengxuan finally made up his mind. He was going to make a trip to the First Academy and personally apologize to An Yan.

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