Suddenly, the hand that was gripping her waist became stronger. Did the two other slaves warm up her bed while he was away? How many times? Did they wait for her all day to come to them like he did?

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When she reached out to them or kissed them, did they hold her hands as hard as they could?


That’s what a bedroom slave is supposed to do….


Shed slowly closed and opened his eyes. It was a thought that, frankly, he had consciously turned off. He wanted to lay this woman down, her body thin and trembling in his arms, and ask her that.


“It’s driving me crazy…….”


Raha’s face turned to Shed slightly at the low murmur. That was the moment.




Raha bent her head. It was because Shed’s fingers were suddenly thrusting wildly. If earlier it had been a caress to reduce the pain against insertion, this felt far more like when he pushed his p*nis in, which was really unlike him just now.


Shed pulled his fingers out of Raha’s wet insides. He easily removed the already half-disheveled clothes from her body. Her underwear, soaked with her love juices, also came off and fell under the bed.


Raha’s naked body was so soft and warm that he wanted to chew on it. Shed’s hands grabbed Raha’s breasts. The love juices on his fingers smeared the nipples as he twisted messily in his rough hands.


Raha was unaccustomed to the racy touch that her cheeks turned a little red. She gripped the back of Shed’s hand. His hand seemed to slow down, and his other hand grabbed Raha’s chin and turned it. He kissed her as if to devour her.




Raha let out a moan. Their tongues were messily entwined. He bit the root of her tongue so hard right away that it hurt the inside of her mouth.




The medicine basket that had been thrown over the side fell to the bottom of the bed. All that remained on the sheet was a long, thick bandage. Shed took hold of Raha’s hands and put them behind her back. Immediately she doubted for a moment the sensation on her wrists.

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“What are you doing?”


“What a waste of the bandages your doctor went to the trouble of preparing for you.”


“Why don’t you just leave it alone, why a waste……”


“Since I have satisfied all your sexual desires, it is only fair that you help me satisfy mine.”


“…… Is it only by doing this that you can be satisfied?”


In the space of half a day?


“No way.”


Shed, who had tied Raha’s wrists behind her back, continued to speak.


“I think I told you. I get excited no matter what you do.”


Even now, in fact, it was clear that Raha would make him burst with a few strokes of her hand. Shed’s words made her realize once again that she was wet in the bottom.


“Then why are you doing this?”


“I told you, it’s a waste to leave it.”


Every time Raha gripped his hand, he would stop momentarily. He wanted to dig between those fragile fingers and press them down on the sheet, holding her tightly in place. He wanted to spread her legs and dig wildly between the wetness.


The hand that brought this violent thought to mind and at the same time restrained that desire. It was as antithetical as the cold smile Raha always wore and her warm body. He didn’t say it. Hs liked it when Raha reached for him anyway.


Shed was aware of his already taut length of erection. It was erect to the point of pain as it groaned inside his yet unbuckled pants. However, he was so excited that that kind of pain didn’t matter.

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At once, he undressed. He placed Raha fully on the bed with her hands tied behind her back.




Shed looked rather amused as Raha was in a panic, trying to pull out her bound wrists. Shed felt a faint satisfaction at this very rare expression.


“What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”




Shed chuckled at Raha’s frowning reply. The smile slowly faded from Shed’s face. He looked over Raha’s nakedness.


From between her crossed, gathered thighs, to her slim waist, her round breasts with taut nipples. From her collarbone and neck dotted with red marks, and eventually to her beautiful face.


He grabbed her legs and spread them apart. He looked at her clit, swollen from caresses, and her moist valley, filled with clear love juices. Shed gripped both of Raha’s thighs tightly and lowered his head.


Raha’s legs shook greatly. Shed’s tongue swept up her clit. Raha’s eyes slowly began to heat up at the painful licking and rolling of his tongue. She bit her lip and eventually moaned. Honey nectar flowed out without resting from her already wet insides.




His tongue dug into her moistened silk. No matter how many times she experienced the sensation of hot flesh entering her narrow entrance, she could never get used to it. It was many times more nerve-wracking than being inserted with a man’s length or fingers.


Perhaps it was because his face was right below her.


To begin with…………..


It was also something she didn’t know why he was so eager to put his mouth on the wetness. She had Shed’s p*nis in her mouth not a few times, but she had never properly drank his semen. When she felt his need to release, Shed always pull his length out of her mouth. 

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He had splashed it on her lips before, but he had never finished it in her mouth from start to finish.


Raha let out a small moan as Shed’s tongue stirred round and round once inside the valley. Her hands tried to move spontaneously but jammed against the bandages that bound them. Raha still didn’t understand why in the world Shed had tied her wrists in this way.


She naturally did not believe him when he said it was a waste.


Hildes was not a poor kingdom, or even a very poor kingdom, there would be no reason for royalty to spare bandages and the like.


When she couldn’t move her hands at all, she felt like her whole body was on edge. She wanted to push his head away but she couldn’t do it like she usually did.


She was reminded once again of the fact that she couldn’t stop Shed from anything.




But then again, what could she do? Each time Raha exhaled a hot breath, her chest rose and fell dramatically. Eventually pleasure took hold and she felt a rush of sorrowful liquid flowing from between her legs and wet her bottom.


Shed raised his head from between her legs. His fingertips wiped away the love juices splattered on his mouth, and he locked gaze with Raha. She couldn’t help but notice that his blue-gray eyes were much darker than usual.


It was Raha who looked into Shed’s eyes every time. It was those eyes that looked at her thirstily every time in bed. She thought she should have gotten used to it by now, but she didn’t.


And perhaps because her hands were tied, she was more nervous than usual. Her hands were tied but she felt like it was her body that was being tied up. 


At that moment, her body was turned over.




Normally she would have held onto his neck with both arms or the sheet with her hands, but she couldn’t do that now. Her upper body was slumped on the sheets and her buttocks were raised high. Her breasts were pressed down on the soft sheet. Shed grabbed her thighs and spread them apart.


His erect p*nis, which had been spilling sticky sap, crushed through Raha’s wet entrance.



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It was a shock as the stake-like object widened the narrow opening and struck all at once. Shed’s weight added to it, and Raha’s body shook violently. If his hands had not grabbed her hips, she would have collapsed straight down.


“Hmmm! Ah~n! …! Shed…………..ummm …… !”


His not-quite-human-sized p*nis rubbed roughly against the tightly wrapped inner walls. Raha’s body sensitively felt each stroke as if it memorized it.


Her cheeks, buried in the sheets, shook and rubbed. Her skin didn’t hurt, but she felt terribly heavy below her waist. Tears immediately welled up in Raha’s eyes. The bandage Oliver had brought was soft, but it felt rough as her hands were tied so tightly, and no amount of wriggling of her hands could untie them.




With a sloshing sound, Shed’s p*nis was inserted deeply. A cry flowed from Raha’s mouth. Her stomach felt full. A definite feeling of volume. If Raha could rub over her belly, she could certainly even draw the outline of the p*nis.


Goosebumps raised on her skin. With the strong rush of the p*nis Raha felt an uncontrollable pleasure. She felt helpless because of her hands tied behind her back, and her body was shaking with a shudder.


“Ahhh! Hunnng!”


Her spine stood straight as if struck by lightning. With much more intensity than earlier, Raha’s body felt a great climax. Her softly round hips trembled. Shed’s cock shook violently inside. He bit his lip and exhaled. Feeling squeezed to the max, he released his seeds deep inside her. 


Raha dropped her shoulders and gasped as if the severe climax was painful. As she slowly came to her senses, she felt strange. Shed had stopped motionless. And the heavy feeling that she had after she had reached the climax several times…….




With a groan, Raha opened her mouth. She lifted her upper body with her hands bound, but her waist was still held by Shed’s hands.


Shed didn’t even pull his p*nis out of Raha’s body. Anyway, it didn’t matter much because it would get hard again shortly.


It was always Raha who took care of it.

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