‘…… No, that’s the part I’m not supposed to know about.’

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This was a moment when Branden was in a state of confusion, not disarray. Oliver, as usual, knelt meekly before Raha and methodically examined her ears. The diagnosis was immediate.


“I’m glad I see it just in time. Princess. I think you only need to take the medicine three times today and tomorrow.”


“You’re here to give me medicine?”


“Or why would I come here?”


Smiling, Oliver lifted the basket beside him and handed it to Shed.




At that moment, Branden’s flinched. Oliver’s natural behavior perplexed him. Of course, the Princess was the most valuable status here, but his Lord was still a man of high status in the Kingdom of Hildes.


So it was natural to feel that things like holding medicines should inevitably be taken care of by one of the lowest status. However, his Lord very naturally accepted the basket offered by Oliver.


‘……What’s wrong with him, really?’


Oliver explained to Shed as he opened the basket.


“Please give this to the Princess three times a day. It is a medicine to help prevent earaches.”




“It must be taken after meals.”


“I understand.”


A casual reply from Shed. Oliver, who had no idea what the problem was despite his insolent behavior of suddenly offering the basket to the royal Lord, began to tilt his head more and more minutely the longer the dialogue continued. The reason was not otherwise.


‘The voice is familiar…’


It was a strangely familiar voice. Low and heavy, but it was that voice that was very nice to hear.


Long ago, Oliver had talked a lot with “that doll” besides Raha. The young doctor, who was the only person who had talked to that doll who had no more than four words of conversation, leaned his head toward the basket.


He took a long look at the royal Lord in front of him. The profile of the royal Lord, already turned back toward the Princess, was completely different from that doll at that time.


Someone else…?




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* * *


“Did you say it’s okay if the doctor knows?”


Shed asked as soon as he returned to the bedroom.


“Oliver? Yes.”


Raha replied as she sat on the bed.


“He’ll find out sooner or later anyway.”


Oliver was a wise man’s disciple. Shed continued talking in an indifferent tone as he looked at the basket that Oliver had so well prepared.


“Good. I think he’s got half of it figured out.”


“….. half? Already?”


Raha blinked. Could Oliver’s eyes see Shed’s true face? It couldn’t be. Besides, how could this man know such a fact without talking much to Oliver?


It was then. A long finger suddenly lifted Raha’s chin. There was no time to ask why. Shed’s other hand touched Raha’s earlobe.




The meticulous Oliver even brought various tools. With a long, thin glass rod, Shed spread and applied the ointment to Raha’s earlobe. He had bandaged arms injured in battle before, but this was the first time he had carefully applied ointment to a delicate Princess’s ear. That’s why Shed was concentrating on Raha’s ear with his forehead even twitching.


Raha slowly smiled. She was subtly nervous at first, but it didn’t last long. It was interesting to see such a big man taking care of her own ears as best he could. Oliver and the attendants who applied the ointment to her ears were on the smaller side, so she was not used to having it applied this way on top.


On the other hand, it also tickled her heart a little.


Shed applied a thin layer of ointment to Raha’s earlobes and looked up. Raha’s hair, which had braided before she went out, rustled on her back.


Earlier, Branden’s mouth opened in a triangle as he alternated between Shed and Oliver throughout, but it was not an important issue.


“There is also a bandage, I guess it is used to wrap your ears.”


 “It’s okay. Oliver always wants to over-treat me.”


“I don’t think it’s too much.”


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Raha laughed in amazement. She had to wear a bandage around her ears even after the ointment. And this man thought it wasn’t too much.


“It’s too much. Oliver does it every time he comes to the inner palace.”


Instantly, Shed’s eyes sunk into minute detail. Raha’s words suddenly passed over what Oliver had said earlier.


“That person is ……”


“I’m not allowed to treat her.”


“So all I could treat were physical wounds at best.”




Raha tried to look back at the unresponsive Shed. Anyway, the doctor was very loyal to this Princess.


“Stay still.”


Shed passed a few strands of Raha’s hair that swayed in her ear. Her ears, coated with light green ointment, glistened in the light. Raha’s face twitched as she watched Shed pull a bandage roll from the basket.


“You’re not really trying to wrap me, are you? It’s enough for Oliver to mistake me for someone who is very ill.”


“That’s harsh. Your doctor would cry if he heard that.”


“Oliver doesn’t cry over something like that.”


“Yes, that caring doctor trusted you in my hands. I must repay the trust.”


“How do you repay….”


Whether Raha gasped and said it or not, Shed raised his body. He wiped his hands clean with a wet towel on the table.


Is he really going to bandage her ears? Weren’t her ears just inflamed? Furthermore, the bandage Shed placed on the bed was very large and thick.


Oliver handed these things to Shed with a nonchalant look on his face.


Oliver must have thought Shed was just a Lord that he had just met face-to-face for the first time today. It was funny, though, when he casually handed the basket over to Shed. He had followed Shed around a bit before…. 


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“’Shed, I think Oliver likes you.”


“He likes you, not me.”


Shed answered casually and sat down next to Raha. It was in an instant. He stroked Raha’s waist slowly. Then his hand came up and cupped one of Raha’s breasts.


“You did this ……this morning.”


Raha really felt like she was going to become the seriously ill patient Oliver was talking about if she kept doing this. Shed said without removing his hand from Raha’s body.


“You were the one who said we could do it until you had your sexual desires satisfied. Raha.”


“I have had my fill.”


Raha responded with a twitch of her forehead, but Shed didn’t look like he was going to let her go at all. Rather, he rolled her skirt up to her waist.


All the while blinking. Shed’s hand dug between Raha’s legs. Hard fingers searched her slit and found her hidden pearl. Raha’s shoulders jumped reflexively.


She grabbed Shed’s hand. His hand stopped for a moment. However, she could not stop Shed’s hand from moving slowly but steadily. Raha’s underside was slowly getting wet.


“You get wet just by my hand touching it while saying you’ve filled it.”


“It’s you….”


It was stimulating….Raha couldn’t utter a word. She already told this shameless man yesterday that she got wet easily. Raha told herself not to worry too much.


How in the world was such a shameless royalty…. 




Raha’s thighs shuddered lightly at the fingers holding her clit tightly. The hand that gripped the back of Shed’s hand was getting stronger over time. The tautness felt behind her buttocks was vivid from earlier.


Shed put his lips on Raha’s neck. The sensation was very tantalizing. On the one hand, she was confident that Shed would not place a finger on her ear for a while. The man was oddly attentive to her own well being. Even if he didn’t say a word, she could tell enough from his demeanor and such.


He licked her ears so much yesterday…..


Shed’s fingers dug deep inside.




Raha trembled. It felt like electricity surging through her body again. Her body shivered on its own at every turn as Shed licked the neckline below her earlobe with the tip of his tongue. His breath against her skin felt even hotter.

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“You can’t touch my ears, so now my neck. Are you tickling me?”


“Not exactly.”


Shed said as he pressed his finger on Raha’s bulging protuberance. Raha let out a moan.


“What are you going to do if I said I’m sad that I can’t touch your ears?” (Shed)


“How many days is the ointment… then I won’t use it.” (Raha)


Shed chuckled. This woman, perhaps because her status was so high, often showed this kind of unexpected generosity.


But Raha was quite serious. She really might not apply the ointment for a few days or so. She could make that much of a sacrifice for this energetic fiancé.


“I’m afraid you don’t have to go that far.”


“…… lie.”


Raha still held Shed’s hand.


“The hand kept moving while……”


“You don’t mind if I touch you, do you?”


Shed said as he slowly traced a trail. Raha’s body shuddered once more as leisure flooded her body. Fingers pushed in between the wet entrance. Pressing down like a keyboard on the silk that had been aroused by love juices. Raha was now gripping Shed’s wrist.


“It would be fair if you touched me too.”


Shed grabbed Raha’s hand and brought it backward. There was already a well-defined p*nis along his left thigh. A line the size of an arm bulging under his pants, which were undone only by the buckle. The bottom of Shed’s neck shook as Raha’s hand touched the hard pole. He thought this soft hand would make him feel guilty just holding his thing all day.


It was also true.


The loungewear she wore was light. All of Raha’s clothes provided in this inner palace bedroom were of that kind.


It was the same as it was before Shed left.


This was only natural since this was where Raha was taken care of at night.


He not know how many more slaves her insane twin gave her while Shed was away from the Delo empire. But she kept two alive. He thought because she let them drink her blood as she did to him.

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