Chapter 81

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It was much better than the moments when she was frozen like a marionette with its strings cut, but at times like this Shed was not sure what in the world was on this woman’s mind.


So sometimes, or often, Shed felt like that. If possible, he would like to open her head to see what she’s thinking.


What makes this woman do that so often?


Shed brought his lips close to Raha’s frozen eyelids. His hands were freezing cold, but his lips were not. And the moment when Raha was frozen was fleeting.


She came to her senses before long. She blinked as she traced the warmth she could feel on her eyes. A faint smile, unrecognizable even to herself, appeared.


“Aren’t you cold?” (Raha)


“Is it?” (Shed)


When Raha tried to squeeze Shed’s cold hand, he stopped her with his other hand.


“What are you doing? Why are you trying to catch me?” (Shed)


“You said you’re not cold.” (Raha)


“It’s too cold for you to hold it.” (Shed)


“For me to hold?” (Raha)




“Since when Hildes, the northern kingdom wasn’t cold?” (Raha)


 Shed raised his eyebrows gently.


“You know how you look like a child at times like this?” (Shed)


“A child? Me?”


Raha was amazed. She had never heard anything like that before.


“How in the world could the royal lord be so arrogant to me?”


“I would be the only one.”


Shed continued, checking Raha’s earlobe.

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“I must be the only one.”






Shed raised his head in exasperation.


“You’re asking because you don’t know? You want to hear others say this instead of me?”




Raha continued to speak slowly.


“I have more slaves besides you.”


These words were not an attempt to induce jealousy. They were just words that naturally had to be said at this moment. Because there was too much for them to be like an ordinary engaged couple. Shed answered with an unknown expression, unchanging.


“I know.”


Raha was puzzled by Shed’s grim reply.


“Does it matter?”


Shed chuckled. He lifted his gaze.


“I hope it doesn’t.”




“I am simply acknowledging that your body does not belong to me. For the time being ……”


He was just accepting it.


There was no need to finish. In fact, Shed stopped speaking the moment Raha’s eyes quivered faintly. Her crazy twin was the problem. Shed couldn’t even say a word to this woman properly because of that one who was out of his mind.


Because he (Shed) didn’t want to see her scared. Because he didn’t want to see her fingers tremble. Because it bothered him. Because it was annoying.


He was afraid he would get angry.


Fortunately, Shed was used to hiding his heart. But he wasn’t sure if he was hiding it properly. He wanted to kiss Raha’s slightly open lips at this moment.

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Shed kissed Raha like that. Perhaps this man was the only one in her life who gave her such a gentle touch…


Raha’s lowered eyes trembled slightly. She gave Shed’s cold hand a forceful squeeze, and he held hers honestly, unlike the first time. She felt her heart full. Like soft white snowflakes fluttering over her chest.




And Branden, who had walked up with Oliver from a distance, covered his mouth.




What was he looking at right now? He was not surprised that his Lord was kissing the Princess. No, he was a bit surprised, but Branden was puzzled about something else.


Did his Lord fall in love with the Princess in such a short time?


It was the first expression Branden had seen since he had known his Lord.


‘Yesterday was different.’


Yes, of course it was! Because yesterday he (Shed) was in a banquet hall with so many people. As a royal of a country, his Lord was basically well versed in not to show emotions. So it’s different today.


Extremely, it was also too different from his (Shed) usual personality. Branden served King Hildes for a long time. He also knew the indifferent character of the king’s brother, Shed Hildes. He (Shed) was not the reincarnation of the previous king, but he was still very well conditioned from birth.


There were certainly some nobles who would have preferred Shed Hildes to hold the reins of power rather than the current king, who was lucid and clever but had the great disadvantage of not being able to speak. If Shed Hildes had not so indifferently chosen the path of the knight, Hildes’ civil war would not yet be over. It would have been an obvious message as to why he, the royal Prince, was so veiled in the first place.


He (Shed) was not the least bit interested in the throne of the king.




The royal Prince, who was naturally blunt, so naturally unfriendly, and so rarely seen smiling, even to Branden himself, the head of the King’s Kingsguard, was melting like beeswax under the lights in the presence of the Princess. Branden could see the difference more clearly than anyone else.


‘When did he fall in love with her? Did he really fall in love like that just by looking at the Princess’s face?’


Of course the Princess has such a beautiful face……. But his Lord wasn’t the type to change that much just by looking at people’s appearance…


‘Is he?’


“Sir Branden?”


“Eh, yes?”


“I’m afraid you’re about to faint. What did you see that surprised you so much?”

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Branden was confused for a moment. No matter how talented the royal doctor was, he was very small and young. To know a person’s condition he had to take their pulse or closely observe their complexion. And Branden was the head of the Kingsguard of Hildes, so he was very well built. If not for his beautiful appearance, he would have looked like a bandit.


“Excuse me, but how can you tell?”


“Because your breathing sounds a little different.”


“Oh ……you know about that kind of thing?”


Branden was inwardly perplexed. A doctor was a doctor, and the disciple of the wise man was much more amazing than Branden had thought. It was also a little suspicious why such a great doctor would not serve the emperor but the imperial Princess.


‘He even gave such a beautiful palace as a gift.’


Branden ended up opening the door of his heart to Oliver almost immediately. In fact, it was a heart that he had kept open almost from the moment he first met him.


“Look. Oliver. On the left over there.”


Oliver, whose eyesight was not good because he read a great deal of books every day, finally noticed the direction Branden was pointing.


”I see that the Princess is out.”


His happiness was short-lived. Branden bowed his head to Oliver and whispered.


”He seems to be crazy. The king’s brother.”


“…. yes?”


“Oh ……he’s not that kind of person, yet he does that.”


Oliver was puzzled. Isn’t he (Shed) just kissing the Princess?


“Is that so? I’m not sure. ……. I’m sorry, but not a few men have been in love with the Princess.”


Of course, Oliver has no idea who was in love with Raha. Because no noble man in the Delo empire could propose to her due to the oppression of Karzen. He had never seen a man show his heart.


But Oliver inwardly presumed that there were many men who would fall in love with the Princess just by looking at her.



But Branden had all the look of a man who was about to faint.


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“I can see that, but my Lord is not that kind of man! To say it honestly, he’s stone. I sometimes suspect that he’s an ice sculpture, but look at him now. It’s hard to explain…., but it’s the first time I’ve seen him make that kind of expression.”


“….. I see.”


It seemed that Branden wasn’t speaking out of hysteria. Oliver got a little more serious.


‘Hasn’t it been that long since they met….’


No, it’s not good.


Aren’t people too weak? A man who is possessed by appearances and is so head over heels is the Princess’s fiancé?


‘It’s really bad.’


Looking at it, it seemed that the Princess’s heartache because of the doll (previous Shed) had been cured.


That slave who silently fell for the Princess and who was seen to be gradually leaning towards the Princess was much better no matter how much Oliver thought about it. Where in the world is that slave and what is he doing now?


“What’s wrong? Are you all right?”


Oliver finally pulled himself out of thought after hearing Branden’s voice.


“Oh, yes. I was just thinking about something else….”


Immediately returning to the doctor of the Princess, Oliver ran through the garden, which resembled a midwinter forest. Then he stopped and squinted at the topiary-like bush coming up to his thighs. Narrowing the distance so far, he could see Raha’s ears properly.


‘Your ears don’t look too good.’


He was glad she went out. Oliver, who had seen Raha’s ears from a distance, gave his diagnosis as a matter of habit.


“It’s a little worse than I expected, but she must have had a hard night with the slave and overworked….”


Branden was very flustered at the moment by Oliver’s words, which felt very naked. But the young doctor did not move yet and waited meekly. It seemed very familiar to him waiting with a puzzled expression on his face until the kiss between the Lord and the Princess was over.


 Branden was weakly shocked by Oliver’s demeanor. At that moment Shed lifted his chin as if he sensed the presence of someone. He precisely glanced toward the direction of Branden and Oliver. The Princess also turned her head. The gaze of a person of high status. Branden reflexively straightened his posture, and Oliver waved his hands in the air.




The imperial Princess’ eyes widened for a moment as she spotted Oliver. It was at that moment that Branden saw the smile drawn with a weak reflection of joy on the Princess’ lips. Branden had a strange feeling. It was as if he could see why his Lord was so in love….that was the thought.



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